Mere Sai 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Wrongly Complains Against Srikanth

Mere Sai 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Bhimaji who desires to become bairagi/saint to clean a small cage. Bhimaji sees animal cage and asks being a brahmin how can he clean it. Sai says bairagi doesn’t have any religion. Man cleans it with great difficulty and washes his hands. On the other side, Srikanth reaches Kulkarni wada. Kulkarni challenges him to prove that he didn’t steal money within 24 hours as he has created 5 evidence against him. Srikanth reminisces Chihu tai telling that Kulkarni must have complained against him. He confronts Kulkarni who suggests him to leave Shirdi before police arrests him. Srikanth says he will never run away and anyways he need not worry as he has not done any mistake.

Bhimaji’s wife reminds him the 7 vows he took during wedding pheras and promise to take care of her. Bhimaji says he didn’t promise anything and anyways she doesn’t have much expenses. Sai says if he forgot his vows, its fine, he has to make make 7 year worth living arrangements for his wife and then become bairagi. Man says how is it possible. Sai says he himself told his wife’s needs are very less. Man agrees. Sai looking at fire pit says he can see Bhimaji becoming bigger bairagi. Bhimaji asks how can he see future in fire pit. His friend says this pit has predicted many futures. Bhimaji sees his old form with bandages on his hands working hard and tells Sai that he doesn’t want to die poor without food, so he thought of joining ashram and get free food, clothes, and accommodation. Sai says what he cannot run away from his responsibilities and one if one sacrifices greed, jealousy, worldly desires and lives a simple life, only then one can become bairagi. He suggests Bhimaji to live a simple life with his family. Bhimaji apologizes and realizes his mistake. His wife thanks Sai for saving her family.

Ganpath reads grievance letters. Peon gives him more letters to read. Ganpath says it is his duty. In Dwarkamayi, Chihu tells Sai what is happening with Shrikanth and Srikanth gone to meet British officer. Sai asks her to prepare laddoos for dwarkamayi. Chihu says she is a bad cook. Sai says he made the mixture, she just has to smear ghee around her palks and mould ladoos. Chihu does same concerned for Srikanth. Sai creates smoke in wood stove which reaches Ganpath’s police station.

Precap: Ganpath with officer reaches Shirdi. Sai senses that and says at last he came.

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