Silsila Pyaar Ka 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor ask raunak to take care of raṇdhir n leaves, kajal says sir come with me I have to show u something which will tell u the whole truth behind all this, kajal n raunak walk tI raṇdhirs room kajal shows raunak hidden camera n then both leave the room to watch the footage
Kajal says I put this camera to record papa n his behaviour come lets see what happened, raunak n kajal go through the footage n see harish changing the medicine, raunak says how dare mamaji do so, kajal says I know u won’t trust but plz try understand what I’m saying what bua told us is all a lie bcoz ma paid her 5 lakhS to do so n then I robbed the money n to keep bua quite ma gave 10 lakhS more but Kamini Aunty n munmun robbed it.
Raunak gets angry n leaves n says ma come down. Bua says janki I’m not coming down with u, janki says come down with me n don’t be scared I will manage everything all go down
Munmun says ma look bcoz of ur greedy nature we are caught now, Kamini says shutup lets see what going down there,
Raunak says u all cheated my ma, raunak blames munmun Kamini harish n bua saying u all cheated my ma n so u all will be arrested I have called police
Janki says raunak what’s wrong with u n how will they manage I helped them bcoz They can’t survive alone n didi I called u for help n cheated me, janki thinks this is all kajalS plot I know, harish u cheated ur own sister how dare u n Kamini u , raṇdhir joins them from behind n says today only I shall talk n u janki will listen, this shameless women played with everyone lives with fake tears but today is time to reveal the truth.
Raṇdhir says janki enough now, u can never change u screwed my life but look I’m still here standing in front of u, raunak says papa plz dont blame ma, raṇdhir says is noṭ ur fault raunak bcoz this women has tricked u into all this n this didi my big sister greedy sister, I had thrown her out of my house n she hates ur mother raunak.
Janki says I beg of u plz be quite,raṇdhir says tell me one reason why I Shd keep mum, if today I dont speak u will again trick everyone into a new lie n then I shall see how raunak still loves u, raunak says papa plz stop blaming ma, raṇdhir says u calling me papa but I’m not ur father, raunak n all others are surprised to hear this.
Raunak says I was very happy with janki n thought very lucky to have her in my life n I loved her, I lived happily with my wife parents n a brother but my brother fell in wrong ways to earn money n janki gave me strength to live, u were born at 7 months of our marriage n was told it wAs early birth n during neetis birth I learnt this truth, when i took janki to doctor during neetis pregnancy I was told janki gave birth normally n raunak was born normal n not at 7 month.
Janki stands broken n in tears, raṇdhir says raunak u are my step son, n when i learnt that my son my raunak is not mine I was broken apart n shattered, it was very hard for me to accept this fact, n so I wanted to throw u away from my will n when janki learnt this she didn’t like it n when I went to lawyer for same janki plotted an acciden for me n it was successful.

Precap : raunak says kajal I hated my dad bcoz of my ma but he isn’t my dad, I thought ma was troubled but no she hurted him, I’m not staying here anymore.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. what the hell

  2. Wats going on??I can’t understand anything.

  3. Raunak is not Randhir n Janki’s son. When Janki married Randhir, she was already pregnant. Raunak was born within 7 months of marriage. When raunak was born, people around Randhir told, that Raunak was premature baby. Randhir accepted it. When Janki was pregnant with Neeti, Randhir didn’t want complications. He went to same doc, who told Janki had normal delivery. Raunak not a premature baby. So R Randhir became hurt that it was his wife’s illegitimate son or najais aulat


    So this was the truth that janki hided… finally its out… i hope raunk leaves her mother and live life with his family and step dad….

    1. Lol same

  5. I hope randhir accepted raunak and the story end with happy family…???

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