Mere Sai 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sadashiv’s Self-Imposed Rules

Mere Sai 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man Sarju drenched in rain walks to Dwarkamayi shivering. Bheema notices him and takes him in. Sai checks and says he is having fever and asks to stand near fire. He lights fire stove and dries Sarju’s clothes with fire heat and his magic/leela. Sarju us surprised to see his clothes dry instantly. Sai then picks ash from fire stove and mixing it in water gives it to Sarju. Sarju drinks it and his shivering fades away instantly. Sai asks how is he feeling now. Sarju says perfect. Sai asks how did he get drenched in rain. Sarju says he was searching job since 3 days and got drenched in rain today, so he took shelter under a house. House owner Manohar with his friends enjoys fritters. Sarju asks if he can give some job. Man asks what will he do in rain. Sarju says he can do any work even under rain as he is hungry and needs food. Manohar asks if he will not get ill. Sarju says no. Manohar’s friends suggest to test him. Man asks if he stands in rain for hours without getting ill and not using any support, he will give him 2 coins. Sarju agrees and stands in rain for whole day even after feeling so ill. Sai asks if man/Manohar gave him gold coins. Sarju says no, they asked how could he stand in rain for so many hours, and he told imagining taking fire warmth and filling stomach with fritters. Manohar told then he took a support, so he will not get money. Bhima says then Manohar did wrong. Sai asks Bhima to inform Manohar and his friends that Sai called them for feast. Bhima leaves. Sarju asks how can he throw feast to people who insulted him. Sai asks him to have patience and asks him to not discuss about it anyone and he can leave now. Sarju leaves thinking Sai did not offer him anything to eat even after he told he is hungry since 2 days.

At temple, Sadashiv performs pooja. Disciples discuss that new poojari is very strict and follows holy books strictly. Appa says that is why temple is so clean. An old couple requests Sadashiv to perform pooja as their grandson got job. Sadashiv says god is always there to fulfill wishes and seeing attaa laddoos says he cannot perform pooja with attaa laddoos, so they should bring besan laddoos. Old couple say it will take a long time to get besan laddoos from market and they always submitted atta laddoos tilll now. Sadashiv says god gifted job to their grandson and can even take it back if he gets angry, so they should get besan laddoos soon. Couple agrees and heads towards market. Appa silently sees all the drama.

Manohar and his friends reach Dwarkamayi and thank Sai for inviting them for feast. Sai asks them to wait till he prepares khichdi. They say they just had fritters and can wait for sometime; they see cooking vessel far away from fire and think when will Sai cook khichdi. Sai smiles.

Precap: Sadashiv tells dieties that temple will be closed in the afternoon from hereon. Old woman says they came twice and requests to perform pooja.
Sadashiv says god rests in afternoon.

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