Mere Sai 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Upasana’s Continued Trouble

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Mere Sai 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upasana’s father Dashrath continues yelling at her and orders her to prepare breakfast for his son soon and not let him wait. Pari informs Sai that she decorated utensils and got good money when she sold them, so she Aayi prepared special dish today, she brought some for Sai. Sai thanks her. Dashrath rushes towards his shop when his friend Khan stops him and asks where is he going hurriedly that he didn’t notice his friend. Dashrath says he got late dropping Samrat to school, so he is rushing to his grocery shop. Khan says even he is going to market, so let us go together.

Sai sees Gowri and other girls taunting Dattu and other boys that boys cannot do even a single work without girls’ help, their mother helps them. Sai calls them and says let us see who is superior. He fills water in a mug and asks them to clap from one hand till the water empties. They say it is impossible. Sai then asks them all to sit and describes a mythological story in detail and describes how both girls and boys are equal, clap cannot happen with one hand, similarly world cannot run by only men or women. Sai then shares sweets with all and asks them to play after that. Children thank him and share sweets. Pari says Sai explained kids so easily. Sai says Kid’s mind is soft like wet soil which can be moulded in any form, elders won’t mould themselves easily, but life teaches everyone to change.

Dashrath walking towards market tells Khan that he is buying wheat from Kheda market at half price and if the deal goes well, he will earn a lot. Khan prays for his success. Dashrath says tomorrow is Samrat’s birthday and he has ordered gift from Mumbai for him, after celebrating birthday, he will leave for Kheda. Khan asks if he will not celebrate his daughter’s birthday as she is Samrat’s twin. Dashrath shouts that girls are burden and he has to pay a huge dowry to marry her off, etc.

Upasana stitches clothes at home. Mother asks her to rest and let her work. Upasana says its okay and pierces needle into her finger. Mother gets concerned and applies turmeric on her wound, pleads her to stop working so much and says her pain will be gone soon with turmeric. Upasana asks if she can relieve her pain in the heart. Mother hugs her emotionally.

Tatya asks Sai if he can take Upasana’a prepared thali for Khandoba’s pooja. Sai says there is still time for that and a special guest will use it. Sai asks who is coming. Sai says a tough nut is coming. A poojari plucks flowers for pooja and seeing a dalit yells at him to go away from him as he let his shadow on him, god will not forgive him for his sin. Dalit man runs in fear. Poojari continues yelling.

Parvathi asks Sai to give some oodhi for Mhalsapati. Sai gives her oodhi and asks if Mhalsapati is so ill that he himself couldn’t come. Parvathi says yes, even then he went to Khandoba’s tell, and though Martand wanted to help him, he doesn’t want any help. Sai says Mhalsapati will get well soon.

Upasana asks Samrat how did his exam go. Samrat seeing his father yells at her that he came home after traveling a lot and she is pestering her.

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