Vikram Betaal 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi Sachi to reborn as Draupadi

Vikram Betaal 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Ahilya and Rishi Gautam getting shock seeing Dev Inder. Dev Inder says he has only one aim and that is to get the most beautiful woman of the world. He leaves. Rishi Gautam shouts and curses Dev Inder. Devi Ahilya cries. Betaal says two woman suffered because of Dev Inder, one is Devi Ahilya and other is Devi Sachi. Devi Sachi confronts her husband and asks him if he forgot that she wears sindoor of his name. Dev Inder tells that he was drawn closer to devi Ahilya seeing her beauty. Dev Inder tells that why shame? Devi Sachi says she has imagined him in different avatar, but he is an animal. Dev Inder asks her not to forget that he is her husband. He asks her to come near him. Devi Sachi asks him not to come near her else. He pulls her saree and says this is the first

time that a husband is doing cheerharan of his wife. Devi Sachi says you are crossing your limits and insulting your wife. Dev Inder pulls the saree fully and laughs. Devi Sachi cries. He throws her saree. Devi Sachi says nobody can touch a woman without her wish, not even her husband.

Dev Inder says who will stop a husband. Devi Sachi says her sati vrat and pati vrat dharm will stop him. He says you are Sati because of me. She asks Agni Dev to take her in his shelter if she fulfilled wife’s duty. A fire is lighted around her. Dev Inder says Devi…Devi Sachi tells that she had accepted him as her husband and wishes to have him for next 7 births, but she don’t want him with these bad qualities and want to see him with the qualities she had imagined. She asks fire to take him and gets burnt. She vanishes with fire. All Devtas get angry with Dev Inder. Dev Guru asks how dare he to insult Devi Ahilya and blames him for Sachi’s death. Dev Inder says you are Dev Guru because of me. Devi Guru says I am snatching this position from you.

Dev inder kills him. Betaal tells Vikram that Vishwa roop’s father decided to punish Dev Inder and did a puja. Vittasur comes infront of him and asks why did you call me. Betaal tells that Dev Inder was busy in ras rang. Dev Inder is watching dance of a dancer and then dances with him. Suddenly fire is caught all around. The dancers run away. Dev Inder asks who wants to kill me and asks to come infront. Dev guru’s father tells that he came to take revenge of his son Vishwa roop and tells about the Asur. Dev Inder laughs and says I will kill him like I killed your son. Dev Guru’s father tells that today your ego will die too with you. Dev Inder attacks Vittasur with the weapons, but nothing happens. Dev Guru’s father tells that your powers are useless like your ego. Dev Inder says he will use his weapon now and will kill him. He attacks Vittasur. Dev Guru’s father asks Vittasur to kill Dev Inder. Vittasur kills Dev Inder and says I gave death punishment to Devraj Inder. Dev Guru’s father asks him to calm down now. All Devtas come and asks him about Devraj Inder’s qualities. Dev Guru’s father tells about his qualities and asks the Devtas to get one quality of Dev Inder. They take one quality of Dev Inder each.

Betaal says you might be thinking about Devi Sachi. He says many years after, Devi Sachi is born to Raja Draupad in fire and that’s why her name was Draupadi. Devi Sachi is seen coming out from fire.

Betaal tells that Raja Draupad kept swayamvar for his daughter. Draupadi gets married to Arjun. When Arjun and his brothers come home, their mum asks them to share whatever they brought. Dev Sachi/Draupadi gets shocked. This is how she got 5 husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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