Mere Sai 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhipri Gets Upset With Keshav

Mere Sai 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav tells Sai that they used to eat whatever fruit he used to give them in their childhood. He asks Sai to have chillies. Sai sits there and eats all green chillies. Om Sai plays…Keshav and Govinda are surprised. Sai smiles while eating it. Sai thanks Keshav. Keshav is surprised. Tulsa comes infront of man. Man thinks she is enacting like him and calls her mannerless. He asks didn’t your parents taught you some manners. Tulsa spits water on his face and asks how dare you to take my parents’ name. He says sorry. Tulsa curses him and says bad words. Man apologizes to her. Tulsa goes on scolding him. Sai comes there and says Tulsa. Tulsa recalls Sai’s condition. Sai asks the man what happened to his mouth. Man tells that he has pain in his mouth and that’s why he couldn’t speak anything. Sai gives vibhuti to man and says teeth are part of our body, but we are careless towards it. Man apologizes to Tulsa before leaving. Tulsa thinks I was unsuccessful and spit water at last. Sai keeps his hand on her head. She says I was unsuccessful. Sai asks her to try again and asks her never to accept defeat. He says I trust you a lot and you shall trust yourself. Tulsa says I will try again tomorrow. Sai smiles.

Next day, Tulsa comes to Dwarka Maai with water in her mouth. Sai asks what happened? You are doing work fast. Parvati comes there with Gauri and says groom’s family is coming to see her. She tells that they are Bhama’s relatives. Sai talks about marriage and says success marriage leads to happy life which is the basis of good society. He says both husband and wife shall get adjustable and sacrifice for one another happiness.

Jhipri is walking with vegetables in her hand and cow dung cakes on her head. Cow dung cakes fall from her head. She picks it and asks Keshav to deliver the vegetables to her house. Keshav thinks she is also selfish like Sai and thinks she lied to him on the same place. Sai blesses Gaura. Parvati thanks him and leave. Tulsa comes to Sai and signs that she wants to go. Sai says ok. Jhipri asks Keshav to come and asks if it is heavy then carry cow dung basket. Keshav throws the baskets on ground and says how did you think that I will hold your dirty basket. Jhipri says I thought you are my friend. Keshav says my friends are in London, who would have asked me if need help and don’t order me like me. Jhipri says I was happy that you are studying in London, but we learnt good thing than you. She calls Tatya and asks him to carry the bags. Tatya asks if keshav is coming? Jhipri says no and says he talks and sit with rich people only. Keshav asks them to go to hell.

Jhipri tells Sai about keshav’s doings and says he got arrogance and ego. She recalls running to meet Keshav with other kids. She says we always thought about him, but he has changed after going to London. She says he thinks we are poor and dirty. I will not talk to him. Sai asks if she is angry with Keshav and tells that a good friends never leave his weak friends, but keep them with them. He says whatever you see is not right and whatever you hear is not right too. He says it is a matter of perception. Jhipri says we are grown up now and tells that the one who went to London was our friend and the one who returned is not our friend. Sai asks Jhipri and Tatya to look at the cloth and tell him what they can seen on it. Tatya says black spot. Sai asks them to see carefully. They tell about the stain. Sai says this is just a cloth and have a small stain. He says you didn’t talk about the white cloth, and talked about only the black stain. He tells that the white cloth is our good deeds and the black spot is our bad deeds, and says we have goodness more than bad thing. We didn’t see others good points.

A man comes to Sai and tells that people used to make fun of him as his size is small.

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