Ragsan were shown hugging each other…San immediately breaks the hug when he senses her body got stiffened
San:(worriedly)Cups her face,wat happen??
Rag:nods as nothing
San:turns to leave immediately..
Rag goes infront of him and hugs him again…
Rag:my body is paining a little
(fb shows how much pain she had gone through during surgery)
San:(in cracking voice)inspite of all this i hurted u..
Rag:(breaks the hug and placed her palm on his cheek)
Both had a eyelock
Baby cries………
Ragsan turns towards the toddler and again looks into eachother..
Rag:which baby should i convice first???
San chuckles
Rag:smiles abit and goes towards the baby and feed him….

After few minutes..
San is sitting in a couch andwrking in a laptop..rag is patting the baby to sleep…after confirming baby has slept..she kept him in toddler…And looks at sanskar..when sanskar saw her ,she signs him to sit near her.Sanskar nods and goes towards her…..

Rag:do u know which i HATE the most in YOU???
San:face fell (in low voice)MY ANGER
Rag nods ..becaz it always making us to go apart
San eyes became moist…
Rag holds his hand,do u know which i LIKE the most in YOU???
rag :UR ANGER sanskar…becaz after our every fight v r very close to eachother than before…
San smiles with moist eyes…
Rag:immediately sat on his lap and encircles her hand over his neck.. (acts as thinking) no no im wrong ..not only after our fight. …during our fights itself,i can understand how much u love me???how much u value me??
San:immediately hugs her tightly and cries…I love u …i missed u badly…
Rag:smiles and hugs him tightly…

Rag:but im angry on u???
San:breaks the hug and looks at her..
Rag:one month…its been one month u didnt talk to me…how could u (suddenly placed his lips on her,both of them eyes became teary)
Both breaks their kiss when they senses their tears…
San:even its tough for me..i cant live even a single second without u..i controlled myself to talk to u becaz i CANT LOSE U AGAIN(fb shows during their fights always sanskar scolds her angrily but it was the first time ..he spoke with her sadly)
Rag:im sry …i wont do it saying she hugs him again…

After few minutes…ragsan were shown lying in the bed while hugging..
Rag:(playing with his shirt button) plz took the couch and place it in store room..i hate to c it..
San nods smilingly And kissed on her head..
Rag:smiles and sry again..
Rag:u asked for princess but
San:i love her CHAMP alot
Rag:(in low voice)but u want
San:its OUR BABY..I love him..boy/girl is not a big deal…
Rag:let me complete
Rag:(in low voice)next yr v will plan for….blushes..
San giggles at first but suddenly his face fel. .without ragini’s notice….

Hope u like it…..

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