Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi turns evil

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

A kid asks Akhilesh who he is. Will you hurt me? Akhilesh assures the kids he will take them to their homes safely. You don’t need to beg anymore! He shows the photos of the guys who abducted Mishri. Are these the same people who abducted you? They nod. He also shows Mishri’s pic. Was she here with you? They affirm. She came here with a poster and said that she has to find her Bapu. She is the daughter of a beggar though. Akhilesh says she is my daughter. Ira was right. Mishri has lost her memory due to partial amnesia and these kidnappers are making use of this! I wont let anything happen to her. Do you know where she is? A girl shares that she left for the address mentioned on the posters. The goons have also gone after them. he sends the kids with the NGO reps. One of them go to register police complaint while the other two reps take the kids with them. The kids thank Akhilesh profusely.

Mishri can hear echoes of her past and holds her head feeling dizzy. I don’t understand anything! Where am I? Why does this place look so familiar? She stumbles and comes across a photo of Akhilesh and Ira. I have seen this uncle somewhere. She recalls stealing his purse in the temple. What’s my relation with him? Please help me Lord. Please save me.

The goons surround Mirchi. Mirchi switches on her danger alert / flight mode. She hits the goons one by one shocking their boss. He pulls her ponytail which activates her sleep mode. They put her in a sack. Akhilesh reaches there just then. He notices them packing Mirchi and shouts Mishri’s name. How dare you touch my daughter? They threaten him but Akhilesh beats them. First you trapped my wife and then you tried to make use of my daughter’s weakness! One of them hits him on his head from behind when he is trying to wake Mirchi. They beat him. The boss walks towards Mirchi. The goons tell Akhilesh that they will make his daughter beg. The goons overpower Akhilesh. Akhilesh shouts at Mirchi to wake up thinking her to be Mishri. Mishri hears his voice inside. This voice is so familiar! Who is calling me? She goes out to check. Akhilesh shouts at the goons to leave his daughter. Mishri is flogged by more voices in her head. Mishri is my name! She gains her memory back. The memories become clear suddenly. She says Bapu. Akhilesh looks at her and then at Mirchi. He realises that the goons caught hold of Mirchi. One goon advances towards them but Mishri hits him. She does Kabaddi with him. The other goons pulls Mirchi’s ponytail and she opens her eyes startling him. She frees herself from the sack. Akhilesh, Mishri and Mirchi beat the goons black and blue. They flee from there.

Akhilesh hugs Mishri. I was dying to hear you call me Bapu. What had happened to you! My daughter had disappeared. Mishri assures him she is here with him now. How did I lose my memory though? How did I end up getting stuck with those bad guys? Mirchi calls Akhilesh Bapu. I have handed those goons to police. Mishri asks Akhilesh who this girl is. Why is she calling you Bapu? You are my Bapu. He tells her he has answers to all her questions. Let’s go home.

Mishri wipes Akhilesh’s tears. I was literally in coma for 2 months after accident? He nods. Your mother’s condition was critical too. Badi Ma is already a heart patient. I couldn’t tell them about your condition back then. I brought Mirchi home upon Bhavik’s request. She asks him if Mirchi is indeed a robot created by Bhavik. Mirchi affirms. Superman Uncle brought me here. Mishri smiles. God will give you a place in heaven. You took great care of everyone in my absence. They were so happy. Mirchi says even I am pleased to make everyone happy. It was my work. Now it’s done. Mishri is home. Akhilesh thanks her. I will be indebted to you for life! She tells him not to say so. Even you protected me whenever I needed you. Akhilesh says it is time to dismantle you. Mishri tells him against it. Why can’t she stay with us? She has helped us a lot. We can live as sisters. Akhilesh says it isn’t up to us. It will be a problem if your Mapu and Amma find out about this. They wont be able to bear it! only we know this truth. The scientist who created her is asking for her. He is her actual Bapu. Let it be like it is. Ira calls out to Akhilesh. Mishri gets excited hearing Ira’s voice. Akhilesh puts Mirchi in her cupboard. Mishri runs downstairs to meet Ira.

Ira is reprimanding Pushpa for being so lazy. Mishri is overwhelmed to see her family. She runs to hug Ira. Devina and Pushpa are shocked to see her thus. Devina does not let her hug her even so Mishri gives her flying kiss. They ask her about her appearance. Mishri says Badi Ma looks like just she was. I am thrilled to see you all! Pushpa asks her what will change in 3 hours. Devina also asks her if she has gone mad. Mishri agrees. She jumps around happily and next hugs Vansh. He asks her since when she started crying. Did you update your features Mirchi? She smiles. I am Mishri. I know everything that happened in past 2 months. Vansh jumps excitedly saying Mishri is back but goes quiet. The elders ask them where Mishri had gone to. Mishri lies that he is getting excited as I went to buy flowers. Ira asks her to take bath but Mishri asks her to bathe her. You will also feed me. Ira asks her why she is showering so much love suddenly. Akhilesh tells her to do it. She is asking so sweetly. Ira says you only ready her daily. How did she miss me suddenly? Mishri says Mapu does not love me. Akhilesh says she wont agree like this. Mishri speaks of tickling. Akhilesh holds Ira as both the kids tickle her.

Mishri asks Pushpa to feed her delicious parathas. Pushpa happily obliges. Mirchi peeks at them from the cupboard. Ira asks Mishri what has happened to her. You are acting as if you have met us after ages! Akhilesh says love is love. Mishri says my love is overflowing today. Akhilesh winks at her. Pushpa says I don’t understand anything but it feels like the house is chirping again. Ira agrees. What else should we do now? Mishri says it is my turn now. I will do evening puja. She takes them with her downstairs to make preps for the same. Vansh wonders where Mirchi must be. Mirchi comes out of the cupboard herself. He closes the door from inside. Thank you, Mirchi. This family is complete because of you. Mishri is fine because of you only. You gave Mamu the location of kidnappers. You are an angel. She says even I loved taking care of you guys. Does Mishri gets this much love and attention from Mapu and Bapu? Vansh nods. She is everyone’s favourite as she loves everyone very much. He leaves to complete his homework. Mirchi says wish I could also get Mapu and Bapu’s love. I am a robot though. Humans bring us only for their selfish motives. Why will they love me?

Mishri does puja with her family. Akhilesh folds his hands in reverence. Mirchi looks on from far. He notices her while wiping his tears and gets tensed. He takes her upstairs. Sadly, it is time to dismantle you. I don’t have words to share what you have done for me. She shares that she is very happy to see him happy. I am sorry that I couldn’t make you as happy as Mishri can. He shushes her. You don’t know how bad I feel about dismantling you. I will always remember you. Naina plays as he reaches out for her hand. His eyes well up as he removes her one hand. She asks him why his eyes are leaking. I cannot see you sad. She tells him jokes to make him smile. Akhilesh says you are doing this so I can smile. She nods. I want to remember you like this. They share a hug. I will miss you very much, Bapu.

Mishri asks Vansh about Bapu. He says he might have gone to dismantle Mirchi. The kids head upstairs to hid Mirchi adieu.

Akhilesh has packed Mirchi in a bag by the time the kids reach there. She gets teary eyed seeing her dismantled. Thank you for looking after my family. I am sure you will miss Mapu and Bapu very much. I will also miss you a lot. Why don’t you say something? Vansh tells her that she cannot answer her. Mishri asks Akhilesh if they cannot keep Mirchi with them. He denies. That scientist needs her. I will take her tomorrow as Bhavik isn’t home. I will keep her in storeroom till then. He takes the suitcase to the storeroom.

Akhilesh holds the bag emotionally. I wont be able to forget you ever. Goodbye, Mirchi. He leaves the bag behind with a heavy heart.

Next morning, Mishri meets her friends. It is my Happy Birthday today! Thank you, Vansh. They all decide to play hide and seek. Mishri counts as the kids hide. They keep changing places when Mishri is moving in different directions. Mishri hears Mapu calling and thinks she will be scolded for jumping on the bed. She wont spare me now. She runs upstairs.

A kid comes out of his hiding place. Mirchi hits him on his head. Her eyes have turned red.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Frosties

    Oh please! Now an evil robot?! Really? We want a storyline that is real, if we wanted sci fi we could watch something else- I’m thinking it’s tome to take a break?

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