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screen open on chiro avman kunj shocking face

K/C/R:-(whisper) twinkle

while all audience are mesmerized by her beauty. kunj excuse himself and move out of the hall.

anchor:-mam can i ask one question

miss k:-ya sure

Anchor:- mam,is  your real name Miss k?

Miss k :- no actually my name is SHAILU . but my identity name is miss k.

A:-mam it can be “MISS S” but why “MISS K”.

S:- actually even i too never thought about this. but im crazy about this letter

later she move down stage and go to her parents

C:- Rohan, twinkle

R:- chinki, she’s not our twinkle. did you forget what happened that day………

C:- i remember but

R:- chinki…… (seeing here and there)  where is kunj ? what may be his condition?

A:-ro, kunj went out. he told me not to disturb him.

R:- but where he went

A:- don’t worry i have his location tracker nothing will happen to him


kunj lying on the sand seeing sky

K:- why god. why she came in front of me? no she’s not my twinkle. she didn’t even recognize me

inner voice :- she don’t love you kunj. she don’t need you she divorced you. now she don’t care about you. she forgot you.

K:- no, she cant move on so easily. she is not twinkle.

like this due to confusion he sleep there.



kunj and aman also reach there as its sunday. they both go to chruch pray there. while coming out

A:- twinkle

K:- what ?………………..

A:- she there twinkle pointing a girl

twinkle is shown in white churidar distributing clothes to people. kunj is mesmerized by her beauty. amna see kunj staring her

A:- kunj she’s beautiful right.

K:- (not in sense)very much

A:-do you like?

K:- she’s awesome. i like her. then realize what he said and come back to reality ………no… i….mean……. be…….au…..cut by aman

A:- oh my god kunj love at 1st sight.

K:- dont think rubbish nothing like that …. any way what is doing here

A:-sees the date in his phone. today twinkle parents death anniversary.  come i’ll introduce her.

K:- ok

both go towards her.

A:- hey twinkle hi

T:- turns back hey aman hi you here?

A:- actually came to church and saw you. so here im

T:- oo nice he seeing towards kunj

A:- o yaa he’s my boss kunj sarna

K:- hi thanks for helping us

T:- its ok and actually its my profession

A:- twinkle may we help you i mean you are doing all this alone

T:- ya sure thank u

twinj aman distribute clothes to all and spend time with each other knowing about one another. later at night all go back to there home


kunj is laying on his bed. sleep is very far from his eyes.

K:- is aman right. did i fall for her at 1st sight. she’s beautiful loving and caring. but falling in love in less time.. no its not love may be attraction. thinking about her she fall asleep

next day is a holiday due to some english festival.

A:- kunj wake up…

K:- what let me sleep

A:- kunj wake up today is halloween. we have to go to shoping and must scare everyone

K:- we’ll go in noon let me sleep cove him with blanket

A:- kunj get up if you didnt get up then …………… i’ll throw this full jug on you

K:-mera neend ke dushman

he go to washroom both get ready and go for shopping


full mall is crowed. both kunj and aman talking and suddenly dhaaamm…. someone dashed with kunj……..before she fall kunj hold her hand. both were shocked to see each other.


K:- chinki you here. he leave her hand and make her fall. (what you all thought ……..hahahaaaa twinkle right )

C:- haa bhai.. why you make me fall.

twinkle giggle to see her fall

C:- heyy twinkle ke bache, why are you laughing. she get up with the help of twinkle…………. hi aman

K:- what are you doing here.. you wre in allentown right..

C:- yes two months back. now living with her……..(showing twinkle)

K:-hey hi i didn’t see you.

C:- you know eat other

A:- recently came to know

C:- how

K:- actually she made my event great success

C:- oo so were is our payment

K:- your

C:-yaa i too work with her.

T:-kunj no need, its nothing. i just arranged. i did nothing.

C:- hey you shut up, i want .

K:- ok fine today shopping from my side.

C:- that’s my bro.

4 together shop talking and enjoying

A:-(whisper near chinki ear)soon your bestie becomes bhabhi

C:- what?

T:-chinki what happend?

C:- nothing


kunj is still sleeping. beach security come and wake him up. he see the place and apologize and return back to his room

————————— so i end this episode here. finally i introduced heroin. actually i thought to update on 28th but i was hell busy. please share your reviews even silent readers plz request

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  1. Nice episode dear
    But I am bit confused that why Twinkle didn’t recognise any of them.. strange.
    Flashback was sweet..
    So Kunj fell for Twinkle at first sight wow..
    Waiting for your next post
    Hope the confusion ends soon.
    Please post soon

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    So confused…
    Twinkle divorced kunj ???
    But why…
    Eagerly waiting for next one

  3. Nice epi
    Post sooon

  4. TSY

    Nice episode
    But it shocked me that twinkle was his wife
    Was she really miss k or mrs kunj sarna
    Anyway it was a nice shot
    Egarly waiting for next
    Bye tc

  5. Shalu02

    Amazing episode dear post soon

  6. Nice episode❤❤
    Love at first sight for lunch????
    Please try to write lengthy episodes..

  7. Lovely …

  8. Vibhu

    So many shocks!
    Twinkle’s name changed.
    She’s “miss k” and ‘k’ represents “Kunj” ??
    And their divorce ?
    Loved the update
    Post next part soon

  9. Me_rp_27

    Nice epi dear…
    So twinkle is only miss k…
    Shocked…twinj r divorced….

  10. Amazing episode dear post soon

  11. Trivisha Choudhary

    Awesome episode dear all scene is too good please post

  12. Fantastic episode dear post soon

  13. Siddha tomar

    Fabulous episode dear post soon

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