Mere Sai 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpat Rao Insults Ballal Pant

Mere Sai 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ballal Pant scolds Ganpat Rao for giving so many gifts to Champa when they have such a huge debt and still did not pay their creditor. Ganpat Rao reverts if he cannot revert and praise his artists. Champa’s mother hears their conversation. Anta and Panta drag Champa’s father Ravi Das to Kulkarni and complain he failed in his task. Ravi Das says he tried to frighten Champa and stop drama, but she did not and continued drama. Kulkarni orders to snatch Ravi Das’ house and gifts it to Anta Panta. Ravi Das’ wife enters and says she will close Drama company somehow and tells how Ganpat Rao is spending so much on Champa and does not care about money while Pant is worried about paying rent, she will force Ganpat Rao to spend more on Champa and close drama companies after incurring

losses. Kulkarni warns to finish task soon, else forget their house.

Champa’s parents return home while mother tells she does not want to break Champa’s dreams, but has to do this to save thier house. Sai passes by and asks Ravi Das why he is not going to work. Ravi Das says Champa is earning each day so much which he cannot earn in 4 months. Sai says one’s should not stop working in greed and live on someone’s money and gives moral gyaan to restart working.

Champa’s mother takes her to drama company and lies Ganpat Rao that his cheap jewelry and clothes made Champa get radhes on her body. Champa says it is moquito bite, but mother shuts her mouth and continues yelling. Pant confronts, but Ganpat Rao stops him and promises he will find a solution, she need not worry. He gets silk, golden tread clothes and gold jewelry for Champa shows it to Champa’s mother and says Champa will feel as a queen. Pant confronts him and says he should have paid some debt instead. Ganpat Rao yells and warns him that he is just a worker for him and nothing else and dare not to confront him. Pant thinks on Sai’s suggestion, he is trying to stop Ganpat Rao from overspending, but Ganpat Rao’s arrogance is stopping him.

Champa heads towards Dwarkamayi when her neibhor praises her acting and singing skill and requests to sing for her. Champa says she is going to meet Sai and will sing for her later. At Dwarkamayi, Jhipri tells Sai that all her friends got busy in their work once they grew up, even Champa is busy now. Champa walks in and says she is never busy for her. Jhipri hugs her and says she feels as if they are meeting after many days. Champa tells Sai that shec could feel pain of Rani Damayanti and realized how much she loves singing. Sai says people should make similar drama often which are life depicting. He continues his moral gyaan.

Precap: Ganpat Rao throws Pant out of drama company. Sai tells Ganpat Rao that one has to pay for their sins in this world itself, Pant will pay for his sins and Ganpat Rao for his sins.

Update Credit to: MA

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