MERE SOHNEYA (a story of KARAN nd RUHI) Part 3 and 4

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karan: the nxt day morning.. i mean its was her birthday… i woke up nd saw her missed calls… i felt sad that i couldn’t wish her first. i thought of calling her but what happened is she said her parents will be coming to her to celebrate her bday… so i stopped. but i couldn’t wait.. so msged her.

karan: heyy ruhi!!! good morning.

karan: i didn’t want to wish her through the msg.. so waited for a long tym.. then i got a rply frm her.

ruhi: oh so were alive…??!!! 

karan: i smiled seeing that one…

karan: yeah.. i’m of course alive… jst for u.

ruhi: such a flirty line !!!! ( laughing emoji)

karan: hey where r u by the way?

ruhi: going to my clg.. in the metro.

karan: r u free now? i mean alone?

ruhi: y? will u join me? 

karan: nd that’s where i got a chance… i called her.. she didn’t pick.. i called her again… she didn’t hesitate then…

ruhi: hello.

karan: heyy birthday girl.

ruhi: what did u say.. u said that u will wish me first on my birthday na? but u were drunken monkey. !!!

karan: yeah i know.

ruhi: see u didn’t even wish me till now?!

karan: arey jaan… everyone will wish u first.. but the one who wishes u last… will last forever!!!!

ruhi: so u won’t wish me now also?

karan smiles: yeah… i’ll wish u but in an unexpected tym..?

ruhi: when? nxt year?

karan: probably !!! (he laughs)

ruhi: let it be… i don’t want ur wishes. vaise… i wanna know one thing.

karan: what?

ruhi: what made u ask me that? i mean a kiss?

karan smiles: so are u still thinking abt it?.. do u wanna give me? 

ruhi: i wanna know the reason, y did u ask me?

karan: see i can’t ask a boy to kiss me right.

ruhi laughs: wait.. u jst asked me because i’m a girl?!

karan: r u really dumb.. or u r acting to be? will i ask every girl to kiss me? if i ask u there will be a reason right.

ruhi: so that’s what i’m asking u.. what is the reason?

karan: yeah i’ll say u.. but will u kiss me?

ruhi: first let me know the reason… then..

karan: then?!!!

ruhi: then i’ll let u know.

karan: ohh.. okay.

ruhi: then when will i get to know the reason?

karan: soon… sooner… soonest.

ruhi (laughs): okay. i’ve to get down.. i’ll msg u later.

karan: only msg?

ruhi: okay i’ll call u later. bye.

karan: u know i felt somewhere she started liking me… if any other girl would be.. she would have stopped talking to me… or would have ignored that topic, but she asked me y.. like if she was ok with it. then i thought of saying her my past… generally everyone will have a bad opinion on a love failure guy… whatever it may be.. breakup is really a big sin.. it makes that person feel love is pain.. even i don’t want that pain anymore… nd that night around 10 she called me.

karan: heyy.. that’s a cute surprise.

ruhi: oh really?!

karan: yeah.

ruhi: hey where r u? what’s that noise?

karan: actually aveer nd viraj got me out… for a party. i came out to talk to u.

ruhi: oh u r drunk now?

karan: no no.. they took me here as they wanna have some fun.. nd the bill is going to be mine.

ruhi: ohh ur party.. i got it. y won’t u drink?

 karan: nah… vaise how did u njoy ur day? u said ur mom dad will come.

ruhi: yeah… ishima nd papa came to me.. we have njoyed a lot.. u know papa gave me a big surprise… he bought a big teddy for me.. nd that was so big. then ishima.. she brought my favorite gulab jamuns specially made by her… nd she also gifted me a diamond chain !!! i just loved everything… but the sad part id they left by eveng.. papa had n urgent meeting in delhi.. so ishima nd papa had to leave… also my dadu, dadi, thatha, pathi, nd all my family members made a video conference nd wished me… it was really fun u know.

karan: ohh very good. is there anything left to say?

ruhi: karan..!!! u r making fun of me?

karan: i was jz kidding yaar. so u njoyed a lot… that’s good. but what abt my party?

ruhi:  acha… i shld give u party? u didn’t ask me.. nd didn’y even wish me. 

karan: hmm.. well, u know what’s the time?

ruhi looked the the watch: yeah its’s 11:58.

karan: ohh then i wanna say u something.

ruhi: what will u say the reason?

karan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUHI !!!!!!  nd i’m the last person to wish u on ur birthday… nd no one will wish u like this.

ruhi smiles: thank u. nd HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARAN !!! i’m the first to wish u !!!

karan looks at his watch which strucks 12:  WOW.. that’s a perfect tyming. thank u ruhi.

ruhi: okay.. u go nd njoy ur party.. i’ll sleep now.

karan: yeah… goodnight.

karan: that’s how we wished each other on our birthdays. there’s something in this girl.. which attracts me more than anything… i felt to say abt my past to her, but don’t know how to start.. so aftr two days i ve got a situation to say her… we were casually talking… jst then viraj bumped into me nd asked for my shoes… i gave him nd he went away.

ruhi: u guys share everything among urselves??

karan: yeah sometimes… when he wanted to go for a date. 

ruhi: date? u mean a coffee date.. with a girl?

karan: yeah..until i know the meaning of date…it’s the same thing !!!

ruhi: oh mr.funny… i was asking do viraj have a girlfrnd? i meant that.

karan: yeah he do.

ruhi: then what abt u? do u have a girlfrnd?

karan: no no no no… i’m single.. nd i’m fyn.

ruhi: y don’t u like having a girlfrnd?

karan: no.. it’s not like that.. i don’t have that much talent of maintaining one.

ruhi (laughs): ohh.. i don’t believe u. u must have had one?

karan: actually…

ruhi: u know those who were in love.. i mean true love.. there r such a sensible persons… nd those who were a love failures there were meant to be pure-hearted. 

karan: so u do have a good opinion on those who had a past relationship?

ruhi: yeah.. but not for all those who had.. only for some.. who were genuine. i respect them.

karan: ruhi.. i had a relationship in my past. 

ruhi is shocked. 


ruhi: i just don’t wanna talk to u..

karan: arey ruhi listen to me na… plz

ruhi: no.. i’m very upset with u.


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  1. Jasminerahul

    i liked karan telling ruhi that the last person who wishes will last forever.finally karan became the last person to wish sweet.happy to hear about ishra from ruhi.loved ruhi saying that one who has true love is sensible n the one who had love failure is pure hearted.she has good frelings about some break up ppl .how is she going to react about karan’s past?break up is a sin as it gives pain was striking

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