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Zoya : oh allah what can I do   give me some solution this is the second  chance to prove ZOSH  and its been my dream.

Then finally zoya makes all the arrangement ready.

Mahi hears   zoya talking in aohone and makes the arrangements  ready.

Mahi calls  them back and cancels all the arrangements done by zoya   amd makes a smile .

Mahi: sir . I am mahi  from ZOSH company and zoya made some arrangements  to you . I want it to be cancelled as soos an possible ‘

Client: why mam .why suddenly.

Mahi :   our plan has changed  and so we need not need the arrangements .

client: ok mam,I will cancel all the arrangements.

Mahi ; tq u sir

She smiles as she did her job correctly.

Adi    comes to the venue  and  see the  arrangements not done and asks the staffs.

They  say   that they called the client  to whom the responsisbility was   given and they someone in our company had cancelled it sir .

Adi  asks them did zoya knew about  it

Staff : sir, zoya mam  wemt outside for some work amd she is  unaware if this sir .

Adi thinks  who could have done this  and  what is the reasonsbehind  this.

He sees mahi sitting on a chair  with a smile and sees her busy in her phone .

He suspects mahi.

Zoya makes her entry  and is shocked  to see the veniue like this and gets tensed .

Zoya rushes ti akansha and asks what haooens

Shw narrates her all the things  that happened ih her absence .

Zoyz gets shocked

Sje sees adi there  and suspects him and she realizes thet he would not do like thi \s

Adi goes to his cabin   without talking to zoya  .

Adi call back the client and asks them who cancelled  the  arrangement  and asks them to say  and they tell him that mahi mam cancelled  all  the orders .adi gets angry on mahi.

Adi sees zoya from the  cabin  looking tensed ‘

Zoya calls some the clients and  places the  orders  but ther refuse ti do that.

Adi decides to help zoya

Adi  call all the staff members  in the office in the absenc of zoya  and informs that he needs  their help to do the arrangements ,

All the staff members how is it possible .

Adi discusses about his plan and  he informs  about his friend  and  they get help from them .

Staff members and adi execute the plan .

Adi  is doing all the decoration in the venue  with his full efforts

And other staff members are helping him and are doing some  other arrangement

Zoya comes to the venue sad as she could not do it .

Suddenly she sees the venue full decorated  and sees  staff members  working ther and she  also sees adi ther .

Adi sees zoya  but acts like  nothing has happened and  continues the job .

Adi goes to se someother arrangements .

Zoya asks herself  who did this and  how did this suddenly  happen  and who cancelled the preparations .

She goes to akansha ans asks   who did this and she asks he rso many questions

Akansha comes to tell but she suddenly remembers  adis words .anda she stops .

Adi:   no one should tell to zoya that I  did this and it should be a secrete.

Zoya : akansha , tell me why did u stop,

Akansha  makes a excuse  and goes .

Screen freezes with zoya looking confused.


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