Mere Sai 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Bela falls unconscious while playing

Mere Sai 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bheema and Subhadra kneel down in front of Sai. Bheema says I thought to offer this bhog to Pundit ji today. Pundit ji walked out in a huff. I offer this food to you with the hope that the soul of my parents will be at peace. They look towards the plates and are stunned. They see his parents sitting there and looks at Sai in wonder. Bheema’s father tells him that he is always with him. Sai asks Bheema to feed them with his own hands. Bheema happily obliges. His parents fold hands in front of Sai and disappear. Pundit ji has been standing at the door and watching everything in awe. Bheema is overwhelmed and thanks Sai for giving him this opportunity. Sai says this is the outcome of the good deed you did earlier. Our ancestors also get affected by our good deeds. Feeding a hungry person is the best thing to do. Pundit ji agrees. God brought them closer to their parents because of their good deeds and I was pushed away because of my misdeed. I cannot even see Khandoba’s idol. What should I do to pacify God? Please save me. Sai says God never gets upset with anyone. He does everything to teach us how to be better tomorrow. You got caught in the fear of upsetting Him while spreading the fear. Pundit ji says I have learnt my lesson. He apologizes to Bheema and Subhadra for his actions. I disrespected your and my parents by walking out of here. I am ashamed of what I did. Bheema says it is good that you have realised your mistake. Sai nods. Ram ji Bhala Karein. Pundit ji asks Bheema if he wont give him food. Bheema nods and brings a plate for him. Everyone smiles.

Durpada tells Saraswati to make sure Bela does not step out of the house. Don’t let her play with other kids as well. Saraswati says how else she will make friends. This isn’t her age to sit at home. Manik says she is very stubborn. She will run here and there if you will let her go outside. you wont be able to handle her. Durpada requests her not to give fried or spicy food to her. Manik says one of us can stay back if you think you wont be able to do it. Saraswati assures them she will do it. Bela glares at Saraswati. Manik tells Bela they will bring a toy for her if she wont trouble Ajji. Bela walks out of the room. Saraswati looks at Manik and Durpada worriedly.

Sai is watering the plants.

Dwarka’s brother (Mahadev) is teasing her on her wedding. Her mother shows the jewellery that her Baba has been bringing for her since her birth. Dwarka says this is too much. Chandorkar says I want to send you away just like I did Naina. Consider this our token of love. Vasudev tells his Baba that Jamai Babu wont be able to come tomorrow. We should do the ritual today itself. His mother (Radha) speaks of mahurat but his husband says work and efforts are more important than mahurat. I am glad that our SIL is dedicated to his work. We will do that ritual today itself. He assigns duties to everyone and heads to market with Vasudev.

Sai is walking around and speaks to the villagers.

Dwarka’s FIL and her father are talking about the wedding. A guy (Krishnakant) advises Chandorkar to also feed the poor. They love the idea. His suggestion about calling musicians at home during sangeet is also well received by everyone. Dwarka and her husband sit down for the ritual. Everyone blesses the couple afterwards. Groom’s family leaves. Krishnakant ji hands over a paper to Chandorkar ji. I have written everything that we have discussed. Chandorkar ji says I met you for the first time but it feels like we have known you forever. Radha and Vasudev speak highly of Krishnakant ji. Chandorkar ji reads his note. He is stunned to read about Shridi and Sai Baba. Sai Baba is calling you to Shridi. One cannot ignore his calling. He tells them everything. They decide to speak to Krishnakant ji and go outside. Groom’s family tells Chandorkar ji that Krishnakant ji was the one who brought us here. he said he is from your side. Chandorkar ji and Radha are confused. We dint invite any relative and we dint even send anyone to your place. Groom’s father wonders who he was then.

Sai smiles. He asks a few kids what they are doing. They share that they are colouring. We are trying our best but we are unable to fill colours in it.

Manik and Durpada are having no success in selling spices. Durpada is worried that they are losing. We don’t have time. She is growing up and so is her disease. It will take a lot of money. I don’t know when God will hear our prayers.

Sai says you must wait. The sand if wet right now. It will absorb the colours till the time it is dry. The kids realise what he means. We should let it dry? Sai nods. It is weak till the time the sand would dry. You must take great care of it till then.

Manik and Durpada discuss Bela’s condition. Bela says we are snatching her rights as a child. She is starting to hate us more every day. I am worried that she might do something because of her anger that will worsen her condition.

Saraswati tries to befriend Bela but Bela keeps quiet. She hears the sound of some kids playing.

Sai asks the boys about their other friends. They share that they are home as someone isn’t well. Rest of them are playing.

Bela tricks Saraswati and manages to step out of the house. Other kids smile at her. Saraswati smiles thinking about the progress.

Bela plays with other kids.

Manik thinks I hope Saraswati will take care of Bela in their absence.

Sai is on his way.

Saraswati comes out of the kitchen and does not find Bela anywhere. She tries to go outside but the door is closed from outside. She remembers Manik’s words. She shouts Bela’s name but no one comes to help.

Durpada tells her husband that Bela and her disease are growing. Please ask your God to fix her condition. Manik looks equally sad.

Saraswati notices Bela from the other window and calls out to her. Other kids hear her voice but ignore her. Bela feels dizzy while playing. Saraswati and the kids get tensed as Bela passes out on the floor. A kid opens the door. Saraswati runs to check on Bela. Udhav hears her voice and runs to help them. He takes Bela inside. Saraswati keeps rubbing her hands. Is there a Vaid here? Udhav says Kulkarni Sarkar is not in town right now. We approach Sai for help. Udhav and the kids go to look for Sai.

Saraswati sprinkles water on Bela’s face but in vain. Her pulse becomes low. Saraswati cries for help. I wont be able to forgive myself if something happens to you.

Sai starts walking faster.

Precap: Durpada reprimands Saraswati. We trusted you and left our daughter with you but see what has happened. Please leave our house. Saraswati complies. Saraswati notices Sakaram and starts walking faster. Sakaram gets intrigued as soon as he notices her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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