Barrister Babu 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Thakumaa suspects Bondita

Barrister Babu 12th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh seeing Bondita smiling and getting away. He says Vaijanti…. She comes to senses. He says write it on your own. She acts that she can’t write. She recalls her childhood moments. She gets hiccups. She says I think someone is missing me, I m getting hiccups. He asks her to have water. He asks did it stop. She says it won’t go by drinking water, it goes when we take the names of those who miss me. She takes his name in her heart. Rishta tera mera…..plays….

Her hiccups stop. She says I told you, it will stop this way if I think of someone dear. He thinks of Bondita and gets hiccups. She says look, your dear one is missing you, take that person’s name, it will go. He says it will go by water. He drinks water. She says take name of that person. Thakumaa says we shall send this tiffin to Bondita, she would be hungry. Chandrachur comes and says I will give the tiffin to Bondita at the court. Tapur says you are busy, I will send it by some servant. Chandrachur says work isn’t imp than family, Bondita left Anirudh and regarded us family, its our duty to regard her family. Thakumaa agrees.

Trilochan asks what happened. Anirudh drinks water. He says send that girl back. Trilochan asks is anyone missing you, why are you getting hiccups. Bondita thinks why did he change so much. She looks for Anirudh’s diary. She gets his diary. She finds it blank. She thinks maybe there is some diary. Anirudh says you are also saying her language, Vaijanti. Trilochan says maybe it has some truth. Anirudh says water will stop the hiccups. She gets kachoris smell. She says I can have some kachoris until Anirudh comes. Bihari takes the kachoris. She goes to the kitchen. She recalls the childhood moment. She looks for kachoris. She drops a flour box on herself. Everyone comes and recall Bondita. Trilochan says Bahu… Anirudh says Bondita….. Bihari also says Bondita. She nods and says look, your hiccups stopped, because you took the name of the person who was missing you, I had told you.

Thakumaa asks did Bondita eat the food. She check the tiffin. She sees the food. Chandrachur says Bondita wasn’t at the court. She asks what. Bondita thinks I shall know Anirudh’s feeling soon. Her bag falls down. She picks the things. She leaves something behind. Chandrachur says I will ask her. Thakumaa says no, I will ask her. Bondita goes and changes her clothes. She cleans her hand and sees Anirudh’s name tattooed. She says no one can break our relation, I will make everything fine soon.

Anirudh and everyone dine. Sampoorna gets the food plate back. He asks didn’t he have the food today, I will take it. He goes. Everyone hears some sound. Anirudh comes back with the empty plate. Sampoorna says just you can feed him the food, you got hurt again. Anirudh says this wound will always remind me the cheat of Krishnanagar people, I will never forget that I have to take revenge for this. Bondita thinks of Anirudh. She smiles. Thakumaa sees her coming. Chandrachur says a bird struggles to get free from cage. Thakumaa asks how was your day, Bondita. Bondita says it was a good start. Thakumaa says lie, we know you didn’t go to court today.

Bondita asks when did I say that I m coming from the court. She says I said I went for some work, I didn’t lie, I was finding work, I wasn’t getting a case by sitting in the court. Chandrachur says I know it, those men would have troubled her, she doesn’t need to go there, she can handle business. He says I will be glad if you join me in work, I can teach you work. Bondita says thanks for the offer, my answer is no, I have to go to the court, I have to fight Anirudh and show that we aren’t weak, I have to get him jailed. Thakumaa smiles. Sumati thinks I can’t believe that she is saying this for Anirudh.

Bondita thinks I have explained Thakumaa that my relation is just of enmity, I will soon find out the reason of his enmity, and make the families patch up. Somnath gets the female wallet. He says Chandrachur sends female spies to our house. Anirudh says we will give them a reply now. The man brings the box to Chandrachur. Chandrachur reads the letter, proof of Krishnanagar’s spy.

Bondita thinks its my wallet, maybe it fell down. They get Anirudh’s message…. we respect women, but Krishnanagar people are taking our decency as our weakness, we will see any spy as an enemy now, we will not send back any spy, we will keep them in Tulsipur as bandhua labor, take it as warning or my advice, no girl of Krishnanagar should dare to come to Tulsipur. Thakumaa asks which girl did you send there. Chandrachur says I didn’t send anyone. Thakumaa says check the wallet well, there would be some sign in it. Chandrachur checks. He sees the elaichi pack. Thakumaa says it means some girl has gone to Tulsipur from here, if you didn’t send her, then who is she, why did she go. Chandrachur says I will find out. He sees Bondita. He asks her not to worry, have food, this happens every day. He asks Tupur to feed food to Bondita. Thakumaa says I pity that girl, Tulsipur people won’t understand her loyalty and Krishnanagar people won’t forgive her cheat. Bondita goes.

Its morning, Bondita prays to Durga Maa. She says I can’t get caught until my motive is fulfilled, protect me. Sumati comes and says pray for something that maintains peace. Bondita says I prayed for that only, really. Bondita hears a sound and goes to see Tupur. She asks what was the sound, how did you get hurt, tell me. Chandrachur comes. Tupur cries.

Precap: Anirudh says he’s feeling hot and turns on the fan. Feathers fall as fan starts. Bondita dances in joy. She loses her balance. Anirudh catches her. They both slip and fall in a bathtub filled with water. Both look at each other. Trilochan comes there and sees that. He asks what’s going on?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. It was more or less like a filler episode
    Did not do much to contribute to the story
    But my favourite moment was when Bondita drops the flour on her ,
    Everyone comes and they all recall that years ago when Bondita had first come to the house she had done the same thing ☺️

  2. Tamil nadu fans??

  3. I think something happened to Binoy. He is bed ridden, reason for Anirudh’s change. I dont how Bondta will manage tongo there daily.

  4. Priscilla-Ignacia

    I wonder who dropped the plate🤔🤔🤔. It could be Binoy or even Bathuk. I’m feeling sorry for that person. I think one of the Roy-Chaudharys has become a lunatic due to what happens in Krishnanagar. Whenever Anirudh feds him he gets wounds. I feel sorry for Anirudh. Bondita should find out the truth soon. My hatred for Chandrachur has grown more today. He’s an annoying bedbug.

    1. I Think he is binoy kyunke previous episode mae tho bonditha pucha apne younger brother kaha hai tho Anirudh ne bataya tho italy me hai wo aur sampoorna ne bhi respect se bola tha ki unnhone aaj bhi khana na hi kaya so hemust be binoy….I think isi vajah se anirudh itna badal gaya hoga shayad…

  5. Just my thought… Not related to today’s episode.
    In the beginning of the show, when Bondita was to be married to an old man, he died before completing the rituals. But they claimed that Bondita is married because the haldi was applied and the man died in the 7th round.
    So, considering these factors, even Sampoorna’s mom was married to that old man😂😂😂 haldi got applied on her too. And she was carrying the unconscious Bondita for the pheras!!!

    1. You gave a solid logic 😂

  6. I think something happened to Binoy Roy choudhary …..Just my guess …He must be physically handicapped or lunatic ,I think this was Anirudh changed behaviour and Sampoorna’schanged behaviour

  7. Batuk is in Italy, ksj, somnath and sampoorna are well then I think binoy is ill or mentally unstable. But how? He was not present on that day with Anirudh or if he is ill then how sampoorna became a mother.
    So many mysteries are yet to disclose.

  8. Lopa

    Everyone is assuming the mysterious man as binoy hope this will disclose soon.

  9. As I told before writers are gonna going to kill me by making me wait wait and wait. ……

  10. Today episode was much better, especially in the end. The drama is touching on domestic violence. That is really good, but I want them to take it slowly, especially with chandrachur and tupur. Don’t waste these characters away.

    There a lot that can be done, I also want them to address Anirudh behaviour towards women, the way he treated Bondita. Anirudh behaviour towards her is the same as chandrachur. Anirudh does not hold the high ground here.
    Just Anirudh saying I respect women is not enough.

    I also want them to address tupur and Bondita mental health. Why they can’t be free from these men. It needed to be addressed.

    This is the barrister Babu, that I like.

    I want Bondita to force on her family as well. She needs to understand thakuma as well. It seems these 3 women are facing the same problems. Tupur domestic violence, Bondita and thakuma not able to let go.

    I also understand many of you, even the program makers, want Bondita and Anirudh to be in a romantic relationship.

    Which is fine, but Anirudh character has to address, his problems with women as well, his behaviour towards Bondita is also abusive. Anirudh has to admit this. What he is doing is also not right. Also just saying sorry is not enough. He has to face up to it as well.

    My advice to the writers is to take your time. Think about your next step, don’t rush. Then you will see people will come back.

    I also want barrister Babu to do well.

    Cut the romantic cheese 🧀😂 out, it’s not necessary. Keep it funny light hearted, that is fine. We all do need to laugh.

    By the way, I still hate the new version of rishta tera Mera. Please do something about it. I don’t like the way it sounds.

    1. Well said .. I’m afraid it’s just a hairline away from cheesy to being downright jarring. Landing plonk in the middle of the flower cart was so laughable.
      Some dramatic leeway is acceptable but this was a far cry. What happened BB story team? The personification of both the leading actors is too confusing and terribly out of character at times. especially this mature Bondita.
      Great emphasis was made on Anirudh not touching the child Bondita who was his wife at that time. Though plenty of it with Soudamini before Bondita and and then some after. However it seemed normal as they did have a relationship. But what’s all this chalk n board stuff, that too with someone you have hardly known forever a day … who has come to be a student.
      Kudos to you if your TRP has gone up.
      This Bondita seems to have forgotten all about self respect and dignity. On one hand she is supposed to be this strong and righteous, educated grown woman. But on the other hand comes up with these pathetic charades ‘to get to’ Anirudh to know the root of his changed attitude. As if it wasn’t plain for all to see why as an overview without the nitty gritty details.
      As Vyjanthi she speaks in such an unrefined and loud manner and behaves too familiar with supposedly people she has just met. Wonder what the real Vyjanthi is like…. definitely not as uncircumspect as Bondita for sure. Inferring from the father’s very respectful letter to the Roys…. surely she must have had some air of decency along with concern for family honour.

      Anirudh has let it be known to all that he does not want to have any relations with Bondita in future. That’s his call. Whatever the reason, she should respect his wishes. Do find out why and how to overcome and heal the bridging gap.Only with patience and intelligence.
      I thought it was all about bharosa … what happens when Anirudh finds out she is an impostor who has invaded his home, ingratiating herself to his family and totally disrespecting his privacy. Do it face to face.not by deceiving him. This time no excuse of being a very young uneducated girl being duped by a crook. Didn’t that leave a mark on her, all so easily forgotten.All she recalls is the sentimental stuff that Aurra portrayed so brilliantly.
      It’s not Anirudh who is being abusive here …. his privacy and inner sanctum is being violated. Bondita can’t push herself onto someone with bullheaded stupidity. Patience, sensitivity and caring for the other person should be the way. These things take time. It’s all about only what she wants … that too wants it with immediate effect.
      Day by day … what was once a good sensitive show is losing its credibility .The old cast are wonderful and most if not all the new and ‘matured role’ replacement actors have fitted in well .But the story is dwindling … just inserting Aurra’s Bondita very frequently is at the end not going to keep it going.
      Have always eagerly awaited a new episode but past few episodes have been ‘ should I watch or not ‘ hoping it will be better but no such luck … as yet. Simply adore KSJ & Anirudh and will be watching, hoping for the best.

    2. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Point of correction- Anirudh never said he doesn’t want to have any relation with Bondita in future. He saw Bondita as his responsibility but he knew her as his wife. She was so young at the time they were married. Have you forgotten how difficult it was for Anirudh to divorce Bondita. His reply to Bondita when Bondita asked him if she could choose him as a spouse in future was yes. He knows Bondita is the perfect woman for him. She understands his dreams and is ever ready to help him fulfill it. He would have been Bondita’s husband by now had it not been for the enmity between Tulsipur and Krishnanagar. Even in the new promo, he has a private room filled with their pics and memories. Anirudh loves Bondita but he knows one step to get close to her will ignite fire between the two communities. This is the reason why he refused to look at her coz she is his weakness. He falls weak at her words. His hatred is what Bondita is trying to change. Comparing Anirudh to thakumaa he looks more affected because he changed character but we all know thakumaa was kinda violent. This enmity if not changed into love will consume both communities. She wants her Sakha Babu back.

  11. Is anchal wears wig i saw it in hrr story wig is hanging i thought it is her real hairs but it is not true

  12. More or less Bondita’s ghar phrvesh starts with a dhabba of atta falling on top of her head

  13. How is ARC bring abusive? Please explain…

    1. @Hope

    2. In recent promo arc dragged bondita out of his room . Truly abusive

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