Mere Sai 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai fulfills Srinivas’s wish

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Sai tells Mohan not to forget his medicine even once. Mohan nods. Sai looks tensed as he looks up. He is a very nice guy. Mohan tells Purna she was right about Sai. He is very special. Purna is positive that he will be able to save his parents from Digambar. Mohan nods. I have to buy something for home. Will you help me? Purna keeps a condition. You must take this medicine daily. He smiles and calls her Sai’s true disciple. You kept a condition which means well for me. They leave.

Jaggu requests Sai to come with him. Sai says I told you that your Baba’s disease will go away with time. Jaggu says Baba used to go to Kohlapur every year during Diwali. He isn’t well this time and is feeling bad. We tried to make him understand but he isn’t willing to stop. I cannot see Baba like this. Sai says I am glad to see your concern for your Baba. He will be fine soon. Sai goes with Jaggu.

Jaggu’s mother (Shraddha) gives kadha to her husband. Srinivas refuses to drink it. I am unable to do the yearly puja that I do so this wont help. Sai says you can do it once you are fine. Srinivas greets Sai. Jaggu bothered you for no reason. Even you cannot help me in this situation. Sai asks Jaggu and his mother to leave them alone. They go outside reluctantly.

Sai tells Srinivas that this puja can be done afterwards as well. Srinivas explains that this is not an ordinary puja. Our ancestors have started this tradition. I am simply continuing their legacy. I feel bad as I wont be able to go this time. Jaggu is young and I cannot send his mother with him as someone has to look after me too. I am sad as our 300 year old tradition will break because of me. Sai says I understand the peace we find in a religious place. Any place where thousands of devotees gather to think of their Guru is pious. It gives you a different kind of peace. God does not want one to pray when they are ill. Mahalakshmi Ma will understand your problem. Srinivas says Ma will understand but my heart wont. This will pain me my entire life. Sai suggests him to bear this pain and go to Kohlapur in this condition if this bothers him so much. You will be at peace then. Srinivas asks him how he will go in this condition. I am very weak. Sai says true devotees can overcome any pain. I will tell Shraddha and Jaggu to let you go. Your willpower and dedication will take you there. Make preps to go. I will tell them. He helps Srinivas sit up. Om Sai plays.

Sai tells Jaggu and Shraddha that Srinivas will leave for Kohlapur right away. They get worried for Srinivas but Sai advises them to have faith on Ram ji. Let him go atleast. Srinivas gets ready to leave. He tells his wife to take care of himself and Jaggu. He seeks Sai’s blessings. He takes 2 steps and then begins to feel weak. Sai stops his family from supporting him. Srinivas takes the support of a tree. Sai holds him just when he was about o fall. I don’t have any strength left in me. I am destined to live with this pain. Sai offers to take him. He takes Srinivas back inside. Srinivas walks inside without any support. He looks in front of him and can see the Mahalakshmi temple. He looks at Sai with tears in his eyes. He pays his respects to Ma. Sai folds his hands as well. Srinivas looks at Sai gratefully. The temple disappears when he looks in that direction again. Jaggu and Shraddha come in. Srinivas thanks Sai for making him see Mata Mahalakshmi. Sai says it was your dedication that compelled Mata to come in front of you. We go to temple to meet God, to feel closer to God. Think that our beloved Gods come to take care of us when we are ill. This is like going away from God as God is living in our house at that time. Mata Mahalakshmi was here already. It was you who couldn’t see her. Srinivas says you gave me a different perspective of devotion. I am thankful to you. Jaggu and Shraddha fold their hands as well. Sai blesses them.

Mohan gifts a ring to his Baba. Gangadhar likes it. It must be expensive. Mohan says it isn’t more valuable than you. Gangadhar is about to wear it when Savitri suggests him to wear it day after tomorrow. Khandoba Navratri will begin then. Mohan goes to keep it in the locker. He is shocked to see it empty. He asks his Baba about the money. Savitri tells him that they used the money to buy everything that Digambar Guru had asked for. Mohan points out that there was Rs. 1000 in the locker. Gangadhar says we did what Guru ji said was best for us. Mohan asks them why they cannot see that Digambar is trying to steal money from them. Gangadhar says I am using my saving. Mohan says there is no my or yours in that money. Everything is for you and Ma only. I am feeling bad as a fake Guru can extract so much money from you. Gangadhar warns him not to say such things about his Guru. Mohan calls Digambar phoney. I wont let him come here if it was up to me. Gangadhar raises his hand to slap him but stops. Mohan feels bad. You have shown me today that you care for him more than me. Gangadhar reminds him if he doesn’t remember what happened when your Kaka refused to believe in him. Mohan calls it a coincidence. Gangadhar insists that that was a premonition by Guru ji. It was no coincidence. Mohan reasons that people like Digambar predict things that might always go wrong. It will create fear in the minds of all those who will hear it. Gangadhar says I never told you the entire truth as I know how close you were to your Kaka. I cannot see you insult my Guru though. I will tell you everything. I remember the day when Guru ji had come to town for the first time. He used to live in the temple. Even your Kaka dint believe him. He kept telling others not to believe him too. You went to Mumbai to give exam and your Kaka was leaving for some place.

Flashback shows Digambar sitting in front of his bullock cart. Damodar asks him to move aside. Digambar requests him not to go anywhere today. Your life is in danger. Damodar refuses to believe him. Ganpat (the cart driver) moves him away upon Damodar’s askance. Digambar tells him to stop. Your life is in danger. Damodar leaves. Digambar requests Gangadhar to stop him but Gangadhar knows that no one can change his brother’s mind. Digambar remarks that only God can save him now. Flashback ends. Savitri and Gangadhar are in tears. Your Kaka never returned home since that day. His cart met with an accident and we lost him. Wish he had listened to Guru ji that day. He would have been alive today. I follow every word said by Guru ji had said since that day. We might lose money but we will be safe. Mohan reasons that it can be coincidence. Gangadhar says I only know that this coincidence wouldn’t have snatched your Kaka from us if he had listened to Guru ji. Guru ji is very virtuous. We have never lost anything since we have met him.

Everyone is gathered in Dwarkamai at night. Sai asks them why Mahabharata took place. Everyone gives their own logic but Sai isn’t convinced. The real reason was faith. Pandavas put their faith in Shree Krishna who always guided them well. Kauravas believed in their Mama Shakuni. He has been fuelling Duryodhan against Pandavas since childhood. He because jealous of his brothers. Chaucer’s game and Draupadi’s insult were a result of that only. Mahabharata happened because of that. This would have never happened if Kauravas dint believe Shakuni blindly. Moral of the story is that our faith is our biggest treasure. We must not give it to a wrong person. Bheema asks Sai what wa she going to share today. Is it related to this story? Sai denies. It is very important for all of you though. He asks them to close their eyes first. They readily do as told.

Precap: Purna tries to tell Gargi something when Digambar reprimands her. He threatens Purna of dire consequences if she wont stop interfering. Sai says life and death are in God’s hands. Purna and Manik smile. He tells Gargi that the treatment of her husband’s disease is very easy. Digambar glares at Sai.

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