Lets begin….

Rag:how may i help u.. Sir??
Ram:kya mein sanskar khurana se mil sakta hoon
Rag:no sir.. Actually sanskar sir is busy…
Rp:always busy… Meri koi value hai bhi ya nahi
Rag:same to same
Rp looks at her confused….
Rag:i also feel the same
Rp:abt sanskar…
Rag:sorry sir… I don’t know who u are?.. Wn i see someone like me.. I feel to pour my heart… Sorry sir
Rp smiles:hmm… I think v are like same… So let’s sit and talk… May be your sanskar sir may come
Rag:ha… Waise bhi.. Mein bore ho rahi thi… ???
They sit…
Rag:kya bataun sir… Sir
Rp:u mean sanskar??
Rag:sa-doo… Ek number ka sadoo insaan
Rp laughs:i agree…
Rag:wn he sits in his cabin… Tabhi apne aapko akbar baadshaah samajne lagte hai.. (he thinks himself as king akbar)
Rp:ha… Sacchi baat hai beta
Rag:aise ghoor ghoor ke dekhte hai na jaise…..
Rp:sher… Shikari ko dekhta hai
Rag forwards her hand for a hifi:correct
Rp hifies
They laughs
Rp:watever u said abt him is 100%right
She gets up:will be back in 5 mins…

She brings the coffee with smiley made in foam

Rp smiles seeing smiley
Rag:yesterday i gave same type of coffee to that khadoos
Rp:khadoos.. He laughs
Rag:i thought he vl Atleast smiley.. Bt he was looking from his cabin to me like i did a crime by making a coffee… U know sir.. I m a junior architect here bt yesterday he made me his temporary secretary bt today i m moving as a free bird.. Ask me why?
Rag:raavan jo nahi hai
Rp:he does same thing with me… Always glaring me without my mistake
Rag:arrey sir…. Meine tho socha tha ki mein hi ek akeli choti si jaan hoon jo Sanskar naam khatre’s darti hoon.. Par aap bhi mere jaise hi ho.. Hum dono ek hi team mein☺☺(i thought i m only small and innocent creature who is scared of fear named Sanskar.. Bt u are too like me so we two are in same time)
Rp forwards his hand for a hifi:de taali
Rag hifies
Rag:if we keep a competition between Sanskar sir and gabbar singh.. Bechaara gabbar tho haar jaayega…
Rp:ha u r ryte
They talks like this it was 2:00 in the afternoon

Rp:beta.. I don’t know how the time passed.. Bt now i hv an important work.. Bt i m not willing to go… I m feeling to talk to you whole day…
Rag:sir… Work is more important.. Baatein tho baad mein bhi ho sakti hai
Rp cares her head:if i had a daughter then she would be like you
Rag smiles:sir think me to be like your daughter
Rp smiles:bt i hv a son
Rag:oh… Hope he is not like Sanskar sir
Rp laughs
Rp:ab mein chalta hoon
Rag:sir tell.. Phir milenge
Rp:phir milenge.. Milna tho thay hai.. He smiles
Rag takes his blessings.. He blesses her
He goes

She goes to vineet’s cabin who was unaware of the blunder wch ragini did…
He was busy in the work…

Vin:m i dreaming… Today raago didnt came to my cabin from morng… To talk
Rag:oh ho… Sir.. A man came here.. I talked with him na
Vin nods his head in disbelief :kitna bolti ho
Rag:mein aisi hi hoon
Vin:kabhi mat badalna
Rag smiles..

She sees sanskar entering
Rag:aagaya sadoo
Vin glaring:raagoo
Rag:sorry sir…
Vin:go… U r his pa now
Rag:i hv done all the thing and kept it in his table.. So that i wont face him

Here sanskar sees every files wch sayani kept incomplete yesterday was completed with perfection… He was impressed

San:everything is perfect… Bt wr is this girl?

Vin:go rag… He vl need something… U do some blunder and call him sadoo its not fair
Rag:bhaiyya mere dushman ke side le rahe hai… Haaayee…. (she says dramatically)
Vin:u just wait i vl see your expression then… 5…4…3..2..1

San shouts:Ms.mathur
Rag stumbled
Vin laughs:i said… Go now

Rag runs…
Knocks his cabin
San:come in… Fully.. Not peeping
Rag murmurs:akdu
Rag gets in…

San:bring me a cup of coffee fast…
Rag murmurs:thoda pyaar se nahi bol sakte
Rag nods in no…
She goes
He smiles

She makes a coffee.. Makes a smiley
Rag:hope he smiles this time

(poor ragini she doesnt know.. Abt sanskar)

She keeps in the table..
He looks at the coffee.. Then at ragini…
He takes the coffee and drinks…
Rag:i knew he will not smile..
San:did u say something
Rag:no.. Sir
Rag:me sir!?
San:no i m saying to the ghosts
San:i m telling to you…
Rag:oh… Can i go sir
Rag:i hv work..
San:i told u to sit..
Rag:ok sir
She sits
He gives her a notepad and a pen
San:write the dictation
Rag nods…
San tells her too fast..
Rag:sir.. I cant…
Rag:tell lil slowly
San:r u a kid that will tell u slowly
Rag:no.. Sir
She then writes somehow…

Nikhil calls ragini
Nikhil:ragini its been more than 3 weeks u came here.. U didn’t bother to meet me.. U r avoiding my calls..
Rag:i know Nikhil
Nik:do u understand…. Its been 3 weeks
Nik;i am outside ur office…
Rag:wat u are out
Rag:i m sorry
Nik:its ok… Today we will spend time..
Rag:ok baba.. M coming.. 5 mins..

She packs her stuff..
Vineet has already left… For some emergency
She goes…

Nikhil sees her… He hugs her.. She was uncomfortable… Bt still smiles
Nik:ok come…
He sits in his car.. She too sits…

It was witnessed by sanskar… He felt bad… He dont know why?

Nikhil drops ragini.. He goes

Here sanskar was just remembering ragini going with a guy.. He hugging her
He was somewhat upset…

Suji sees him sad:wat hpnd sanskar.. Nowadays your moods a like a teenager
San:nthng like that mom

Next day
San comes to office

He sees the same guy(nikhil) dropping ragini
She didnt see sanskar
She goes to office
Rag:i m sorry nikhil… Now forgive your gf
Nik:gf nahi fiance
Rag smiles
Nik:we vl marry soon… So technically u r my fiance..
She goes in

Nikhil goes.. He smirks…

Sanskar was feeling bad.. Actually he was hurted listening ragini is going to marry.. Bt the reason is he is still unknown…
He brushed all his thought and goes in

To be continued

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