Shakti 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto refuses to identify Soumya for Heer’s safety

Shakti 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto coming to Heer’s room in the morning. Heer calls Gulabo. Preeto gives her Soumya’s pic and says I know you wakes up seeing her. She asks her to get ready and come down. Heer comes down. Preeto asks her to do aarti. Heer prays to God to send Gulabo fast. Gita holds Soumya’s hand. Soumya starts taking heavy breaths. Gita calls Gayatri who makes her wear oxygen mask and sits at her side. Gita asks what happened to her. Gayatri tells that she is normal and her brain is functioning well. Gita says she shows movement in her hand. Gayatri says this is a good sign and tells that they have to try and search her family. She gets her pic and says we have to search her family. She comes to Harak Singh’s locality and asks did you see her? Neighbor recalls Harak Singh shooting her and Preeto asking them to swear not to tell anyone about Soumya. Gayatri asks him to tell. He says I am new here and asks her to ask in that house and says they might help you. Gayatri goes.

Neighbor tells other neighbor that they have sworn not to tell anything about Soumya to anyone. Heer talks about Soumya and says just like she used to make us laugh…everyone hold her hand. Heer says we all will be happy, may be Gulabo will return to make us happy. Shakti song plays..Preeto asks them to go to school. Raavi takes them to make them ready. Gayatri comes to Harak Singh’s house and rings the bell. Preeto opens the door and sees Gayatri. Gayatri greets her and shows Soumya’s pic asking she knows about her. Preeto is shocked to see Soumya’s hospital pic and recalls Harak Singh shooting at her and she falling in the valley. Gayatri says she is Dr. Gayatri and came from City hospital. She says some people found her and took her to hospital. She says she is in coma right now. She says hospital refused to let her stay in the hospital so I took her to my house. She says she might get fine if she meets her family. Heer comes and asks who has come? Preeto drops Soumya’s pic in shock.

Heer picks the photo and is about to see, when Preeto snatches pic from her hand and says it is of nobody. She asks her to call her brothers and sends Heer inside. She tells Gayatri that she doesn’t know her and returns the pic. Gayatri goes. Preeto cries recalling moments with Soumya and smiles. Naseeba song plays…..Preeto recalls her lie asking neighbours not to tell anyone about Soumya. She thanks mata rani for making Soumya alive, says I refused to identify her as I lied to the Pind for Heer. She apologizes to Mata Rani and comes to kids. She asks Rohan, Soham and Heer to hold each other’s hands and go to school. Heer says I will go, but you go to search Gulabo. Preeto thinks I can’t make you meet her, but I will go and meet her. Soham talks to Heer. Heer says she don’t want to talk to him. Rohan asks Soham to apologize to her. Soham apologizes to her. Heer asks him not to talk badly with Saya and says she is very important for Gulabo. Soham says ok and hugs heer. Rohan hugs them.

Preeto comes to hospital and asks Nurse to give her address about Dr. Gayatri. Nurse says she can’t give. Preeto cooks up a fake story and tells that she wants to take sweets to Dr. Gayatri’s house. Nurse gives her number. Preeto asks about Gayatri’s family. Nurse says Gayatri stays with her daughter only and there is nobody else in her house. Preeto leaves. Shanno is spying on Preeto and thinks jiji was shocked when Doctor left. She thinks to find out and follow her. Gayatri checks Soumya at her house. Gita brings aarti plate and gives to Gayatri. She asks about Soumya. Gayatri says nobody knew about her. Gita wishes that she meets her family. Gayatri says I am going to hospital and asks her to take care of her. She tells that she got admission in the school. Gita gets happy. Gayatri goes.

Preeto waits for Gayatri to leave and rings the door bell. Gita thinks Gayatri came again and opens the door. She asks who are you? Preeto says I am nurse, came to give injection to patient. Gita says I didn’t see you in the hospital. Preeto says I work in night shift. Gayatri realizes forgetting keys and is coming towards house. Preeto asks Gita, if she can come inside. Gita says I don’t know you, Mamma tells that I shall not allow strangers inside. Preeto says if you don’t let me come inside, then your Mamma will scold you. Gita lets Preeto inside. Gayatri is about to see Preeto, but just then she finds the keys and goes back. Shanno looks at her from far. Gayatri sits in the car and leaves. Shanno thinks why did jiji came to meet the doctor and thinks what is this new drama? Gita takes Preeto to Soumya’s room. Preeto sees Soumya in coma and gets shocked.

Precap: Shanno informs Harak Singh that Soumya is alive. Harak Singh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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