Mere Sai 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shantaram Calls Eknath A Thief

Mere Sai 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eknath packs his clothes. Nirmala says it was a small issue, their son was angry. Eknath says their son clearly informed that he does not like him to be in his house, so it is better he leave this house. Nirmala reminds him of Sai’s advice that one needs to make changes in life and understand family to lead and happy family life. Eknath says she is telling this as she loves her son so much. Nirmala says she is just following Sai’s advice. Shantaram informs Usha that he did a big mistake. She says he need not feel guilty for fighting with his father as he did right. He says he overspent on his new business by renting many godowns, hiring employees, and stocking groceries; if he fails, he will lose a lot of money; he needs more money to keep his business going. She suggests to use Eknath’s

retirement fund gifted by Eknath to him. He says how can he after fighting with baba. She son has right on father’s wealth, so he can use it. He agrees and picks money bag thinking of repaying his loans. Ananand while playing kicks bag and it falls under cot.

Vegetable vendor tries to sell vegetable with a smile, while Sai stands at a distance. Nobody buys his vegetables. He walks to Sai and complains. Sai asks him to sit and asks him to close his eyes and remember a street seller whom he used to eagerly wait. He remembers eagerly waiting for churan wala who gives him churan on loan when he does not have money. Sai asks him how jovial churan wala was whom all children used to wait, selling churan was a just a way to meet people, so even he should do same and people should wait for him. Vendor asks how does he know about churan wala as he never spoke about him anytime. Sai says he already told that he can understand people by their gestures. Vendor sells vegetables jovially praising each customer and they all buy his vegetables happily.

Shantaram returns and does not find Eknath’s given money bag. Usha says he must have kept somewhere and should search. Eknath laughs seeing Anand playing and tells Nirmala he feels immense pleasure watching his grandson playing. Usha sees Eknath laughing and tells Shanataram that baba took back his money out of jealousy. Shantaram says they cannot allege baba without proof. She says she will find proof by sending baba out. She walks to Eknath and asks him to get vegetables from market and even take Nirmala along. They both walk towards market when they see vegetable vendor on chowk and buy vegetable from him. They see Sai there and greeting him say good they found vegetable vendor here itself and did not have to go till market. Sai asks them to go home soon as their bahu must be waiting for them. They walk away. Vendor tells Sai that he was right that there is nothing like ill fate, their good nature and behavior will decide his fate. Sai says even his childhood was not bad, he got a caring uncle and aunt and explains churan wala did not give him churan for free to increase his business but for a long for him, so he should love people and his business, only then he can see prosperity in his life and business. Vendor thanks Sai.

Usha and Shantaram search money in Eknath’s trunk and crimple away all his clothes. Shantaram says even he feels that baba must have taken back money to take revenge on him. Usha brainwashes him as usual against Eknath and Nirmala. Eknath and Nirmala return home and stand shocked seeing Usha and Shantaram checking their trunks. Shantaram starts speaking rudely to Eknath. Eknath asks him to be specific. Shantaram alleges him of steal his given money to take revenge. Nirmala warns to dare not speak about his father. Shantaram alleges her that she always supported her husband and went against her son. Nirmala cries loudly. Eknath confronts Shantaram that in his 35 years’ career, nobody alleged him of stealing and praised his loyalty, but his son called him a thief; first of all it is his money and he would have taken it back easily, he did not and does not where the money is; he is tired of Shantaram’s wrong allegations and feels it is better he leave this house. Shantaram says as he wishes. Eknath and Nirmala stand shattered. Nirmala reminsces childhood incident where Shantaram cries not finding his toy and giving him his toy says she had kept it somewhere while cleaning house and he happily hugging her. Eknath picks cloth trunks and walks out of house with Nirmala. Anand asks where are they going, even he will accompany them. Shantaram orders Anand to get inside house and thinks his father is ready to leave house instead of returning money. Usha provokes him as usual. Eknath blesses Shantaram instead of cursing him and walks towards main gate when he slips on wooden log. Sai enters and holds him.

Precap: Ananand asks Sai if he knows where are his Azoba and Aaji. Sai says if he wants to take them home, then he should do one thing and explains in his ears.

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