Mere Sai 11th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Baizama realizes the truth behind Sai’s condition

Mere Sai 11th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Santa and Banta tell Tejasvini something (in mute). She fumes. That Fakir keeps surviving one way or another. What you told me the other day made me feel as if he wont live to see another sunrise but I don’t see it happening! They also wonder what he is waiting for. Vaid keeps saying his condition will worsen but he isn’t dying. Banta says I feel it is that Vaid’s medicine which is saving him. Tejasvini says we must do something because of which he will die. They ask her what they can do. She smirks. She tells them a plan (in mute). They leave immediately.

Vaid ji is collecting herbs from jungle. They will ease his pain. 2 people abduct him just then.

Baizama is pouring milk in a container when she notices Ramdas ji and Gomti ji standing at the door. Hope they dint hear about Sai’s condition. She welcomes them. They give her Prasad. She asks them about the puja. Ramdas ji folds his hands and touches her feet. She is surprised. What are you doing? Ramdas ji says people who get a good Guru are lucky. I am much more grateful as I found another Guru in your form. You can take me towards my Guru (Sai). She asks him what happened. He shares that he meditated upon Sai the other day (rest of the story is in mute). Baizama says it is Sai’s love. He respects everyone’s dedication. Ramdas ji seconds her. No obstacle can come in anyone’s way till the time He is there. He speaks of his chest pain during mehendi ritual. I am sure it was Sai who saved me that day. He had sent perfume for me via Keshav a few minutes before that attack. Baizama gets curious. Why? Ramdas ji says He did not mention anything. He only told me to apply it after which my pain disappeared within a few seconds. Baizama is able to connect the dots now. She leaves for Dwarkamai hurriedly and tells Rambha to look after the guests.

Baizama reaches Dwarkamai. She is upset seeing Sai’s condition and asks everyone to step outside. I must speak to Sai in private. They are confused but comply with her request. Baizama confronts Sai. How could you hide the truth from me? I was dying every second but now I have understood why you did what you did! Sai says you know everything. She nods. What was the need to do it though? You take everyone’s problems on yourself but what about those who worry for you? What if something happens to you? He says I dint expect such a reaction from you. A mother and her kids are joined by their souls. Why be afraid of this body fading away then? She replies that she is an ordinary mother. I am not great like you. I don’t want to hear or understand such things right now. Sai says a mother is not ordinary. She is always great. Kids know entire world can leave their side but a mother wont. You will be with me always. Baizama cries. When will this end? Sai says it will happen as per Ram ji’s wish.

Vaid ji asks the guys to let go of him but they hit him and push him on the ground. He finally removes the sack. He realises that he is outside his own house. Santa tells him to remember that he must not step out of this house. Vaid ji demands to know who they are. Why have you brought me here? I have to give medicine to Sai. He gets slapped again. Banta threatens him. Vaid ji is concerned for Sai. It is a sin to leave the treatment in between. They threaten to hurt his family is he wont adhere to their threats. Vaid ji asks them if they aren’t concerned about Sai. They nod sarcastically. Our men will keep an eye on you. Vaid ji requests them not to hurt his family. They tell him to lock himself inside the house then. Santa and Banta laugh. Villagers will try to look for him in Shirdi!

Abdul checks Sai. His temperature is increasing. Appa Kote wonders why Vaid ji is taking so much time. Srikanth and Salim decide to go to jungle to look for him. Sai tells them against it. Baizama reasons that his treatment will be incomplete this way. Villagers wonder if Vaid ji left Shirdi because his medicine isn’t working on Sai. Should we call another Vaid? Sai denies. Everything is in His hands now. Baizama says it does not mean we will stop trying. Sai expresses a wish to hear something. Please make arrangements for the same. Send some of the villagers to Ramdas ji’s house to help in the arrangements. They should not show their pain there.

Appa Kote is reading Ramayana for Sai. Everyone is sitting next to Sai and watching him intently.

Ramdas ji gives the bridal dress to Mitali. I wanted to see you dressed as a bride since the day you were born. My dream is coming true now. All my wishes will be fulfilled when you will get married. I just want Sai to return before your wedding. Everything will be go smoothly in that case. Mitali hugs him. Ramdas ji wipes his tears.

Keshav tells Abdul that Sai’s condition isn’t improving. He has told us not to bring any Vaid though. What should we do? Tejasvini says he said no to you, not to me. They are taken aback to see her there. Keshav asks her what she is doing here. She says I came to pray that I am still human. I told you I know a Vaid ji. I have brought him along. Keshav asks her since when she started caring for Sai. Tejasvini says not agreeing with what someone says is something else but it does not mean that I will be happy after seeing him in pain. Neither you nor Raja is eating anything because Sai is not well. Hence, I called Vaid ji. I wont back off now. He appreciates her thought. Tejasvini sends the Vaid inside. Sandhya asks Tejasvini how she had a change of heart. Tejasvini says who said that he will do Sai’s treatment.

Flashback shows Tejasvini threatening the Vaid to do this for her in return of the debt that he has taken from Sarkar. He agrees. I have a special herb which can aggravate the condition of a person who has experienced heart attack. Tejasvini and Santa smile. Flashback ends.

Tejasvini and Sandhya look at Sai.

Precap: Sai has fallen asleep. Vaid ji says this medicine can treat anyone who has had a heart attack. Baizama asks him about Sai. Vaid says wish you had called me here earlier. I would have been able to save Him then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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