Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy and Honey reach Amritsar

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The Episode starts with Happy stopping Honey and talking to him. She smiles hearing him. The man asks whose child is this, his name is Honey. Honey says I m not a thief. He thinks to make a story. He says my parents aren’t alive, my uncle dropped me to Mumbai, my Mama will come to take me to Amritsar, my Chacha cheated me and asked me to leave. Officer says the two terrorists are at the airport cafe. Honey says Chacha doesn’t love me, I didn’t eat anything, I m feeling hungry. Happy says don’t cry, I will get food for you. Honey gets the chocolate. Happy cares for him. She takes him to washroom. Honey sees a guy with a gun and says you shouldn’t get this, its not allowed. Police tries to reach there. The terrorists points gun at the people and scare them. Police reaches there. Another

terrorist is sitting in the cafe. He catches Honey. Happy asks what are you doing. The man threatens her. The commandos come there and ask him to handover the kid, they are ready to talk and negotiate. Happy says you can keep me captive, leave that kid, I m ready. The man threatens her. The commando asks her not to risk her life. He asks the man to surrender. The man asks him to leave with his force.

Happy signs Honey. She cries and thinks Honey look into my eyes, I won’t let anything happen to you. She throws some sauce in the man’s eyes. The commandos catch the terrorists. Happy hugs Honey. Commando says you have an idea that you did stupidity, you took big risk, when I meet courageous people like you, I feel happy, thanks, but be careful next time, you saved this kid and all civilians. Everyone claps. Happy asks Honey not to take tension. Honey says I would have beaten those terrorists. Happy says you are very cute. Honey says girls always spoil my hair. She laughs.

Harleen clicks selfies and scolds the servant. She is busy in her kitty party. Madhu comes. Harleen sees her. Madhu goes to kitchen and makes snacks for them. Harleen sees Rocky’s pic and says he is my husband. Madhu comes to them. Harleen introduces Madhu and makes fun of her. She asks Harleen to just go, there are age limits for the kitty party. She hugs Madhu and says next time, if you come in front of my friends, I will go off limits, you spoiled my kitty this time, go and do Bhangra now. Madhu cries. She says I will go now, tell me if you need anything. She goes.

Happy reaches the Amritsar airport. Honey hugs her. The man asks where is your Mama. Happy says we can’t leave you alone here. Honey says I don’t take tension, I feel like seeing superhero movie, you are superheroine for me. She asks where is your Mama. Honey says that’s my Mama. He goes and hugs someone. He says she is my mum, she asks me to hug someone every day. The man hugs him hearing his sweet words. Happy sees the man hugging Honey and says its fine now. She asks the man to take care of his wife. Meenu asks Happy to give her number, they will stay in touch. She says we are going to golden temple, we will come to your house to give prasad. Happy gives her number. Driver comes to pick her. She asks did Grover send you. He says yes. Honey gets inside the car dickey. They leave.

Madhu gets a call. She cries and asks what. She comes to Harleen and says I answered your phone, talk once, its imp. Harleen says it would be my husband’s call, he loves me a lot. The man says I m calling from boarding school, your child left for home saying you are hospitalized, your mum in law said you are fine, did your son reach Amritsar or not. Harleen says no, my son Honey is missing. She worries. Madhu asks what happened. Happy thanks Grover for arranging old arrangements. She says good thing is our neighbors also shifted, none will identify me now. She recalls the old days and cries. Honey enters the house and hides. Driver gets Happy’s bags. Happy sees R on the coffee cup and says I m trying not to think of you, I shouldn’t think of this.

Happy meets Sandhya. Honey prays to get saved from Harleen. He hides from Happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So glad Madhu’s wish came true to get the ideal daughter in law 😁 she deserves every ounce of misery.

  2. I really liked this show but now Jasmin has quit the show😟😟 I think no one could potray happy’s character better than her😔
    I wish she changes her mind..

  3. SsiyAa

    #update- jasmin has left the show as she don’t wanted to play the role of mother. producer is in search of new Happy. lol everyone is leaving the show. mita from #patiala babes, happy from #dil to happy hai ji, kavya and PK from #ek bhram. season hai lagta hai of quitting the show..😛😛😛😛

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