Mere Sai 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika’s alliance gets fixed with Shripal

Mere Sai 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devki ji gives Prasad to Radhika. Neelkanth ji asks her how she started praying suddenly. Devki ji says they are coming from Shirdi to see you. I was praying that they choose you. I am pleased but I get scared sometimes. What will we do without you? Radhika says there is a solution to that. She shows her books to her mother. I may leave the house but these books will remain here. You can go through them whenever you will miss me. You will feel my presence. Devki ji rues that they will be fixing this alliance on a lie if this thing materializes. You wont be able to even speak about books there. Get used to this idea. Neelkanth ji informs them that the groom’s family is here. Neelkanth ji tells Radhika to make sure no one sees the books. He keeps them in the box again. Radhika feels bad.

Sai gives Saraswati Ma’s idol to Raghav. Raghav asks for the box but Sai suggests that one must not lock Devi Saraswati ever. She helps people grow. Keep her outside and pray to her daily. If she blesses people then they will certainly become better human beings. All obstacles fall short in front of Ma Saraswati’s blessings. Raghav takes his leave.

Devki ji and Neelkanth ji stand worried as Tau ji keeps talking about stuff to the groom’s family. Shripal’s mother notices their worried faces. Tau ji says they worry a little too much for their daughter so I have been called here. She replies that things go well if we are honest and have good intentions. Shripal’s father adds that our Guru ji says that kanyadaan is the biggest daan. One must respect that gesture. They ask for Radhika. Devki brings Radhika. Shripal and his parents like her. Radhika touches the feet of the elders. Groom’s mother recalls Sai’s words. They say yes for the alliance. We want to add one thing though. We want it to be done with all honesty and faith. A relation cannot be formed otherwise. Our son Shripal has studied till 4th class only. He is very hard working and has a very good nature. Hiding truth is no less than cheating after all. Radhika feels guilty. They are being so honest with us. I cannot cheat them. Tau ji lies that Radhika is an illiterate. Her parents are hesitant to tell the truth as all the girls in Bombay is educated. Radhika never wanted to study so we never sent her to school. She does not even know the alphabets properly. He tells Radhika to say it. Radhika is in a fix. Shripal’s mother tells them to let it be. It isn’t needed. She asks Shripal if he likes Radhika. He nods sweetly.

Tau ji says yes from their family’s behalf as well. Shripal’s father wants the wedding to happen in Shirdi. We want Sai to bless the couple. Neelkanth ji is amazed to hear that they believe in Sai. Shripal’s father shares that He is our Guru. We must do this within 15 days as the dates become inauspicious later on. Tau ji agrees. You can ask your Guru to select a date. We will be there.

Nanasaheb and Sai sit down for lunch. Nanasaheb is lost in thoughts. Sai asks him what he is thinking. Nanasaheb is worried what if he fails. It is about a lot of people. Sai reasons that Maalik knows the difference between wish and actions. You have to follow your path. Maalik will guide you from there on. Nanasaheb nods.

Radhika tells Sai she does not want to cheat anyone. Save me from committing this sin. Get me out of this dilemma please. She cries.

Sai tells Nanasaheb that Maalik never lets anything go wrong when your intentions are pure. Nanasaheb is grateful to him. it is good that I came to seek guidance from you. Sai tells him to go now. People need you. Nanasaheb shares that he is waiting for Srikanth. He will be coming with me. Srikanth ji greets them just then. Sai asks him where he is off to. Srikanth shares that his workload is increasing. I need an assistant teacher for help. I will check in nearby villages. Sai smiles. He tells Nanasaheb to leave. Srikanth wont be joining you. They both look at Sai in surprise but accept His decision. Nanasaheb leaves. Srikanth turns to go when Sai asks him if he does not want to know why He stopped him. Srikanth says I know you since years. It must be for someone’s good. Sai tells him that he will need that assistant in Shirdi very soon. Srikanth is surprised.

Devki ji says I am pleased to hear that you will be near Sai. Radhika says I always prayed to Sai to let me study till metric. I achieved that with Sai’s help but I hid that truth today! How will I face Sai now? Neelkanth ji says even I am not happy with this idea but it is a sin to disrespect your brother in our family. We are somehow helping them. They will be lucky to have you. Radhika denies. They dint hide anything. I hid my truth from them. Devki ji asks her what she means. Radhika says I wont break our tradition till I am here but I will tell them the truth on the first day of marriage itself. Tau ji warns her against it. Neelkanth ji supports Radhika but his brother tells him to warn Radhika to be careful. God is helping us. People from Bombay wont be able to come to the wedding. There will be no gossip now. Finalise your leaves asap. We must leave for Shirdi in a few days. He tells Radhika that his father did all that she wanted till now but now she must do things their way. My daughters may not be able to marry if your truth comes out. I will otherwise stop eating or drinking anything. If you don’t want to see me die then you must let this wedding happen. You must give it your 100% too.

One kid has gotten lost in jungle. He keeps calling for his parents and cries.

Sai hears him and gets worried. He tells Ragini to complete the trunk of the craft. I have to make something else. She nods. What are you going to make? Sai smiles. He picks up more mud.

The kid (Damaji) continues crying. I am very hungry. He suddenly thinks of what his mother had told him about their Guru, Sai. He calls out to Sai. Aayi says that you help everyone. Help me find my parents please. I am very hungry.

Sai looks pained.

Precap: Damaji passes out on the floor and takes Sai’s name. Sai has made a cow from the mud. One kid got separated from his mother. Please help him. Ragini looks at Sai in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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