Hum sath sath hae (joint family story) Character Sketch

i am new in this page.i am a kalma(kalyani and malhar) here I am post a character sketch of my new ff on kalma.its also a family here is the character sketch.


Character sketch

Malhar Rane(age-25)-he is an ACP.

Akshat Rane(age-27)-he is a doctor.he is malhar’s cousin brother.

Guddan desh mukh(age-23)-Akshat would be wife.she is a fashion designer.

Kalyani Rane(age-20)-sister of guddan.she is a final year college student.

Rane family

Ram kumar Rane-Malhar and mehek’s father and akshat,Riya’s bare papa.

Sobha Rane-Malhar and mehek’s mother.and akshat,Riya’s bari maa.

Sunil kumar Rane-Akshat and Riya’s father.malhar and mehek’s chote papa.

Jaya Rane-Akshat and Riya’s mother.malhar and mehek’s choti maa.

Madhuri Shaw-akshat,mehek,riya and malhar aunt or bua maa.she lived with Rane family in same house.

Atul Shaw-madhuri’s husband.he is also a doctor.

Naina Shaw-madhuri’s and atul’s daughter.she is a student of class 12.

Mehek khanna- malhar’s sister.

Shaurya khanna-mehek’s husband.he is a business man.

Neev khanna-shaurya and mehek’s son.

Riya Rawte -Akshat sister.she works in etf.she is an cop.

Arjun Rawte-riya’s husband.he is the second commander in etf team.

Ariya Rawte-riya and arjun’s 8th month old daughter.

Desh mukh family

Sarthak deshmukh-guddan and kalyani’s father.he is the senior officer of malhar.

Anupriya deshmukh-guddan and kalyani’s mother.

Others character will be introduced as the story continue.

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