Mere Sai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Amrapali Frees The Bird

Mere Sai 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tulsa lies to Mhalsapati that she came by bullock cart and then by walk. Mhalsapati says how can your husband let you go. Tulsa says he asked me to go. Mhalsapati asks if everything is fine. Tulsa says don’t know. Parvati asks what happened in your sasural. Tulsa says he told me to go to my Dada’s house, in Shirdi. She cries. Mhalsapati and Parvati feel bad. He says something is wrong. Parvati says she will lower her heart after crying, then she can talk to us. Mhalsapati says yes. Sai came to get bhiksha. Amrapali is seen and she argues with the birds seller and buys birds. Birds seller asks what she will do and where she will keep the birds. She says she will keep them where they want to stay. Her father comes and scolds her. Amrapali hides behind Sai. Her father asks her to come out and pulls her ears.

A boy comes to Amrapali and asks if she got a bird. Her father tells Sai that he doesn’t know about his neighbors, but his daughter made many friends. Sai tells them about a child’s journey from innocence to maturity. Man asks Amrapali not to go. Amrapali says she wants to free the birds at the earliest. Sai tells man that he will go with the kids and asks him to do his work.

Keshav checks Kulkarni’s gun and asks if he ever used it. He tells him that he played with it like playing with toy and targeted many birds. Kulkarni says he is joking. Rukmini get tensed. Keshav says he is not joking and asks him to test his aim. Kulkarni calls Anta and Banta and asks them to stand with orange on their head. He then stops them and says just now narmada wiped the floor. Keshav says lets go out and target. Sai is going with Amrapali and the boy to free the birds. Malhari cheers up Tulsa and tickles her. She laughs and runs behind him. The villagers find her behavior strange. Malhari runs and asks her to catch him. A villagers rescues Malhari from getting hit by bullock cart. Tulsa scolds the man and gets hysterical. Woman identifies her and tells Mhalsapati that her son is unwell since she poured water on her son near the well. Tulsa asks the woman to take her there and apologizes. Mhalsapati apologizes and says she is his sister. Sai, Amrapali and the boy come near the jungle. Amrapali asks birds to go and says you are free, but birds don’t come out. Sai says they lost hope to fly in air and are scared to get trapped in more dangerous trap. Amrapali says what we shall do. Sai says we have to make them believe that they can fly in air.

Amrapali frees the bird in air. They fly in air. Keshav shoots at a bird and it falls down. Sai and Amrapali look on.

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