Mere Sai 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Idea To Save Appa Patil’s Land

Mere Sai 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni shouts at Keshav to be in his limits and not misbehave with his father. He insults Keshav that his identity is because of him, his education, his clothes, his food, etc.. He should go and earn and show his competency first. On the other side, Shanta thanks Appa and Baizaa for rescuing her niece from Parashuram’s grip. Sumitra feels guilty that they had to mortgage their land. Baizaa says she trusts her elder son Sai who solved their problem and has assured Kulkarni to get back land papers within a week. Appa says who knows Sai may show them way soon. Sai smiles.

Appa and Patil pass on village lanes when Anta and Panta throw money in front of them and taunt that they have lost their land and soon their grocery will finish, they should should beg like Sai. Tatya reacts, but Appa takes him away. Madhav watches them and says not to pay heed to barking dogs and asks how will they arrange 300 rs now. Appa says he is very happy saving Jhipri and Sai helped them always and will help even now.

Madhav walks to Sai with Pari before going to school. Sai takes Pari’s tiffin and sends her to school and seeing Madhavv tensed asks if he has any problem. Madhav says he cannot see Appa’s condition and wants to help him somehow. Sai says he just has to keep his eyes and ears open. Madhav returns to school and teaches children how to filter water. During lunch break, Udhav asks Pari if she did not lunch today. Pari says she gave her lunch box to Sai. Madhav thinks he will ask Bhama to give her some food. Udhav says all students will share some food with Pari, it will not affect them, but Pari’s will not be hungry. Madhav gets happy seeing this and reminisces Sai telling to keep his eyes and ears open. He returns to Sai, thanks him for his idea, and says he will seek help from each villager to give 5 Rs each and they can collect 300 rs easily, even if villagers give whatever they can, it will be sufficient. Sai says he should take someone’s help. Madhav asks who is it. Shanta walks in and says she will help him and it is a repentance for troubling her niece. Sai says helping someone repent is a good deed.

Precap: Shanta and Madhav seek Shirdi people’s help to help Appa Patil with monetarily according to their wish and all agree. They wait at Dwarkamayi and tell Sai it is afternoon and nobody came till now. Sai suggests to have patience.

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