Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nikhil kills John upon Tannu’s call

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Nikhil leaves the ailing John in the middle of street. John turns to run for life with his injured legs. Nikhil drives the car hitting John who dies. Kiara had come out of the car and witness the accident. Sunny also goes down the car and asks Kiara why she is so afraid. Kiara was unable to speak.
Abhi comes towards a temple corner in the hospital. Purab comes there. He asks Purab what Pragya is for him, she is only a guest. King was asking him why everyone in his house cares for Pragya so much. Abhi says he told King that Pragya is the best for him and so he got emotional for him. He never thought he would ever have to call Pragya a guest, he wonders why he went so far away. Its so painful to hide his feelings at this tough time. Purab appreciates Abhi’s efforts. They watch King speaking to the hospital staff nearby. Purab says Abhi hid his feelings in front of the one who cares a lot for Pragya himself. Abhi says he doesn’t like King being so nice. King walks towards them and wanted to speak to Purab. He wanted to thank Disha for giving blood to his wife. Purab claims Pragya has turned to be like a family member by this blood sharing now.
Tannu gets a call from Nikhil who briefs her about her assigned task. He now demands Tannu to do what he asks her to in return. Aaliya hear Tannu speak to Nikhil on phone and promise to do anything he would ask her to. Aaliya comes inside to slap Tannu on face
The driver comes out of the car and asks why she came out in such heavy rain. Kiara says someone killed this man lying in the midst of the road, she claims to be able to recognize the murderer. People compel Tiara to come along them to police station.
Aalya blames Tannu’s character and accuses her to have continued relations with Nikhil, that’s why she couldn’t create a relation with Abhi. She betrayed her brother and has no right to live in the house. Tannu resists by deterring to hit Aaliya’s head with a vase otherwise. She asks why would she betray Abhi, when she longed for this life. She explains she only sent Nikhil to stop John and John is dead. She saved both of them but next time if she tries to slap her…. she slaps Aaliya on face saying she would also return it.
In the hospital, doctor appears from OT. Everyone was tensed. The doctor says she is out of danger, she is conscious but weak. They must go inside one by one. Abhi steps forward but King goes towards Pragya’s room first. Tears fill Abhi’s eyes. King turns to offer Abhi go inside first, Abhi allows King. Purab place a hand over Abhi’s shoulder consoling him. Bee ji asks if he is still angry with Pragya that he sent her boss inside. Dadi says the boss must be in a hurry to leave, so he was allowed inside.
Inside, King sits beside Pragya and asks how she feels. She smiles weakly, better. King says she had to be better, he even wrote a song for her while she was ill. Pragya corrects a few Hindi words in his verses and was happy.
In the corridor, Disha questions why Abhi let King meet Pragya first. Abhi says he is her husband and holds the first right. There are matters in life beyond one’s understandings, Disha must relax and not stress herself. Disha leaves annoyed, Purab follows her.

PRECAP: Abhi tells Pragya about the state of whole family. Pragya asks what about Abhi??

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. So Abhi thinks that there are matters in life that are beyond one’s understanding. Hmmm. This sounds like the “God, did it” justification. The matters in life are Tanu, Aliyah and Abhi’s stupidity of the ultimate kind. Those are the matters. Abhi’s own choices. Nothing more. Of course the people watching John die…he could have been rushed to the hospital… but no, the people find it more important to take Kiara to a police station. Was this audience to John’s death, all relatives of Tanu Toy? Of Nikhil? Right, Nikhil who has now become an experienced murderer and kidnapper. Really? Tanu toy has to rely on HIS experience? Didn’t he become experienced because of Tanu toy? In fact, the first time that the Toy asked Nikhil to commit murder, he tried to talk her out of it. Isn’t the Toy even more experienced than Nikhil? Are people (writers and producers) now desperately trying to make Tanu the Toy, a human? It’s too late!! Here is today’s screed about Tanu the Toy. Even though it is one night… she managed to have time for a manicure. Her tiny little claw hands,of her ugly goofy dance are gone. In every movement the actress is trying to be like an adult. Oh wow. The snake demon-queen with the silver bag dress appeared on July 31 2018 . The bun was bigger and higher on top of the snakehead, originally. The dress appeared right after the snake-head b*tch showered Suwarni Dasi with burning hot love on her feet. OOOh boy doesn’t that snake bite! What else changed? She punished Suwarni Dadi. She tried to humiliate Pragya and instead humiliated herself . Then she and Aliyah tried to murder Pragya. And here 20 days later, the night, the scene is not over. Did you know that in the actress’s bio it says that her bust size is 32B. Wow! More magic from KKB or was that the plastic surgeon who dropped in the little extra bags to make her bigger than 32B. Bags here! Silver big bags over there! Little bags that aren’t 32B under the silver bag dress! And the snake’s ‘husband. He will never let the snake-wife touch him…unless Pragya is in the room. Then the silver bag whore keeps her clothes on but does a weird jitterbug type dance… I think it was supposed to be s*xy because she was touching Abhi all over the place. (vogueing while dancing. Something from the 80’s.) She didn’t do it well. Not because she loves Abhi…oh no…but because she wishes to bite, bite, bite Pragya. Oh. Does anyone know? Once you have the fake boobs installed, do you have to have regular boob check-ups? You keep hearing in the news how they keep rupturing and nearly killing the woman. In this case a snake in a silver bag. Does she qualify as being a woman?
    How bad is that? 21 days of being ‘dazzled’ by a silver bag rag covering up the 32B enlarged bags. Can you tell that I am BORED. Ekta is laughing. She sure picked the right s*x kitten pet toy (gotta’ keep the pedophiles interested!! Who else would want her!) to keep the viewers talking… “It’s my job!”, she (snakehead) exclaimed to the media. Gee, that’s exactly what some murdering soldiers said when they were being tried at the Hague, for war crimes. Didn’t work then. “It’s my job!” is not working now.
    And Ekta? She starred a silver bag dress worn by a pedophile’s wet dream, on her production for 21 days and counting. Should she get an award? Nothing’s changed. Not a single thing. Oh. John is dead. As long as Aliyah and Tanu exist, murder exists. Kum Kum Murder Inc. Tanu Toy is marrying an American.
    Come on! Hurry up! Marry him! Then you can look for work in Hollywood, instead of India. Oh. that was the idea, was it? Or is that just another rumour?
    I’ll have to check her bio again in a week. The toy is working hard to address every complaint that is coming from viewers. I wonder how long before the bio is changed.

    1. DannyComments

      Hey! You know what? If you don’t like the show, stop watching!!! You come here and rant nonsense and these great actors are busy making their fame. Stop complaining !

    2. Will you be leaving a note for everyone who ‘complains’? Or is that just for me. I have my reason for watching the show and it is likely not what you are assuming. ‘Complain’ remains an interesting choice of word. Perhaps, each time you see ‘Akituster’, you could skip that comment. I’m sure others do as well. If you would like I will stop reading any comments that you write. Would that be helpful?

    3. If you like murder or something like that I. The story vk that side ghee id no right for us to blame each actors and their actions but as a kab fandom everyone has really rights to tell and comment about a serial as gone much crazy including me for 4 yrs how would even say her to shut up mout

    4. @Danny…it takes an intellectual and creative mind (not that am saying you are not) to understand and read through Akituster’s comments.

      The comments are way beyond insulting, they are critical and mainly pointing the obvious. The comments mainly voice out everyone’s thoughts except if yours are any different. The comments are what you would read from a critic….Seriously am not a supporter of any foul or abusive comments meted on any of the actors directly but its quite normal (human nature)for us to feel disappointed when an actor is playing a part that depicts the highest level of negativity….its quite upsetting when a good program (gosh…kkb was a “damn” (excuse my french) good program turning to crap…the program has lost its punch. Its not about the actors but about the program, we love the actors they are good, excellently good with their roles but its exhausting when the same shit (pardon my french again) is being dashed out to us but on a different day.

      We are all hopeful that one day by some divine intervention some senses will drop on Ekta…really our fingers, legs and even our teeth are crossed with that hope.

      So please as earlier mention by Akituster, “Perhaps, each time you see ‘Akituster’, you could skip that comment. I’m sure others do as well. If you would like I will stop reading any comments that you write. Would that be helpful?”

      @Akituster, as we say in naija…please carry go….I dey feel you, well!!!


    1. You are so right, Zo. I have to say at least Tanu Toy listens and responds to viewers. She clearly wants to keep her job/career. Maybe she could teach something to the writers and especially that producer.

    2. She want tk maintain her job not like the person who doesn’t wants even ber charter tk change and remain as it is really annoyed very much who alwz santa book and travel it’s clearly know. Who are really responding for the viewers and everything sriri doesn’t even cae about her career alwz her life and books if you see in twitter or install you can see she responding and thanking her only if you say or suggest something about books ,I don’t know what to tell Bout shbaz he can clearly see from his install how many of them are really angry on him for change after leap but no replying y like this I think only shika leena and others are responded

    3. their love keeping up at edge of our seats. but the writers done think for one min. why he keep tuna in his life after what she did with baby thing and the accident of Bullbull went unsolved.
      Some true love . both men don’t care for the Two sisters. Woo, Woo

      Should some just keep at it or will it get reopened? Since pragya almost get killed. I would be surprise if she have memories laps. helehehe.

  3. Here we go again with Danny. If you don’t like the comments don’t read it. Maybe you accept all the crimes,murders and whore lifes they lives in the serial but we do not

  4. danny you are way out of line who do you think you are to talk to another commentator like that; please get one thing straight this is a forum for comments and people are entitled to say what they feel about the serial; you are the one who should stop reading comments if you do not like what the other commentators are saying; for heavens sake everyone has a right to Freedom of Speech and whoever the cap fits if you dont like what is said stop reading the comments otherwise read and shut your mouth with your rude remarks i was forced to say something because this nonsense has been going on way too long concerning the commentators views criticizing their remarks towards the serial my gosh it is just a serial nothing more so please cool your self from now on; sit back read and hush.

  5. Anusha v Hegde

    Please end this tv series immediately and replace it with a show with better content.story is going nowhere with prolonged and unwanted twists.quality of episodes matters more than number of episodes

  6. DannyComments ….there’s something called freedom of speech and freedom of expression, if you don’t like what a commentator types, don’t read their contribution, it’s as simple as that. In the same way you are entitled to your opinions so to are others, you don’t contribute much content but you do criticise what Akituster says…this serial was once much loved but the production team has drowned this script in horse dung and we shouldn’t complain about it? Please try to engage in conversation without telling another viewer to stop watching this serial if he or she doesn’t like it, it’s his or her prerogative to watch, bash or leave it….take a chill pill…..

    1. yes Naz, you are right about freedom of speech and Dannycomments is also entitled to the same.
      Everybody seems to be saying the same thing – if you don’t like the show -don’t read/watch
      If you don’t like someone’s comments – don’t read them
      If someone comes to read the update and the comments section, it is sure they have a great interest in the show but are disappointed because the story is dragging or plots are repeated and always negativity seems to reign supreme.
      At the end of the day, we are all fans – happy or disappointed, so lets join hands and ‘enjoy the show’ …hopefully it will be enjoyable one day ..lol

  7. Thx, Naz, Sapphire and Geeta for supporting the flow of information, opinion etc.
    I like Dannycomments. Even, when he is frustrated with my words he still offers a gentle, and caring recognition for the acting crew especially his favourites. I am sure you can feel his underlying sweetness.
    Did anyone catch how hard it was for Aliyah and Tanu to stay focused on their scene? It began at about 11 minutes, right after Aliyah slaps Tanu. I tried to guess what they were really communicating with each other, while also acting. Did anyone else catch it? Someone else say something about it, please!

  8. Worst erial wondering how the serial.is till now on air I think only due to Tisha all are watching

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