Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam meeting Ragini and emotionally hugging her. Even she reciprocates remembering kid Agam. She stops sees Neil coming there and remembers promising him that she will not get emotional with his 2 kids and he will not with her kids. Nishi comes out of dressing room and gets happy seeing him, she runs and hugs him. He says she requested his presence first time in life, so he came to attend her marriage and will go back immediately as he has surgeries pending. She says he is present in her life’s important moments. He asks Agam to come and get ready. Agam introduces himself to Nishi as Agam Khanna and she as Nishi Patel. They both say that they are first siblings in world who have different surnames. Agam says tough their parents cannot hug each other, they can. They both hug emotionally. Ragini asks Nishi to get ready with her makeup and they both part ways.

Pam walks wearing designer dress in the engagement venue and clashes with Sunny tai by mistake. Sunny starts scolding her and they both start fighting. Karan stops them and asks Sunny to keep 5 feet distance from Pam. Sunny says she she will keep 5 feet 6 inches away as it is her height and walks out. Pam asks if she is his servant. He says she is Ragini’s servant. She says she knew such low class servant will be Ragini’s. She then clashes with Ragini again by mistake. Ragini reminisces Pam scolding and torturing her with her witty words that she was unfit for Neil and she got them divorced somehow, says she does not want her to not come in their life again, says she divided their children and will not let them remember even her name, etc, etc. Pam again starts taunting her again saying that she trapped Dr. Aman with her emotional torture and is making a surgeon work as maid for her, says she has a good talent of trapping rich men, thank god her brother saved himself from her and says she is insulting herself by talking to her and walks out. Ragini fumes in anger. Her mom hears Pam’s conversation and asks what was Pam telling. Ragini says Aman is acting as her husband as she wants to break’s Neil’s perception that no man can stay with her. Mom asks why thinks about Neil even now. Ragini asks her to get Nishi’s hair dresser and leaves.

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Agam says Neil that he is happy attending his sister’s marriage and meeting his mom. Neil asks him to stop thinking much. Sunny sees Neil and reminds him she spoke to him before and has even sent him friendship request on facebook. Agam asks who is she. Neil says she is Sunny tai, Ragini’s maid. Agam gets impressed by Sunny’s techsavvy nature and says though dad may not accept her request, he will accept her request. Aarav calls Sunny asks if she saw his dad. She asks him to turn over. He turns and sees Neil standing. An emotional song… plays in the background while he walks towards his dad and tells he is Arav, his son. Sunny asks him to touch his father’s feet. He touches Neil’s feet. Neil reciprocates subconsciously and touches his head as a blessing. Aarav then gets up and tries to hug him, but he turns back. Agam introduces himself as his twin brother and hugs. Aarav is sad that his dad did not hug him at all but hugs Agam.

Aman meets Neil asks if he needs anything. Neil says he does not have anything which he can give him and asks why is he looking at watch. He says groom’s people are about to come and Ragini is missing. Neil asks why he depends on Ragini always and says because of men like you, women rule over men. Aman feels embarrassed. He sees Ragini coming getting ready and says she has come. Neil sees her wearing beautiful sari and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Tose naina jabse mile… plays in the background…..He continues watching her. Ragini notices that, gets conscious and asks Aman to be with her when groom’s people come. He says he is with her and walks out to check barat. Neil gets dejected. Pam sees that and thinks she was waiting for this moment and thinks it is right time for Nivedita’s entry.

Precap: Jignesh’s grandmother asks to call Nishi’s papa for the rituals. Ragini asks Neil to come forward. He says she can take her husband Aman. She says some rituals are to be performed by only Nishi’s father, so he has to perform them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hope ragini n neil gets closer

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    Suhani kis ki beti hai
    is her real mother is ragani
    or ranbir real mother is ragani quite confuse who is ragani child .


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