Shakti 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto and Vedant hurt Soumya-Harman’s emotions

Shakti 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming to Soumya. Soumya says she wants to end few things so that he can stay happily with Mahi and they can keep each other happy. Harman asks when did you meet Mahi? Soumya says mummy ji brought her to make me meet, she thought you are still with me. She says she asked me to return you. Harman asks did you return? Soumya says I returned your Mangalsutra to Mahi, saying from today you are hers. Harman is shattered and says good. He asks her to apply haldi tomorrow. Soumya asks will you keep her happy? Harman says yes, just like you take care of Vedant. He asks do you want to say something. Soumya is about to go. Harman says after our respective marriages, our right on each other will end. Soumya comes to him. Harman says if I want to drink tea with your hand then can I come to your house with Mahi to drink tea. Soumya says your right will never get less and I will not share your rights with anyone. She says I will make Pulao for you and when Soham grows up…Harman is surprised and says when emotions haven’t changed between us then why do the circumstances. Soumya says now nothing can be changed. Harman asks her to come to his house on Sunday with vedant and says he will also come to her house with Mahi. Soumya says we all 4 will go out sometimes. Harman says weather is good and he wants….Soumya gives her hand and says last time dance. Music plays of…kabhi khushi kabhi gham. They dance.

They look at each other and their happiness ends with the thunderstorm voice. Harman says I will leave now. He says we will meet again like a stranger, you can ask me name and I will ask about you. It turns out to be Soumya’s dream. Soumya says if they could meet like this then she will think that their love story is completed.

At Harak Singh’s house, everyone is enjoying haldi function. Palak brings Mahi for the function. Vedant and soumya come to the marriage holding each other. Vedant is standing on his feet now. Harman is shattered. Preeto says lets start the haldi rasam. Shanno says yes. Preeto and Shanno apply haldi to Harman while Palak applies haldi to Mahi. A lady tells that husband and wife’s love increases when the haldi is grinded well. Raavi tells Vedant, you will not understand the rasam as you haven’t applied it. Harman says he is our guest. Vedant says I know importance of haldi rasam as she fed me with turmeric milk before marriage so this rasam was not needed. Soumya gets up. Vedant says I was joking. Soumya says you made smile gone from everyone’s faces. Vedant asks them to continue dancing. Raavi and Sindhu apply haldi to Harman.

Saya and Chameli meet Pandit ji. Saya says you are bansal’s family pandit and asks if he solemnized Vedant’s marriage. He says yes. Saya asks why marriage happened in the temple. He says theirs was a love marriage. Pandit ji says they will not be happy with your enquiry. Saya asks him about the money which he got from Vedant. Pandit ji recalls Vedant giving him money and asks him not to tell anyone that they are not married. Saya takes him inside.

Preeto asks if someone wants to apply haldi. Vedant says Soumya is left. He says Soumya is your ex wife and I don’t want her to lose a chance of happiness. Harman says what is the happiness in this? Vedant says she made him drink so much haldi milk that she made him stood on his feet. Preeto thinks he knows how to sprinkle salt on his wounds.

Preeto comes to Harman and makes him stand. She holds haldi bowl and asks Soumya to apply. Soumya applies haldi to Mahi. Preeto stops her and asks her to apply haldi to Harman also.

Vedant asks her to bless Harman also, he is your old wound if you apply haldi then it will be healed soon. Soumya gets emotional and recalls their moments…Tu hi mera khuda plays….She applies haldi to his face and runs out from there. Preeto asks her to stop. Soumya goes out.

Precap: The ladies ask Soumya to write Harman’s name on Mahi’s hand. Preeto asks Soumya to dance. Soumya dances.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What a cheap thing these shakti makers are.they never respect fans suggestion also.when ever they made separation between these two duos Harman & saumya they always showed the lead characters dumb & can a lead handsome hunk with such personality can be so can he always be his evil mothers puppet.everytime she plays with his emotions.nobody must get a mother like preeto god what a selfish woman.what ever she wants for her happiness she will do & get it.aur woh cheez bhale usko apne bête ki zindagi barbaad karke ya uski khushi chin ke mile toh bhi woh karegi.makers have made him completely blind by mind & is he not able to see what saumya is preeto is playing with both of them.and that rascal langda in one episode he got up from the wheel chair & he is standing on his legs with stick??disgusting.malika told in her interview “kuch bada aur accha hone wala hain”.harman ki shaddi jo woh blindly kar raha hain aur woh ho jayegi.he is not even taking effort of finding out the truth behind her marriage.and then the leap.bada & accha for makers who themselves will watch for their sake.

  2. I don’t think marriage will happen I want Preeto to get caught and Harman must be the one to find out that his mother is a witch and schemer.

  3. I think mahi will unite haya. It seems like that. She is watching the emotional turmoil of harman. Its better to marry mahi than once again uniting with soumya. Mahi understands Harman without any words. But not soumya

  4. Shakti Viewers

    The Makers should definitely expose Preeto and Vedant for their evil play. It can be by anyone – Ravi, Saya or Harman himself. But it should be done. Always the evil doers won in most of the serials. Why ? The truth sometimes not shown also. In this case the Almighty’s blessings were there always to them. Now, they are showing even the God has no power and only the evil Preeto and Vedant has more power than the God. Please change the track and expose them for the younger generation to understand the difference between truth and evil things.

  5. Friends finally evil wins in Shakti.harmans marriage nothing malika said kya accha,kya bada???all went into vain.negativity is the priority in Shakti.and preeto vedant are also the main lead in Shakti.what preeto wanted she did it.satya nash kar diya show ka.ab leap ayae ya kuch aur everything is finished.infact after 3 years Harman Vivian character also went for a toss.he is been proved a dumb guy who is, always his negative mothers puppet.he always fall in her live shown Harmans marriage where he ties mangalsutra & sindoor to mahin so his marriage is confirmed & now saumya will have to marry vedant in real .if she dosent marry him also the story is doesn’t make any logic.harman has left now.whether he accepts mahi or not he took the step without finding the truth.everything he did blindly.and if he did purposely after knowing the truth of saumya fake marriage to punish her then too it was not right.what Harman did.makers think whatever they do is always right.they proved all mighty also wrong the leap is Harman having children for his family & loving his wife.saumya will be in her thoughts might be positive or negative depends on writers.the unique love story which is ruined by saumya said soham tum bade ho ja aage toh apke papa harmanji ko aur aap ko halwa puri khilaongi.if this time also Harmans marriage would have stopped in last moment fans would have never complained about this.but youll made a shit of everything.disgusting.will never appreciate this act.rascal disabled villain wins his negative act & negative mother preeto also in Shakti evil wins shanno,preeto,kareena,all negative people have party.and that dumb donkey Harman mad man spoiled his life listening to them.but makers will make his character the most happiest man because after 3 years he got a woman in his life.i.e is the only thing a man wants in a relationship.a physical relation with woman what is parents wanted him to do,so that they get their heir for family.jab Harman apni d grade mother ka har wrong decision man sakta hain toh yeh bhi manlega ke usko mahi ke saath sona hi padega apne waris ke liye.or else she will make them drink something & complete their this is the show Shakti of preeto a dirty & disgusting woman.she herself also did the same.being a woman she wanted a physical relation with the man but she did not get from her first husband but she made sure to get from his brother the mad man harak singh.and she finally got what she wanted.she is a charaterless she played her cards.her all emotions & goody things for accepting saumya was all fake.what a makers they made their preeto a lead in the show.applauds to makers.

    1. You have blamed all characters except . Not vedant even beforevvedant arrival soumya ended her relationship. She kept on saying malika she wont return back to him . I donno y u all forget her mistake. She hurt him infront of kinnee and became gurmaa that is soley her decision. If she wanted to continue her relationship with harman she must stsyed in malika with some patience. She did everything and that made harman angry towards snd there their relationship was broken not by this marriage. Why harman should invesigate what happened after vedants arrival as she already asked him to marry another woman. What harman did is corrected he must marry and settle in his life. Soumya is unstable idiot dont waste his life by running behind her. In shakti most of the time evil had woman and this i expext it must won and harman must have peaceful life. It is very irritating to see sad soumya. She must learn alot from mahi. She seems very understanding and intelligent

  6. Common yaar makers you shouldn’t have done injustice on national television,making Harman marry that new was not at all rightvery wrong decision by makers.just because she was a kinner she had to accept every wrong done by wrong people.she wanted a happy life with Harman.this time she realized her mistake & she came running to Harman but evils stopped her.but Harman was very well aware she was not happy & somewhere something was wrong.then why did you made him a dumb & foolish character.he knew his mother very well the way she behaved only he can make out.and he strongly knowe whenever his marriage was arranged it was all planned by his parents cruelty plans.they always wanted him to marry a woman.why did he not find out the truth???.today when saumya cried from her heart she was not able to stop her tears which was flowing constantly.the name written by mehndi was just washing out,it was destiny but youll did it.harman saw it very clearly then also how did he let her gulaboo suffer so much & destroyed his & saumya life???.why they sacrificed their life happiness because of evils around them???.she was so helpless she even said to the baby “soham hum akele ho gaye”this was really not fair what happened.why did you make evil win.the character preeto once stopped Harman marrying jasleen because she knew her son very well that he will never live without her & today you makers turned her so negative & selfish that for her own selfishness deed what she had done in past with her first husband she ruined her own sons life.a mother can be so selfish cannot believe??aaj tak yeh hi dikhaya gaya ke maa apne bache ke liye khud bhooki rahi par apne bache ko kabhi bhooka nahin rakha.but shakti ne dikhaya ek maa apne khud ke selfish reason ke liye apne bache ki khushi use cheen li.evrything showed was really disgusting & heart breaking.atleast we hoped makers will never show Harman getting into his evil mothers trap but they did it.after marriage makers will show mahi Harman romance to grow which will be done by the lead preeto.harman sofa main soye ga,mahi bed pe ya kya pata preeto do no ko apne aakhon ke samne suhagrat karvayegi taki jaldi se use pota poti mile.yah shayad Harman hi saumya bewafa hain is dukh main mahi ke saath apna life move on kare.very hopeless thing what happened.

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