Let’s begin…..

Ragini falls in her knees once after sanskar leaves from there

Rain drops falls… Its easy to hide tears when you are drenching in a heavy rain

Ragini: i can’t love you if i wish to…. I am a loser in everything and i was scared to face this day..i was scared.. I was scared that if you love me to no bounds then i will surely hurt you very badly by leaving you forever …
She sobs

Ragini; i tried many ways to keep you away but you come as a saviour to my every moment..but do you know soon there will be a time where i can’t saved by you…darthi hoon mein aapko jaanungi tho mujhe aapse pyaar……….
She cries

Ragini: let me be like i loved a jerk.. Which was not a love but mistake…the biggest mistake of my life to think an attraction to be love…but love is…….i faced all this because i don’t have rights on my own body…yeh jism kab mera saath chod de mujhe tho pata bhi nai hai…phir bhi mein jhalli jaisi ghoomti hoon…how would i ignore a person whom i admire secretively!

(Confused or cleared??new page has formed what do you Ragini really a secret admirer of sanskar??)


Sanskar was hurt and somewhere jay.. He knew how much she deny… She feels somewhere for him and he would prove it in 10 days….

Then he listened the conversation of Ragini and poorva

Ragini:poorva ma.. please i don’t want to go…

Poorva: you don’t love him that’s fine but why are you not continuing your job… Listen i know you are scared of gaming in love again but… This guy is genuine..i didn’t like Nikhil from before itself…but Sanskar he is different…

Ragini: please poorva ma…

Poorva: ok as you wish. I will tell him…

Sanskar from behind: no i am not gonna accept the resignation! I can held her to the hostage of breaking the role of my office without a genuine reason you can’t leave the office just like that…

Poorva goes from as she thought.. Both should only talk and solve their problems

Sanskar: ab yeh kya naya drama hai Ragini?

Ragini doesn’t look at him

Sanskar smiles: you are scared that by mistakenly you will utter that you love me… Or are you scared that you can’t resist my charm?
He looks at her mischievously

Ragini: aisa kuch nahi hai
She was about to go

Sanskar held her wrist: aisa hi hai…!

Ragini struggles to get free from his grip

Sanskar pulls her on him and she hits his hard chest….

Ragini was about to move as she was feeling weak…
But she was caged by him… He held waist

Sanskar: prove me wrong in this 10 days…after that if you still don’t feel anything then you are free..i would not stop you neither i would cross your path! So deal…!

She was feeling weak she couldn’t look at him

Sanskar: then i would follow you everywhere… Why don’t you just take the 10 days challenge then life long

Ragini: ok..i leave me..

He leaves her….

Sanskar: then let’s go… You only to become mine and i only to become yours

She just looks at him blankly

He entangled his fingers with her and talks to poorva and takes her along with him

And sits in the Car

There was only silence…

Ragini herself: i just have to stay away from him….

Sanskar: not even in your dreams

Ragini at once looks at him

Sanskar: itna zor se sochogi tho mujhe subai dega na!

Ragini looks other

Sanskar: i am missing my jhalli Ragini i want her badly

Ragini: look..sir..i am just your employee

Sanskar:wohi tho i want to have a change employee to loving wife

Ragini: sir please..u can’t force me

He didn’t say anything but concentrates on driving

Sanskar: ok i will not something like this… If you give back my jhalli Ragini

Seeing no reaction in her…he increases the speed just to irritate her

Ragini gets scared but she didn’t react at first…but he was increasing

She gets more scared

Ragini: sir…sir please slow down the speed..please i beg your

Smirk was crawling in his face

She tried hard to convince him..

That’s it for her!!!

Ragini: Rakshas!!!

His smirk was vanishing

Ragini:arey woh narak mein jalne wali aatma..gaadi roko… What you think of your self..sada hua shahensha…apne aapko akbar baadshah samjthe ho…mein koi anarkali nai hoon samjhe..Sa-doo..sadiyal insaan..sabse badaaa khalnayak gabbar singh..arey woh aatwa ajjoba ab tho gaadi roko…oh god please save me from this jhallad…Raavan kahika….


Car hits to the big tree….!

To be continued…..

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