Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chiraag says to Ishaani, that RV hid this that he was with her papa at the time of her death. He wants to make her away from her papa, and get closer to her. His reality is on her front, he wants to hide his guilt. He is a killer, he knew that his loyalty to her father won’t let him get his love. He snatched her papa, ditched DIsha, and made her lose the case. She was illegitimate, her papa brought her home from road. Now she has to prove that she isn’t illegitimate. He tells Ishaani that she must find about the truth, and get him justice. RV comes looking for Ishaani, Chiraag leaves. He thinks Ishaani will now help him, taking revenge from RV. RV comes to Ishaani, she stares at him blankly. He says he knows she is super strong, but she doesn’t need to show her strength in this snow fall. He notices she isn’t coming along, stops and keeps hand on her shoulder and tells her that the man is better now, so they must go. He takes her along.
In the room, RV comes from the bath. Ishaani was still lost. He says to her, that here also he must sleep on floor. There is a sofa in the room too, and asks if she would like to toss. Ishaani stares at him, he says he is fine. Why is she thinking so much. Ishaani asks if he remembers she told him about her papa’s death, and that he died from an electric shock. He says yes. She says what a strange accident it was. RV says this accident has got to her head, she must take some rest. He helps her lay on the bed, and covers her with the quilt and goes to sofa. He thinks coming here isn’t right, he will take Ishaani home tomorrow. Ishaani thinks is Chiraag right, the doctor is also evident that RV was there with her papa, she must find the truth.
At home, Chaitali says to Amba and Laksmi that they will celebrate Karwa Chot well. Amba says Ishaani married the biggest business man in town. Parul comes saying she is also fasting. Falguni comes there, and says Ishaani will always remember her first fast. Ishaani and RV come home. Disha wonders, they have come the way they went, Chiraag is good for nothing.

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Lakshmi says this is good, they came so soon. Everyone ask why they came so soon. Parul says it is Karwa chot. Chaitali says they will celebrate it in the way of films. Parul says that RV will have to gift her, and she must ask for it right now. Baba says Ishaani must not think much, and ask whatever she wants. Falguni says she must ask something that she will remember for a lifetime. Ishaani thinks shall she make memories with a man, who is suspected to be the murderer of her papa. They ask RV to ask her, but RV says he will ask in loneliness. Ishaani thinks this is the better time, to get to know the truth. She asks him for the building where her papa’s office was, where she worked for the last time. RV is lost, Parul appreciates her choice. Ishaani asks RV what he is thinking, has she asked for something she must not. RV says that building… Ishaani wonders what he is thinking. Ishaani says she knows he bought her papa’s buildings; he must not have a problem with the building. He doesn’t even use the building. RV was quiet. Ishaani looks at everyone, then says it is ok she won’t force him. She wanted to start her new work from there, but she is sorry she asked him for the building. She leaves, Falguni follows her. Amba asks RV to get fresh. Baba comes to RV and asks why he didn’t do it. He asks RV to give it to her.
Ishaani thinks in her room, if there is someone in the building RV wants to hide. What if Chirag said is true. Falguni comes and asks if she disliked that RV didn’t give her the gift. She asks how was her trip, and was everything alright between them there. Ishaani says everything was alright. Falguni reads her face, and asks what is it about Ishaani gets teary eyed, and says she is missing her papa. She says they couldn’t still know what happened that day. Falguni says the doctor said he had a heart attack. Ishaani says her heart doesn’t accept it, doesn’t she want to know. Falguni says she knows she loves her papa a lot, that it the reason she doesn’t accept the truth. She makes her sit and says when he was alive he only wanted their happiness. He wanted a husband for her, who loved her. She got RV, but her papa will be happy when she fulfil her duties. Only the lucky ones get loving husbands, and we pray for his life, she must keep the fast. Ishaani says she just want one answer, if she knows that a man was behind her papa’s death, what she will do. Falguni says she will go to any extent to get him justice, but this isn’t true. Ishaani smiles, that she was asking this by the way. Falguni leaves. Ishaani thinks she will get peace, when she knows the real murderer. The mind says it is Ranvir, but heart doesn’t accept.

PRECAP: Ishaani looks for Chiraag’s papers. Amba and RV come there too. Amba tells RV that Chiraag’s house papers are also here, and Ishaani come here often.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Innaiku episode was good.hope ishaani doubts will be clear in the upcoming episodes.. hopefully Chirag will be responsible for Harshad’s death. The twist is very interesting… Thanks for the update sona..

  2. Suga u r so fast to reply than the written episode. U can express on ur own language. Mozhikku thadai yethu. Tamil pol inimai veru ethil…….

    1. What does it mean?

      1. Meaning: there is no barrier for language. then, Nothing is sweeter than Tamil.

    2. correct…. suga inimel tamil la type pannuga

  3. Please update it fast didi

  4. Ishani is falling in luv with ranvir…
    Can’t wait for to tell him!!!

  5. This drama is excellent…..going good …..both are pretty…..

  6. Very happy to know that there are a lot of tamil fans for this soap

  7. I watch this serial promo ishaani ranveer love’a accept pannunga but ranveer’a kill panrathu than kastama irku

  8. what a romantic couples are there luv u ishveer

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