Mere Sai 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Asks Madhav To Teach Udhav With Love

Mere Sai 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tulsa is going. Aarti sees Tulsa’s reverse foot impression and shows to others. Other villager says she is a dayan surely. Udhav is reading doha. Madhav comes and sees him reading. Udhav says I have read the doha. Madhav does surya namaskar. Udhav’s friend sign him, but he don’t come. Pari comes and asks Madhav to send Udhav, but Madhav refuses to send Udhav and asks her to go and play. She insists. He shouts at her. Sai comes and asks what happened? Madhav tells that he is tensed. He says I teach many kids and show them right path, but I couldn’t show the right way to my own son. He tells that I felt that this is my responsibility to teach good things to kids, but think what I would have felt when someone came to me and said that my son is a thief. Sai says you also think that your behavior made your son far away from you.

Madhav says I want to make sure that he doesn’t do this mistake again. Sai asks him to write in 1 word, what is bothering him. Madhav writes stealing and says how can he steal. Sai asks if there is anything else. Madhav says he lied to me also. Sai asks him to write on the first word. Madhav writes lie on steal. Sai asks what else. Madhav says I felt very bad and angry. Sai asks him to write that too. Sai asks how you will conquer with this problem? Madhav says by becoming strict. Sai asks him to write it too. Madhav writes it. Sai asks him to read it all. Madhav says nobody can read if something is written on other.

Sai says same thing is happening with Udhav when you teach him many things altogether. He writes Prem/love on the board and asks him to be gentle and give love to Udhav. He says where there is love, there is no place of anger there and asks him to make him understand Udhav with love and have patience. Madhav says I really wonder why kids think you as their friend, and says today I know that nobody can understand the kids better than you. Udhav comes and tells Madhav that he has solved Maths question and asks him to check. Madhav goes to him and hugs him. He asks him not to be scared of him and asks him to learn from his mistakes. Udhav says we were not stealing, but playing. Madhav says I know, but that fruit seller had to bear loses. Udhav promises not to do that mistake again and says he will apologize to fruit seller. Madhav kisses on his forehead. Om Sai plays…..

Villager woman tells other villager woman that her roof top fell down when she made Tulsa go. Many villager gossip about Tulsa and think her to be a witch. They think to go to Mhalsapati and talk to him. Mhalsapati ji is in the khandoba temple, when he sees lamps are about to blow by the wind, he keeps hand on one and holds it. Sai comes and keeps his hand on the other lamp. Mhalsapati says Sai…you have come, now I have no worry. Sai says I am really happy to see you doing your duty. Mhalsapati ji says how can I back off my responsibilities. Sai asks him to always do his responsibilities and asks him to do the paath and gives a holy book.

Jhipri comes to Dwarka Maai and asks Tulsa why she is looking worried. Tulsa says I have finished all the work, but don’t know if Sai will like it or not. Sai comes and says I like it. Tulsa says you was not here and even Jhipri. Sai asks her to trust on herself and gives her a shell. Tulsa takes it and leave. Jhipri says why do you give shell to her. Sai asks her to bring shells from Shama/Madhav’s home and smiles. Jhipri comes.

Villagers come to Mhalsapati’s house and tell him that his sister Tulsa is a Dayan. Mhalsapati says nobody have a right to say anything against my sister and asks them to go. Sai looks on.

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