Mere Sai 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishwanath Gets Calm Meeting Sai

Mere Sai 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Jhipri about concentration and asks her to close her eyes and see a white sky and forget other things. Jhipri closes her eyes and smiles. Sai asks can you hear me. He also closes his eyes. Om Sai plays…..Munim ji brings a box to Kulkarni. Kulkarni calls Keshav and says I told you that I will get such a thing for you because of which your friends will yearn to make you as their friend. He says they will get jealous of you. He opens the box and shows him gramophone. Vishwanath comes and hears him. Kulkarni demonstrates it. Anta asks what is it? Kulkarni plays it. Anta and Banta think it as a ghost and run away. Kulkarni laughs on them.

Jhipri tells Sai that she has learnt her lesson by building concentration and remembers everything. Sai says one gets success who never panics. Jhipri says

ok. Kulkarni tells Keshav that nobody in the village would have seen this. Keshav says I have learnt and asks if I can show this to my friends. Kulkarni says that’s why I bought this. He asks Chivu to call Anta and banta so that they can take them. Chivu asks him to send Vishwanath with keshav. Kulkarni says ok and asks Vishwanath to be careful with gramophone. Keshav comes to his friends. They call him coward. Keshav asks his friends to take out gramophone and plays music. They hide being afraid. Keshav tells about gramophone. They ask him to play music. Everyone smiles hearing music. Vishwanath thinks Keshav is feeling proud as they are surprised. He thinks Kulkarni is giving him wrong teaching. Just then it stops. Keshav checks.

Vishwanath hears flute sound and comes to Sai. He sees Sai playing flute. Sai opens his eyes. Vishwanath asks are you Sai? He says how do you know this music and tells that Kulkarni sarkaar got that gramophone today itself. Sai says we get music from the nature and says wherever you go, music is same. Vishwanath asks how can this be possible? Sai asks him to close his eyes and feel nature. Vishwanath hears birds chirping sound and then hears music playing and smiles.

He opens his eyes and tells Sai that he is feeling relieved now and this music made him calm down and made all his tiredness and troubles go. Vishwanath comes inside Dwarka maai and thanks Sai. He says I was very impressed with you. Sai asks if he is new in the village. Vishwanath says he is Kulkarni’s brother in law. Sai says your identity is you are a truthful and a honest guy.

Sai gets worried as two boys goes missing and tell Shama.

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