Mere Sai 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai calls Nanasaheb to Shirdi

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Sarkar glares at Santa and Banta. Why are you here? You think I was kidding? I told you I shouldn’t see your face again. Have you forgotten? They are shaking badly. We were leaving only when! They kneel down before Sarkar. Sarkar makes them up look up at him. Speak up. They tell him what Chakranarayan is up to right now. Sarkar says you finally came to some use atleast. He was bragging about his honesty. I will teach him a lesson now! What’s the second news?

Nanasaheb pays his respects to Sai on the outskirts of Shirdi. Pawar suggests meeting Sai first. Nanasaheb says I want to go there as well but when I was there last time. Flashback shows Nanasaheb vowing to go to Shirdi only when he is able to fix things for Sai. I don’t want to break my vow by going to Shirdi before doing something for Him. He prays to Sai to help him fulfil his vow.

Sai picks up a tong in Dwarkamai. Dhuni is burning brightly. Nanasaheb’s cart is on its way. Sai goes outside and throws the tong away. The cart stops suddenly which puzzles the cart owner and both riders. Smoke can be seen around the cart. Driver tries to pull the further but in vain. This has never happened before. Sai keeps looking at the tong. Cart driver is about to hit the bull but Nanasaheb tells him against it. There must be a reason why we are stuck suddenly. Pawar calls it weird. It was fine up till Shirdi. Nanasaheb wonders if Sai wants him to come to Shirdi. He asks the driver to turn the cart back to Shirdi. Driver says I will do it but I am not sure bulls will oblige. He tries and the bulls turn around. Pawar wonders how the bulls obliged now. Nanasaheb smiles. We are headed to Shirdi after all. My Sai’s Shirdi! He folds his hands respectfully. Sai smiles.

Gautam tells Chakranarayan they tried everything but no one could find anything. I am losing hope now. Chakranarayan refuses to give up. Acquiring money wrongly ruins so many lives! Even my family! He stops mid sentence. Black money and people who have black money are my enemies. I will get such people punished at any cost! Sarkar says you wont be able to do it without my help.

Pawar and Nanasaheb are in Dwarkamai. Sai smiles. Nanasaheb apologizes to Sai. I was going without meeting you. I thought! Sai says you thought that will break your vow. Nanasaheb looks at Sai in amazement. Nothing can be hidden from You!

Sarkar tells Chakranarayan to think before speaking now. You may have to pay for it instead. Chakranarayan asks him who he is. Why will I be afraid of you? Go and boss on your villagers. This is Police Chowki! Sarkar accuses him for cheating. Chakranarayan isn’t bothered but Sarkar reminds him that nothing happens in his village without his knowledge. How did you even think that you will search houses in Shirdi and I wont find out? Chakranarayan is taken aback. Sarkar says I can complain to your senior if I want. I don’t know whether you will lose your job or not but no one will consider you an honest man anymore. I wont do it if you want. Chakranarayan asks him why he wont do it. Sarkar repeats that he hates that Fakir more than anyone else. I want to see you punish Him. Chakranarayan reasons that they have no proof against Sai. Sarkar asks him who said so. Chakranarayan asks him if he knows where Sai has hid His money. Sarkar asks him if this is the only alternative to expose Sai. Chakranarayan says there is another way as well. There is no one who will speak against Sai though. Sarkar says I know a person who can help us in making it happen. Chakranarayan asks him to take him to that person. Sarkar tells him not to be anxious. I am still feeling insulted because of the way you behaved with me at my home! I am helping you in every possible way. I think you should apologize to me before anything else. Chakranarayan gives in and apologizes to Sarkar. Sarkar says I told you you will have to pay for raising your voice against me. You apologized to me though. I have found a guy who will give his statement against Sai. We will have to do something for him though. Chakranarayan asks him who he is.

Flashback shows Santa and Banta keeping an eye on Tatya’s family. We might get out job if we find something against Sai. Baizama tells Prathamesh those who work hard without giving up in front of defeats succeeds one day. Prathamesh speaks negatively. Tatya asks him what he is planning to do now. I have been doing business so I can help you. Prathamesh tells him about his plan. I couldn’t arrange official permission and investment money for it. Baizama suggests him to tell his problem to Sai. He might be able to help you. Prathamesh reasons that Sai is a saint. How will He help me? Baizama smiles. I don’t know how He will help but I assure you that you will feel better after speaking to Him. Santa and Banta overhear everything. They go to Sarkar and tell him everything. Flashback ends.

Sarkar says he is our weapon. He needs help so he will approach Fakir. He is Baiza’s relative. Fakir wont disappoint him. That boy can help us as he has just met that Fakir. He is not very influenced by that Fakir yet.

Sai tells Nanasaheb he isn’t wrong. You did what you thought was right. I wouldn’t have called you here either but I need your help. It is an urgent matter that needs to be taken care of immediately. Something can go wrong otherwise. Nanasaheb worries that his fears might have come true. He tells Sai not to worry. No one will question you till the time we are here. I wont let anything happen to you at any cost! Sai smiles.

Sarkar tells Chakranarayan he has told him everything. Hope you know what’s to be done now. Chakranarayan nods. Take me to that boy. If everything goes well then that Sai will be exposed tomorrow. Sarkar smiles. Hari Om!

Precap: Chakranarayan tells Prathamesh he will help Sai if He is genuine. If He is doing something wrong then we should expose Him in front of everyone. Prathamesh approaches Sai for monetary help. Prathamesh looks at Sai in shock when Sai hands him Rs. 500. Chakranarayan asks Prathamesh if what they had planned came true. Prathamesh nods. Chakranarayan smiles.

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