Mere Sai 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Tries to Bury Sai’s Body

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Mere Sai 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai’s disciples ask Mhalsapati that everyone went out due to chilli smoke, but Mhalsapati did not go, what is the reason. Baizaa maa says she is Sai’s mother, what has happened to his her son. Mhalsapati apologizes Sai for breaking promise and informs Sai took 3 days’ samadhi/deep meditation. Everyone are shocked. Baiza maa asks what does he mean. He explains whole incident. Appa says that means that storm was not without reason, why did not Mhalsapati inform them when they came that night. Mhalsapati says Sai did not want to disturb anyone. Baizaa says they are all with Mhalsapati and will wait till Sai returns. Mhalsapati thanks them all for trusting him, now even Anta Panta or Kulkarni cannot harm him or Sai’s body.

Anta Panta inform Kulkarni the whole situation.

Kulkarni angrily picks gun shouting Sai is troubling him even after he died, he will finish this issue right now. Chihua stops him and asks to calm down, he has won both ways, let Sai’s disciple do whagtever they want to with Sai’s dead body. He should celebrate his win instead.

Sai’s disciples guard Sai’s body in dwarkamayi. Pari cries and asks if Sai’s soul left his body. Jhipri says today is 3rd day, let us wait till he wakes up. Tatya with Baizaa maa brings food for everyone. Disciple says how can they eat in this situation. Baizaa maa says Sai never wanted to trouble anyone, so they should act normally and eat. Everyone start food. Each disciple reminisce Sai’s blessings on them and Sai solving their problems. Keshav returns with fruits and

A woman brings her ill brother from other village and says Sai will treat him for sure. They hear villagers talking that Sai is no more as he has not woken up since 2 days. Brother says how will treat him then. Sister sags Sai himself came in her dream 2 days ago and invited her here, he cannot die.

Anta Panta hide and watch Sai’s disciples waiting around him, think of doing mischief. They drop scorpion and shout. Mhalsapati removes blanket from Sai and sees scorpion biting Sai’s foot repeatedly. Anta Panta shout that they told Sai is already dead 2 days ago, they should perform his last rights. Keshav orders them to get out. They say dead body’s last rights should be performed, else soul will roam as evil. Woman enters with brother saying there is nothing like evil. Panta identifies her and says she used to ward off evils, now she is countering her own statements. She says it was her past and she changed after Sai blessed her. She shows her brother’s leprosy and asks him to touch Sai’s feet. Brother does same and his leprospy patches disappear. Everyone sitting around are surprised. Woman says she told Sai is with them. Baizaa maa thinks Sai showed his signs.

Keshav returns home and tells Kulkarni that Sai is still alive and will return soon, when he touched Sai’s face, he got goosebumps. Kulkarni shouts why did he touch dead body, it would have decomposed by now and will spread illness. Keshav continues confronting Kulkarni.

In Dwarkamayi, disciple continue waiting for Sai’s return. Tulsa also joins htem. Someone informs that Kulkarni is coming with his goons to get Sai’s body. Disciples say they will not let Kulkarni take Sai’s body and will unitedly stop Kulkarni. Kulkarni enters with goons and says he will not let dead body in his village, decomposed body will spread fatal diseases. Mhalsapati requests to wait for 3 days, and if Sai does not wake up in 3 days, he will obey Sai’s order and bury his body in Dwarkamayi. Disciple stand shocked.

Precap: Kulkarni says spoken words and departed soul never returns and orders her aides to dig grave. Mhalsapati pleads Sai to wake up and prays. Lamp lights back.

Update Credit to: MA

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