MERE SOHNEYA (a story of KARAN nd RUHI) Part 6

karan: ohh so u guys have understood till now… but y is ruhi angry with me.. y is she not behaving well with me… u wanna know na… it’s a long story yaar… what to say.. i’ll let u know later. but i don’t know what this aaliya wanted to talk to me abt what.. (he looked at his watch) ohh it’s 1:30!!!! i need to sleep ya.. shld meet her tomorrow right.

he sleeps.

THE NEXT MORNING…. sudha wakes karan.

sudha: karan beta.. wake up na… u said u have to go to Mumbai.

karan in sleepy voice: hmm.. yeah.

sudha: what yeah.. it’s already 7:15. go get ready, i’ve prepared ur breakfast… go.

karan gets ready.. eats nd starts his bike… off to Mumbai…

ST. ANDREW’S COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE…. its the clg where ruhi nd aaliya study, they r the students of arts. aaliya is ruhi’s best frnd. she knew every thing abt ruhi.. even abt karan. they even have frnd nd she is aditi. these three r roommates.

ruhi: aaliya.. where’s my notebook yaar.. i couldn’t find.

aaliya while wearing earring: check under the bed..

ruhi: no.

aaliya: under the pillow?

ruhi: no yaar.

aaliya then it must be wrapped in the blanket.

ruhi took the blanket nd unfolded it… the book fell.

aaliya: see, i said na. u just don’t have the habit keeping books in cupboard.. they will always roam on ur bed.. just for namesake.

ruhi: hehe very funny. ok come let’s go to class.

aaliya: u go.. i have to go to meet someone.

ruhi: ohh acha ji.. that’s y u got ready?? by the way who’s that.

aaliya: i’ll tell u later.

ruhi: woww.. is it a date??!!!

aaliya: noo not like that.. i’ll say u pakka now let me go.

ruhi: hmm… okay. vaise where’s this aditi..?

aaliya: she’s not like u.. she is in canteen.. ragging first years.

ruhi: ohh poor girls !! (ruhi laughs)

aaliya: no.. poor boys, she’s gonna rag boys !!!!

ruhi: what??!! then those bechara boys ya (they both laugh).

aaliya: okay.. i’m getting late.

ruhi: hoo.. njoy.

aaliya left.

karan gets into the cafe.. he sits near a table.. waiting for aliya. just then aaliya came into the cafe.. she went near karan..

aaliya: hey am i late?

karan: no no. its just a min i came here.

aaliya: hmm.. u look changed karan.. it has been 2 months na.

karan: yeah.. can i order something.. what would u like to have?

aaliya: well some coffee nd sandwich?

karan: perfect !! (he ordered) hmm now say me.. how r u ?

aaliya i’m good.. nd ruhi i also good but..

karan: what  ?

aaliya: i’m feeling sad for her.. y is she hurting herself.. nd hurting u? i couldn’t see her. u know all the day she acts cool.. smiles all the day.. nd when it’s time to sleep.. when we all slept.. she goes to the window.. nd stares at the sky… she feels all her sadness. i don’t know what to do, how can i help her.. so called u here.

karan: so what r u thinking? what can we do?

aaliya: i don’t know.. but u just have to speak to her.. i know she won’t do that.. but u shld try to convince her…. she loves u a lot karan.. but what is that ki.. she couldn’t express it properly. u just say me one thing r u happy???

karan: no. how can i be happy? what do u think i had forgot ruhi?? i can’t even imagine that.

aaliya: then y aren’t u doing something to get her back.

karan: i thought i shld give her some time.

aaliya: isn’t 2 months more time?

karan: yeah.. i shld do something.

aaliya (sipping her coffe) : so what will u do?

karan: let me think yaar.. u r not leaving me a min!!

aaliya laughs: okay.. fyn. have some coffee.



ruhi: i don’t wanna listen to anyone do u get that. plz stop doing all such things.

aaliya: arey ruhi..

ruhi (looking at karan): i ve listened to many ppl.. i ve become a fool.. but now.. i won’t.

karan looks on.

  1. Jasminerahul

    ruhi aliya scene was nice.ruhi doesn’t know that aliya is going to meet karan..good that karan is going to do something n aliya will play cupid

  2. Wen is next part am eagerly waiting ☺?

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