Mere Sai 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mhalsapati Takes Tulsa To Her Inlaws Home

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Mere Sai 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Santosh that he knows that water can’t be taken in the tokri and says it fell from the tokri and fell on the plants which made them blossom. Parvati recalls Mhalsapati’s words. Tulsa apologizes to Parvati, but Parvati ignores her. Tulsa sees box and says ganda…She tries to snatch the box and it falls on the Chula. Parvati tries to set off fire, but she couldn’t. She calls Mhalsapati. Mhalsapati sets off fire. Villagers comment that Tulsa is inauspicious for her own family, first Gauri’s alliance broke up and then your house is about to burn. Sakharam says your sister is a witch, we tried to alert you, but you didn’t listen. Parvati looks upset.

Man thanks Sai for teaching him a good lesson and says whenever I used to do work, I used to do with a purpose, I will remember your teachings forever. Sai song plays,…Man leaves. He sees a stone on the way and thinks people are having trouble because of stone kept here and asks villagers to help him move the big stones from the way, but villagers refuse to help him. Man tries to move the stone and asks the passerbys, but nobody comes forward to help him. He manages to move the stone with much difficulty and sees a sparkling stone. He smiles and thinks for the first time, I have done something without any motive and I got this as a prize. He says Sai said right. Sai smiles standing behind him. Man folds his hand. Sai says Allah Malik.

Madhav apologizes for lying to Mhalsapati and Parvati and says the reason was something else because of which groom’s family refused. Parvati asks what was the reason? Madhav says Bhama and I don’t believe on such things, and tells that Villagers filled groom’s family ears and told about Tulsa. They got scared thinking if Gauri is like Tulsa. He says they tried to make them understand, but they didn’t agree. He apologizes to Mhalsapati and leaves. Parvati asks if he understood it now and says she was telling him that the reason is something else, but you didn’t listen. She says a good alliance is gone from our hands because of your sister. She says Shirdi people think Tulsa as a dayan and asks who will marry Gauri. She asks him to tell Tulsa to leave. She says your Tai didn’t tell you why did she come here late at night leaving her husband and children. Mhalsapati says it is my responsibility to take care of her. Parvati says you have responsibility towards your daughter now and asks him to tell Gauri that she will never marry. Gauri cries. Mhalsapati says I will send Tulsa to her home. Tulsa takes the shank in her pallu. She apologizes to Parvati and hugs Gauri and Malhari. She asks Mhalsapati if he can take her to meet Sai for last time. Mhalsapati lifts her suitcase and takes her to Sai.

Sai asks did you decide to make your sister go from you? He tells Tulsa that he has still shank for her. Mhalsapati says I have no way out. Sai asks Tulsa not to leave patience. Mhalsapati asks Tulsa to come. Sai thinks Tulsa’s struggle haven’t completed still and will take her to her destination. Mhalsapati brings Tulsa to her house. Her daughter Manjiri gets happy and hugs her. Her mum in law comes and scolds Tulsa for touching Manjiri without washing her hand. Tulsa says I did a mistake and washes her hand repeatedly. Mhalsapati is shocked.

Pari is playing with Udhav and Malhari. She asks where are you both and opens her blindfold. Udhav and Malhari laughs. Pari says I was fool to search you both. Sai smiles and makes Udhav and Malhari realize their mistake. Udhav says Pari is good, but not good than a jalebi. Sai gives two jalebis to Pari. Pari laughs. Govinda comes there and smiles looking at jalebi. Sai asks do you want to have it. Govinda nods. Udhav asks Sai not to give jalebi to him. Sai tells him that it is good to distribute and eat. Udhav says he is cunning, clever and very bad. Govinda says you are bad, steal fruits and lies to your father. They accuse each other. Sai asks them to become friends. Udhav refuses. Govinda also refuses. Sai gives jalebi to Govinda. Govinda shows to Udhav and eats it.

Tulsa’s mum in law tells Mhalsapati that Tulsa’s behavior is strange. Mhalsapati says Tulsa’s behavior is changed due to Sai. Her mum in law asks why did you come to drop her back. Tulsa’s husband looks down. Her mum in law tells that they are forced to throw her out. Mhalsapati asks her to think about Manjiri. Her mum in law asks do you want your mum to stay here. Manjiri says no. Mhalsapati says don’t you miss your mum? Manjiri says no. Tulsa’s mum in law smiles. Tulsa cries. Pari asks Govinda and Udhav to stop fighting. Udhav pushes Govinda on the ground. Govinda gets up and pushes Udhav. Their fight continues. Sai is walking and looks on tensed.
Pari asks them to stop fighting. They fall in the jive. They blame each other and fighting still. Tulsa’s mum in law asks Mhalsapati to take his sister back and says we are happy without her. Mhalsapati begs to them to let Tulsa stay in their house and says she is bahu of the house. Sai comes near the jive and sees Udhav and Govinda fighting. He gets shocked. Pari says they fell in the pit. Udhav says Sai will take me out and I will ask him to leave you here. Sai asks them to stop fighting and says you both have fallen in the jive. They get shocked.

Sai tells that Tulsa’s akka will take care of her. Tulsa is crying standing under a tree in night when her Akka gets down from the cart.

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