Mere Sai 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Eknath Is Emotionally Hurt Hearing Family’s Opinion Regarding Him

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Mere Sai 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai gives water to ill man says he is an ill-fated man, his father was strict on him as he wanted him to succeed in life, but he always thought his father hates him. His father always corrected him and said it is for his betterment, but he always misunderstood his love; as he grew up, he started hating his father and their last speech was during someone’s wedding when his father asked him to finish food fast in front of all guests, he got offended and after fighting with his father, he stopped speaking to him. Five years passed, he never spoke to his father, though his father pleaded him to speak; he got married without informing his father fearing his father would scold him in his wedding. Time passed and by the time he realized that his father is actually right, his father passed away and he could not apologize is father for his mistakes; how can he eat or drink with a such guilt in his heart. Sai asks him to close his eyes. He closes eyes and sees his father standing in front of him, he emotionally touches his father’s feet and apologizes him. Father asks him to forget his past and move on to live a happy and peaceful life. He opens his eyes and happily informs that he saw his father who asked him to move on; he is so happy today and feels relieved, now he can eat and drink normally. He thanks Sai for curing him, his wife also thanks Sai and says only he could cure her husband. They both leave. Govinda apologizes Srikanth and says he will always listen to his baba. Srikanth says even he will be soft on him and will try to understand his mind. They both hug each other emotionally. Sai gives moral gyaan that concern is an emotion which can make a person love or hate, one should show their concern carefully to their children and understand their feelings first; they need to maintain a healthy balance.

Shantaram brings his 2 friends home and introduces them to Usha. Usha says she will bring something to eat. One friend stops her and says he brought something for her, showing brass utensils says these are of high quality and will last long, even he is using them in his kitchen. Usha says they must be costly. He says it is only 2 rs, 1 rs, 50 pc. Shantaram say she will come to his shop and buy required utensils. Eknath hearing their conversation walks out saying money is not grown on tree, these are very costly and he has vast experience traveling whole country, these can be only of 1 rs, 50 pc and 25 pc. Friend thinks Shantaram’s father knows prices well, so he should escape from here. He asks Shantaram if he forced him to buy utensils, he should not have called his father to insult him; he walks out. Other friend says he will also leave before his father insults him. Shantaram pleads them to stop in vain. At night, Eknath wakes up hearing family discussing inside house. He hears Shantaram and Usha complaining against him to Nirmala that baba interferes a lot and insults them, he insulted in front of friends and neighbors. Nirmala says they how their father is stubborn and and egoistic and only does what he wants. Eknath opens door and asks if she really thinks so. He tells Shantaram that he stopped him from overspending and taught Usha to wash utensils properly, he stopped Nirmala from working so that Usha can handle household herself when Nirmala is no more. He then confronts Nirmala that he stopped her from working to relax her, he was worried for her happiness whole life and now this is what he is getting, he never expected a family like this, he hates himself now for having such a family. Nirmala says she did not mean what she said. He says he heard it right and walks away. She sits crying. Shantaram and Usha console him saying baba will calm down by morning, they will speak to him then.

Next morning, Sai goes for begging and asks lady to give him jaggery or sugar instead of rice. Lady offers him jaggery. At Eknath’s house, Nirmala gets worried not finding him at home and worriedly wakes up Shantaram and informs that his father is not at home. Shantaram says he will come back. After sometime, Shantaram gets ready for work. Nirmala says his baba has not returned yet. Shantaram says he must be somewhere forcing his gyaan on someone and will return. She says last night he was hurt emotoinally, so she is worried for him. He arrogantly says if she is so worried, she herself should go and search. She cries thinking she did wrong by supporting he children, she should not have hurt her husband emotionally. Ananand watches her and consoles her. Sai walks in. She explains him whole situation. He takes her along. Eknath sitting in temple reminisces last night’s incident and thinks Nirmala went far away from his heart last night. Nirmala searches Eknath with Sai and says she is feeling really bad. She sees Eknath in temple and walking to him asks what is he doing here, let us go home. He says why should he go there when his wife thinks he is arrogant and his children think he is troubling them.

Precap: Sai offers milk to Eknath, asks to mix jaggery in it, then asks to remove jaggery.

Update Credit to: MA

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