Mayavi Maling 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arak steals the potion

Mayavi Maling 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arak searching for the bottle. He says I m a real Rajput, I can’t lose. He breaks things and looks around. He gets the box. Pranali asks Pratap to come up. Pratap says I won’t come till they apologize. Pranali asks them to apologize. Pratap says no, tell them they won’t laugh on me. He tries to gets rid of rope. She comes up and signs Mandhari. Kakusa takes the rope back. Mandhari hugs Pranali and thanks. Pranali looks down and doesn’t see Kakusa. She goes. Mandhari smiles.

Adhivan says why did Maharani get the alliance, does she not know about Eshwarya and Chegu. Eshwarya comes and says I have to ask some personal thing. He thinks her mum has sent her. He welcomes her. She thinks he isn’t angry, its good. He says I know she spoke to you. She thinks what did

Garima say, she has already told him. She asks did she say I will come. He says yes, you can ask what you want. She says fine, I know you know the question, its tough for me to ask, I will try, do you like the person who questioned you. He thinks Eshwarya is asking me herself, I didn’t imagine. He says I like her a lot. She asks really. He says yes.

She thinks Adhivan and Garima like each other. He thinks of Chegu. He thinks I have no problem if you are ready to forget past. He says I don’t care for past, you also forget it. She thinks he likes Garima. She asks don’t you like anyone else. He thinks everyone will get spoiled because of Garima, I will tell her that I just like her. He says no, I don’t like anyone, that’s it. She thanks him and says you can’t imagine how happy I m. She runs to Garima and says I m very happy for you, I did your work, you can dance happily, Adhivan was teasing you, he likes you a lot. Garima hugs her. Adhivan says she likes me a lot. Dharani comes to him. He says Eshwarya met me, she agreed, now this marriage shall happen. She blesses him. Dharani goes and thanks Lord. She blesses Eshwarya.

Eshwarya asks what happened, I felt you will be angry on me. Dharani says leave it, all is well that ends well. Eshwarya thinks of Chegu and asks can I go out with him, he wants to take me and show the sea. Dharani says you are so obedient, surely go, just remember your limits and Maling’s pride, go and get ready. Eshwarya goes. Pranali comes to her room and gets shocked. She asks guards who did this. Guard says we don’t know. She checks for Angad and asks where is Angad. She finds bottle missing. She asks them to find Angad. She thinks how to tell dad that I lost the bottle. Arak gives bottle to Madhumali. She praises him. He laughs on Angad. She asks him to go and rest. Garima comes. Pranali says don’t trouble me, I m scared of dad’s anger, I m finding a new bottle. Angad comes. Pranali asks where were you. Angad lies that he went for swimming. He recalls Haran. Garima asks did you swim with clothes on?

Pranali looks for bottle. Madhumali gives the potion to Angad. He applies potion to his hand. Pranali looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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