Hey guys its dolly back again with the ff …..thanks a lot for the beautiful comments …
Many of u asked am I a tamilian ….my answer is no ….I am from Delhi …..I am sorry that u r finding it similar ……I don’t know y ….sorry yaar …..

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So here is the story,
Varun was trying to see Swara but all in vain ….
One or the other comes and spoils …
Ragini : varun what r u doing sitting here …
Varun : can’t u see I ma sitting in peace without u
Ragini : how mean ..I hate u
Varun : I hate u too ….chashmish
Ragini : don’t call me that OK ..
Varun : OK chasmish …
Ragini : varun ..I hate u I am going bye ..
Saying this ragini leaves and varun started to laugh …

After sometime the party gets over but varun couldn’t even see her ….
@principal office
Swara : dad car keys plz ….
Vikram : u r gonna drive alone , no way !
Swara : hmm
Namish comes
Namish : no bade papa ….I will drive ..
Vikram : then OK ..
Swara : oh mean dad ..
Namish : madam u r just 15 not 18 OK ….
Swara makes faces , vikram and namish laughs.

@parking area …
Swara was showing fake anger face to namish …
Namish : OK as its ur birthday …I will show some pity on u
Swara face brightens
Namish : here …take the keys and drive safely OK …
Swara hugs him
Swara : love u love u ….
Namish : enough , enough ….have some words for ur hubby too
Swara eyes widens …
Swara beats his chest ….
Namish : ouch !
Swara : OK bye
Namish : take care ok slowly ….
Swara : OK OK bro ….

Saying this Swara leaves …but her heart was restless

Night (11:45)

Swara was driving alone in the street ….
Swara in mind : my I am restless ..maybe because I didn’t sleep well ….no but this is different …maybe I need to go there again ..
Without going to home she takes a turn and leaves to cliff top
(The cliff where swasan died)

Varun couldn’t sleep properly , some dreams were coming and some flashes …
Varun wakes up and sits …
Varun : god ! What’s happening ….why my heart is restless as if ……no matter …I guess I need to go there …then only I will get some peace …

@cliff top
(11:50) night ….
Swara comes out of the car and sits on the sand ,,
Swara : now I am feeling good ! I don’t know y but whenever I come here …I get a peace ..its from my childhood or from the time I was born .
This air , this moon , the stars all r sparkling tonight …as if I am gonna meet my soulmate ..ha ha ha funny na ….
But that’s what I can say ! Being a girl of 15 this age is very bad …..I have seen many boys and many boys have seen me ….I can’t see any spark in their eyes …I guess that’s their lust not true love ….
I know in this world no one can define true love but for me the definition of true love is sacrifice …..

(11:55) night

Varun comes to the cliff …..
Varun : hmm at last now my heart is in peace ….
Varun comes and sits back side of Swara ….
Varun : I don’t know whenever I come here …I feel peace and a feeling that is I’ll find my soulmate very soon ….don’t know y …
Ha ha who doesn’t want to know their soulmate …..but I don’t want to know becoz the condition I am living is not an ability for an girl to live with me …I don’t want her to also live with me in this condition ….
Now my aim is only one …that’s to achieve the goal I came for …..I need to top in all the semesters and sure come out being a good boy and a topper …..this love shove things are for those who waste their time unnessarily ….I don’t need to fall in the trap !
But if u ask me about love I would say sacrifice ….I don’t y but thats my POV …..don’t ask me y again ….

(The clock strikes 12)
The rain starts …..
Swara : oh god ! This rain came again ….whenever I come here this starts …..
On the other side
Varun : this is not new whenever I come its starts to rain …I guess its coincidence…..but coincidence means one time tpright but this is repeating
Swara covers herself with scraf and covers her face ….

Swara runs to car …..he coudnt see varun as he was sitting in front side and his back was seen
Whereas ….varun saw the girl …but her back was shown …..

Both couldn’t meet ….

Varun stands under the tree ..
Varun : I know this girl from childhood ..that’s because whenever I am here …she will be also here but never got the chance to see her ….

Swara in car
Swara : I know this boy from childhood …but never saw his face , that’s miracle I guess …..ha ha ha

@morning ….
Swara comes to collage as its her summer vacation …
Swara sits in the cabin and starts to listen music ….
Swara : god charger ….I forgot to bring it ….dad ….dad (she shouts)
Vikram : what happened dear ?
Swara : dad do u have charger …
Vikram : oh sweety I kept in home .
Swara : even me
Vikram : OK take this namish phone …he gave as he has classes …
Swara : really thanks dad ….
Vikram : welcome dear ,I am going out for an meeting u be here and if u want (Swara interrupts )
Swara : I can manage dad !
Vikram : love u
Swara : love u too .

Vikram leaves ….

Swara : uff ! He has password …..what could be his password ….
Swara tries namish shergil name ….it doesn’t open ….
She tries her name it doesn’t open ….she tries all her family name but doesn’t open up so ..
Swara : I guess I need to go and ask …

Ragini : varun now bio chemistry right …
Varun : hmm ya ….
Ragini : best of luck for ur first class …
Varun : OK thanks same to u …bye
Ragini : bye …

Swara comes on the other side while sanskar was walking reading his book ….
Both were about to dash but bio chemistry class came …and that class is namish class only ..
Both shova enters together …
Varun goes first but
Varun : may I come in ma’am ….
Teacher : sure varun come ,..
Varun : ma’am who is my trainer …
Teacher : hmm she looks at all students …..
Teacher : hmm namish …,namish is ur teacher ….
Varun looks at namish and namish looks at varun both feels some connection ….
Teacher : namish its OK
Namish : yes ma’am …..
Teacher : OK u all carry on ….varun go and sit next to him …
Varun nods and goes to sit ….
Shona : may I come in ma’am ..
Whole class shouts : Shona ….. (all were happy)
Varun was about to turn but …..his papers fly so he was taking them ..and he goes out
Teacher : yes Shona Darling what happened …
Shona : ma’am I need namish ….
Teacher : namish go …
Namish nods and goes ….Swara yes out , varun comes in
Both smile without their knowledge ….

Namish : what happened …
Shona : unlock the password …
Namish : oh god my phone ….now ways I am not gonna give
Shona : u will not …so bad (she fakes as if she is crying)
Namish : hey drama queen I know .,.won over react …u will get ur phone and that’s it …
Shona gives inside the class …varun bends to take his pen which was down
Shona : ma’am u know what namish was one who poured ……(before she could say namish comes and rags her out)
Varun was memerised to listen her voice ..before he was up , Shona left

Namish : OK meri maa ….here is the password ….now leave ..and don’t say that matter OK ..
Swara pulls his cheeks
Swara : OK mera baccha thanks a lot …..
Swara goes and namish frowns

@class ..
Teacher : what Shona was about to say ,,,
Namish (tensed) : vo ma’am ….she said …that …that …idea ….yesterday the one who thrower petals on u were me …
Teacher : oh so sweet of u namish …
Whole class chuckles as everyone knows that the one who poured water on ma’am was namish after party ….
Namish goes and sits with varun …
Namish : hey dude …I am namish ….
Namish drinks water …
Varun : hi ..I am varun , varun kapoor wait wait ..u r Shona bf right
Namish spits out the water from his mouth …
Varun was suprised
Namish : me Shona bf ? Who said !
Varun : Rohan only said …
Namish looks at rohan and gives a death glare …rohan signals him not to say ….
Namish : ya I am Shona bf ….
Varun : oh I see (sad tone) namish was controlling his laughter ……

Swara was surfing his phone …
Swara : god these many games ….is he a collage student ….I am having an doubt …
Swara opens the gallery ….
She was happy seeing many photos of her …but was surprised and shocked seeing some other girls photo too …
Swara : who is this girl …I need to find out ! Bro u r Gone ha ha ha ha !

Who is that girl ?

To be continued ….

Hope u all like it ….I know its not up to ur expectation but still sorry ….plz comment and love u well loads ….

With love ,

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