Mere Sai 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Gets Double Shock

Mere Sai 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhav and Sahdev describe their problem to Sai, how Sahdev picked Kulkarni’s money thinking it as colorful papers, how Udhav took bundle and made boat out of it and drowned notes in lake, how Kulkarni ordered to return 1000 rs in 3 days, else he will send Madhav to jail instead of Sahdev. Sai asks them to take him to that lake. Wealthy man tells Sai that he is ready to stay in Shirdi till his son gets healthy. Sai says his son is fine now, so he can return to his village. Wealthy man thanks Sai and leaves with his family.

Sahdev and Madhav take Sai to a lake where children drowned currency note boats. Sai enters lake and with his magic/leela draws water aside, then boats come up automatically. Sai collects them and gives them to Sahdev and Madhav and asks to return them to Kulkarni.

Ram bhau waits on street thinking Sai told he will get his wife’s necklace here. Wealthy man with his family passes by in a bullock cart, and his wife’s necklace falls down. Ram bhau picks it. Wealthy man walks down and asks to return it. Ram bhau says it is his expired wife’s and shows his name engraved on it, says he had pawned it to Kulkarni who tricked and stole it. Wealthy man thinks Kulkarni’s aide sold him this necklace, says he understood whole issue and asks Ram bhau to follow him.

Madhav and Sahdev reach Kulkarni’s house. Kulkarni asks if they came to request more time to repay money.. They say they brought his money. He is surprised and says he needs currency notes and note coins. They say they brought notes and give him currency bundle. He is more surprised and counting notes says 10 rs are missing. Sahdev reminds he took 10 rs from Govinda. Kulkarni jealously says okay okay. Wealthy man enters with Ram bhau and tells Kulkarni that his aide sold this necklace, but Ram bhau says it is his wife’s. Ram bhau shows his name engraved on it. Kulkarni says his aide must have sold necklace by mistake. Wealthy man asks Kulkarni to return his 360 rs. Clerk says his boss never returns money. Wealthy man says he will call police then. Kulkarni gets tensed thinking his fraud will be busted, slaps clerk and blames him for mishap.

Precap: Tiger attacks a man in jungle. Sai reaches for man’s help.

Update Credit to: MA

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