Mere Sai 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Changes Atheist’s Mind

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Mere Sai 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Srikanth with 2 people walks into Dwarkamayi and greets Sai. Sai welcomes Srikanth and asks who are they. Srikanth says they are Pramod and Vijay who work in a book shop where he buys books from; they fight a lot and makes a lot of mistakes, sometimes giving wrong books even to him; their boss doesn’t want to kick them out as they are hard working and loyal, so he suggested to take them to Sai and boss agreed. Pramod says he is an atheist and tries to prove Vijay that there is no god in the world, else to prove there is god. Vijay says god is in each atom and everyone accept, but how to prove. Sai says he should ask Pramod and asks Pramod what doubt he has. Pramod asks to prove if there is god, where is he and if he can help everyone at once, how is it possible. Sai asks Srikanth to get him some curd and a glowing lamp. Srikath says there is lamp here, but he has to get curd from market. Sai says Susheela offers him curd every day, so he can get that.

Srikanth brings curd. Sai opens curd bowl and asks promod his first question is where is god, can he see curd in it. Pramod says yes. Sai asks if he can separate milk from curd. Pramod says he can sense milk in curd but cannot separate it. Sai says similarly god is present in each atom and can be felt, but cannot be proven. Sai asks if his question is god can help everyone at once, how to prove it. Sai keeps lamp and asks if he can see lamp’s light. Pramod says he can see light spreading all around. Sai says similarly god’s blessings spreads everywhere like this lamp. Vijay says he never understood god better like Sai explained till now. Sai tells Pramod that god can be felt in nature and everywhere, god is everywhere, some feel god in stone, some in human, some in some other form, etc. Pramod says now he believes god and thanking Sai leaves. Srikanth says Sai’s each word is right. Sai says he is happy that Srikanth understood his words, but someone is stuck in god’s only one form. Poojari is seen filling his plate with food and praying god to let him stay till his last breath in Kheda.

Upasana asks a colorful cloth from her mother and says she will prepare a beautiful turban for her father and will impress him. Her mother Sindhu says she is trying to impress father since years, don’t know when will he get impressed. She says baba thinks he has to give a lot of dowry and she is a burden on him. Samrat returns home from exam. Upasana asks how was his exam. Samrat yells that she is an illiterate and not to pester him, seeing father Dashrath yells that he is tired and wants to have food, but she is troubling him. Dashrath yells at Upasana and warns her that women’s duty is to only question about grocery and serve men, nothing else; she should stop pestering her brother, etc., and asks her to serve food to her brother soon. He pampers Samrat and says tomorrow is his 16th birthday and there is a gift waiting for him. Upasana cries. At night, Upasana tries to stitch turban and injures her hand with needle. Sai noticing it applies oodhi on his hand and heals Upasana’s injury.

Precap: Upasanaa offers turban to Dashrath and requests him to bless her if he liked it. Sai smiles noticing it.

Update Credit to: MA

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