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@PART 17…

Manik: Fir se dewaar chadni padegi.
(Will we have to climb the wall again.)
Sukanya: Nahi teri saas yahan tera liye podi lekar khadi hui hai.
(No your mother in law will be waiting with stairs for us.)
Atharv mischievously: But when did S. Jkr (Senior Jhansi Ki Rani/Anika) wake up.
Both Sukanya and Manik glare him while he chuckles.
Manik: Yaar Suk tujhe kya mai Mongli ka bhai lagta hun.
(Suk do I look like Mongli’s brother to you.)
Suk: Nahi be tun toh mujhe Puri vanar sena lagta hai.
(No idiot you look like an ape to me.)
Atharv: Guys cut it and Let’s go.
They nod and enter the house from back gate. They were looking here and there to ensure that no one is present when…..

O MY MATA What are you kids doing here and that too at this time.

Atharv makes an oops face, while Sukanya pats her head and makes ugly faces just like Manik.

Atharv: Actually granny we were just walking around.
Pinky: Iss time par aur ye ghaar hai garden nahi.
(At this hour moreover this is house not garden.)
Sukanya being irritated: Aap aapne kaam se kaam nahi rakh sakte har baat mai tang aadana zaroori nahi hota.
(Can’t you mind your own business it’s not important to always interfere in others work.)
Atharv holds Sukanya’s hand signalling her to stop and she nods.
Pinky: O my Mata dekho toh kaise kainchi ki tarhaan chrrr chrrr zabaan chalti hai iss ladki ki bilkul apni ma par gayi hai.
(O my Mata look at this girl how is she speaking. She is an exact copy of her mother.)
Sukanya: Aapki bhi sirf zabaan hi chalti hai dimaag nahi, Varna aab tak itni Si baat aapke paale pad chuki hoti ki aapko meri mumma ke baare me kuch nahi bolna par mai toh bhool hi gayi apke pass toh dimaag ki kaami hai na.
(You know what even your tongue only works and not your brain otherwise you would have understood by now that you shouldn’t speak ill about my mom but unfortunately you have zero wits.)
Manik: Suk please.
Sukanya: Manik I stopped but she spoke.
Pinky: Kaal batati hun tera baap ko Teri in harkatoon ke baare mai.
(I will tell your father about your behaviour.)
Sukanya lowly: Chalo aacha hai kam se kam aapne unhe mera baap toh mana Varna toh aabhi tak aapko shak hi tha.
(Thank god at least you agreed that he is my father.)
Pinky: Sharam nahi aati na tujhe.
(You don’t feel ashamed.)
Sukanya sarcastically: Poti kis ki hun.
(Whose granddaughter am I afterall.)
Pinky: O My Mata tun toh aapni ma…
(O My Mata you are even more then your mot…)
Sukanya: Zabaan sambhaal ke aap mere mumma ke bare me bol rahe ho aapni X bahu ke bare me nahi.
(Control your tongue you are speaking about my mother not about your X daughter in law.)

This shuts Pinky’s mouth and she glares Sukanya with her disgusting look.

Sukanya: Aagar mera pita ne aapni patni ko khoya hai na toh aapne bhi apni bahu ko khoya hai aur uske saath unke khilaaf kuch bhi kehna ka haq bhi kho diya hai aur uski wajha sirf aapka ahankar aur khoklapaan hai. Aur jahan tak baat hai sharam ki vo mujh me hai par sirf un logon ke liye Jo izaat dena ke layak hote hain aap jaison ke liye nahi. Aap ko apki jeet ka darpaan mai dikhati hun bohaat zyada chahte the na aap ki aapke beta ke baache Hon aur aap dadi ban jayaon. Aaj aap dadi toh ho magar sirf apne beta ka beta ka liye Vo bhi shayaad sirf tab tak jaab tak aapka sach uske saamne nahi aa jata jis din aapka saach aapke pote ke saamne aa Gaya uss din agar Vo aapse nafraat karega na toh uska zimewaar aap mera mumma ko mat dherana uske zimewaar aap khud honge. Aur aapki insecurities ki wajha se hi aapne mumma aur papa ko aalag kiya tha na par aab kya aagar aapse zyada time wo mujhe denge toh kya aap mujhe bhi unse alag kar doge oh sorry aalag toh aap already kar hi chuke ho bacha kya hai aab.

(If my father lost his wife even you too lost your daughter in law and with that you have even lost the right of saying something to her and the reason for that is only your ego and hollowness. And as far as manners are concerned I do have them but I respect only those who deserve it not those who don’t and you are one of them. Let me show you the mirror of your victory to you. You always wanted to become a grandmother congratulations you are one today but only for your son’s son but till how long. What will happen on the day your grandson gets to know your truth and if he hates you on that day then please don’t blame my mother for that because you solely will be responsible for that. You separated mom and dad because of your insecurities only what if dad starts giving more time to me then will you separate him also from me oh I forgot you have already separated us what’s left.)

Saying so Sukanya leaves from there and Manik follows her.

Atharv very slowly and patiently fighting his own fears: Granny did you separate mom and dad.
Pinky looks at him for a while and then speaks covering up: Arre no this girl speaks anything.
Atharv nods and leaves shocking Pinky.

Sukanya gets inside the practice room via the window and opens the door for Manik and Atharv.
Manik on seeing Atharv understands his inner turmoil and holds his shoulder giving an ensuring look and leaves with files as Sukanya asked him to take them with himself.

Atharv: Doll what was that.
Suk: What bhai?
Atharv: You know what I am asking about doll.
Suk: Nothing let it be. You must be tired let’s go and sleep.
Atharv sternly: Not happening at least not till the time you answer me.
Sukanya: Please bhai let’s go this isn’t the right time.
Atharv: Just answer one thing are you sure that choti dadi is the reason for mom and dad’s separation.
Suk trying to cover up : No.
Atharv with same sternness: Look into my eyes and say this doll.
Suk looks into his eyes and with a layer of tears: No.
Atharv understanding her lie shouts: Leave Sukanya.
Suk: Bhai please.
Atharv shouts: I SAID LEAVE.
Suk: Fine look at me bhai.
Atharv: What for doll there is nothing left to discuss.
Suk: Please try to understand my situation too bhai.
Atharv loosing his cool: That’s what I am trying to do since so long but till how long you want me to be in this darkness. Once try living life my way doll it’s hurting me every second I want to be with mom I want to talk to her tell her about my life I want to know so much from her but your stupid hide and seek game is spoiling everything. You don’t want to tell anything and without knowing anything I just can’t play these blind games and above that your sudden outbursts and weird ideas confuse me like hell. You only tell me what shall I do doll?
Speak up, damn it.

Suk: Give me sometime bhai please.

Atharv creases his temples and without giving another look to Suk leaves from their banging his hand on the door which shakes Sukanya.

Sukanya: Mamu may I come in.
Sahil: Hye are you okay why you are asking for my permission all of a sudden.
Suk nods: Actually I want to talk to you.
Sahil nods.
Suk: In balcony.
Both walk to the balcony.
Sahil: Seem to be serious all of a sudden.
Sukanya biting her lower lip: Mamu why did mom and billu ji get separated?
Sahil looks at her for a while and then thinking something in polite and patient voice speaks up: Suk they got separated because of a misunderstanding.
Suk: I know that mamu but what was the reason.
Sahil looking outside: I don’t know.
Suk a little angrily: Mamu don’t lie to me I know you, know everything.
Sahil: No Suk I don’t know anything and forget all this go take some rest you have your group competition today.
He says holding her shoulder but she jerks away his hand angrily.
Sahil still in a low voice: Suk I understand you but neither I am the right person to tell you anything nor do I have the right.
Suk: Stop it mamu. I don’t care about right or wrong just tell me will you answer me or not.
Sahil nods in no.
Sukanya’s anger breaks all it’s boundaries: You know that I want mumma and billu ji to be united still you won’t say. (Sahil again nods in no. Sukanya pulls him towards herself.) WHAT SORT OF BROTHER ARE YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE YOUR SISTER HAPPY THE ONE WOMAN WHO LEFT HER EVERYTHING FOR YOU. YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE CALLED HER BROTHER.
Sahil gets shocked seeing Sukanya point at his brotherhood and he can’t take it anymore: SUKANYA.

He shouts startling Sukanya who realises what she just said and closes her eyes in order to compose herself and curses herself for speaking to him like that as a brother like him is just in fate of the most fortunate one.

Sukanya in a low tone: Mamu I didn’t mean that.
Sahil doesn’t see her.
Sukanya: Mamu I am sorry.
Sahil with a layer of tears in his eyes without looking at her curtly says: I have no answer for your questions Sukanya. But I won’t ever be angry with SSO if Anika di is like a mother to me then SSO is no less then a father to me.

Sukanya sighs and nodding her head she leaves from there as by chance without any wrong intentions she pulled the wrong string for Sahil, but she pulled it and right now another word will definitely make his condition worse so it would be useless to argue over any topic so she prefers to leave rather then testing Sahil’s patience more.

After having one of the worse days of her life Sukanya sits in her room accompanied by her sisters who force her to talk to them and not willing for another mess in the same day she agrees to talk to them but she listens them more and barely says a word or two.
One by one all the upset husbands come in the room and throw themselves on the bed being tired of having a long convincing session with their respective wives and Shivaay drags Sahil along with him followed by the boys.

Aditi: Is this pareshaan pati mandali?
(Is this tensed husband’s union?)
Rudra keeping a pillow under his head: Kuch aisa hi samajh lo.
(Something like that only.)
Amanat with a pout at the end: Vaise saach kahun mujhe lagta hai ki mummies ne aap sab ke saath thik nahi kiya.
(I feel that mummies didn’t do right with you.)
Om: Awww….. It’s okay Amy don’t worry.
Amanat: No… No… Papa I mean that you people should get severely punished this is such a small punishment.
Rudra: Aur karo Awww…. O.
(Do more Awww…. O.)
Om makes faces.
Abeer: Par aab kuch toh karna hoga in deviyon ko manane ke liye nahi toh hum apne kamron me kaise jayenga.
(But now we need to do something to convince these ladies otherwise they won’t let us enter our rooms.)
Advik: Yahi toh problem hai aap sab ki, aap sab sirf kamre me ghusne ke liye mehnaat kar rahe ho koi iss liye mehnaat nahi kar raha ki unki wife upset hai aur usse convince kiya jaye.
(That is the problem with you guys you only want to convince your wives so that they allow you in the room but not for the reason that they are upset and you should convince them.)
Om throws a pillow at him: Chup baith subha subha pravachaan mat suna.
(Keep quite and stop giving these early morning preachings.)
Rudra: O ye aapka beta hai jab tak din me dus pandhraan baar boring deep meaning baatei nahi kar le Ga toh uska khana kaise hazaam ho Ga.
(O he is your son until and unless he doesn’t speak 10 – 15 boring and deep meaning things in a day he can’t digest his food.)
Advik gets irritated by Rudra and sits on his stomach Rudra wails dramatically.
Rudra: Aare mera baap kya bigada hai tera iss nanhi Si jaan ne (pointing at his own self.) kuch toh khayaal rakh mera abs ka.
(Hye what have I done wrong to you, I am an innocent fellow. At least take care of my abs.)
Shivaay: Advik aaj tun wahi baith shaayad iss wajha se iss duffer ko akal aye aur Vo hume koi vahiyaat plan na suggest kare aaj.
(Advik keep siting there only maybe because of that this duffer doesn’t spills any useless plan at least today.)
Anya: Boys concentrate. Focus.
Rudra making puppy face: Kya khak focus Karun mai.
(How the hell shall I focus.)
Aditi: You men leave it it’s not your cup of tea.
Shivaay: What do you mean?
Aditi: You know what I mean.
Shivaay: You think that we can’t convince our wives.
Aditi nods.
Shivaay: Okay challenge then we will convince our wives today.
Aditi: Good but how.
Shivaay: Ummm….. How….
Aditi: Let it be you all need expert advice.
Rudra: Oh but I have no advice to give.
Om hitting him playfully: Rudy she has said expert advice not duffer’s advice.
Rudra: O please.
Manik: Aare Adi means that take advice from your children they are expert in this convincing thing.
Abeer mocks: Then my wife is never going to agree.
Manik: Really papa don’t you trust me.
Abeer: I trust you Manik, (Manik smiles) I trust you that’s why I am damn sure that your plan will be a big flop.
Manik makes faces.
Abeer: But I always have another option.
Manik: Who?
Abeer to Suk: So bunny tell how shall I convince your beautiful.

Sukanya who was completely zoned out and is just staring at Sahil and Atharv alternatively skips the question of Abeer. Who shakes her to gain her attention.

Suk coming out of her trances: Ya buddy.
Abeer: Where zoomed out.
Suk: Nowhere you say.
Abeer: Aare baba I was asking for your help to convince Meher.
Suk murmurs: Yahan par sab mujhse pareshaan hai aur aapko meri hi madat chahiye. (here everyone is upset from me and you want my help.)
Abeer: Bunny I didn’t hear you.
Suk looks at him: A… I was saying that why don’t you take beautiful out for a dinner and there sing a song to convince her.
Abeer happily: Wooh thank you bunny.
Om: This is great. Amy…
(He takes Amanat’s name hopefully.)
Amanat: 3 chocolates.
Om: That’s all I don’t think so she will agree with that.
Amanat: No papa that’s my fees to for helping you.
Advik: WOW I am proud of you sister, you are a proof that corruption can never end in this contury.
Amanat throws few pillows in a row on him: Shut up.
Om: Fine I will get you chocolates now tell me.
Amanat: Make a beautiful painting for mumma and write an understandable apologetic shayari on it and present it to mumma.
Om: Nice idea.
Rudra cutely: Anya…
Anya: What shall I tell you first price of my telling or susrprise.
Rudra: Do one thing tell me the surprise and tell the price to Shivaay Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Why me am I your accountant.
Rudra: Aare Bhaiya can’t you do this much for your brother.
Krish who just entered but herd him coming from behind Shivaay says sheepishly: Can’t you do this much for your daughter.
Anya makes a puppy face while Rudra frowns looking at Krish and Rest start laughing.
Krish: Btw what’s going on.
He says climbing on the bed.
Anya: Nothing bro our fathers are trying to convince their respective wives.
Krish gives a cute “O” expression.
Rudra: Now tell me Anya.
Anya: Simple wake up early and follow mumma’s schedule she will be super happy.
Rudra sighs.
Anya: Now you have to pay me for this.
Rudra: How?
Anya: Ummm…. Let me think.
Amu di give some suggestion.
Amanat: What about cake.
Anya: Perfect. Papa you will have to make a red velvet cake for me that too proper one.
ShivKara start laughing at poor Rudra.
Rudra: Okay but please ask your brother to get up from my stomach I am not his sofa.
Krish: Really. Let me also try how comfortable you are.
Saying so he too jumps on poor Rudy.
Rudra cries: Bhaiya, O. O, Bhaiya. Help your brother or otherwise from tomorrow forget me.
Shivaay amidst of his laughing: Okay okay wait. Om let’s help Rudra.
He winks at Om, while Om nods.
Both bend down their faces matching to Rudra’s face.
Om: Is it paining Rudy.
Rudra nods in yes.
Om: Oh hooo.
Rudra: Aapna ye ohhh hooo ka raag baat me alap lina pehle meri madat kar do.
(Sing your oh hoo song later first help me please.)
Shivaay: Okay we will help you. Anya.
Anya: Ji bade papa.
Shivaay: Come sit on this new sofa.
ShivKara share a hi-fi while Om makes Anya sit on Rudra and both ShivKara to join on the newly found sofa there was a little problem as space was less but they adjust as Anya sits on Om’s lap and Krish sits on Shivaay’s lap.
Advik: Do you need more help chote chachu.
Rudra who was chocking nods in no.: Noooooo. Please get up.
Abeer: Get up all of you I don’t like to eat baingan in lunch.
All laugh at that and get up from Rudra who quickly sits straight before anybody else makes him their sofa.
Rudra hugging Abeer emotionally: Thank you thank you thank you. You are my true brother.
Abeer nods dramatically.
Shivaay: Okay so now somebody suggest me too how shall I get Jhansi Ki Rani’s temper down.
Sukanya: Aloo Puri.
Shivaay smiles and nods: Great idea.
She smiles back faintly which gets noticed by Shivaay but he decides to let it be for a while as all were there.
Abeer: Sahil Teri waali maan gayi.
(Sahil, did Varinda agree?)
Sahil nods in no.
Abeer: So now how are you going to convince her.
Sahil: No idea.
Aditi: Aare Suk di is here she will only tell after all she knows Varinda mami so well.
Sahil looks at Sukanya, while she looks guiltily at him.
Sukanya: Take her around Mumbai she wanted to spend time with you that’s why she came early you should spend time with her.
Sahil nods.
Shivaay sarcastically: Kaise din aa Gaye hain aapni biwion ko manane ke liye aapne hi bacchon se salha laini pad rahi hai.
(WOW what sort of days have come to convince our wives we need to take suggestions from our kids.)
Krish: But di you should open pacifying home you will be really successful.
Suk smiles at him.
Atharv taunts: After all she is so good at enraging others.
Sukanya gives a cold shoulder to his words while others look shocked at him. Before anybody could question him Anika enters the room along with other ladies with juices, shakes and snacks in their hands.
Gauri: What are these men doing here?
Abeer: How sweet of you all you brought this for us.
Saying so he is about take the tray from Anika’s hand but she pulls it back.
Anika: It’s not for you. This is for our children.
Meher: And if you are forgetting then let me remind you we aren’t interested in talking to you.
Abeer makes an innocent face.
Gauri: Chalo bacchon haar haari ke aapni maan pasand chiz le lo tum sab ko kitna kaam karna hota hai.
(Come on kids take whatever you want quickly after all you have to do a lot of work.)
Om murmurs: Khak kaam karte hain ye log.
(Barely these kids do any work.)
Kids mischievously bring their shakes from in front of their fathers to tease them.
Anika: Take your chocolate shake Suk.
Suk: No mumma I am not in a mood.
Anika: Aare kya hua Baccha you never say no to chocolate shake.
(What happened dear you never say no to chocolate shake. )
Atharv picks up the chocolate shake which shocks Shivaay.
Shivaay: From when did you start drinking chocolate shake Atharv. You hate it.
Atharv looking at Sukanya angrily, yet in a low tone says: Doesn’t matter papa if somebody can betray then the thing you hate even seems better.
Suk who was till now ignoring his tantrums really had, had enough of him: Stop it Atharv you can’t keep throwing tantrums at me like this.
Atharv: Oh really you can do whatever you want but I need to think before I say.
Sukanya: I don’t speak without thinking and everything has a reason behind it. And if you can’t wait then hell with you.
Atharv: You know Sukanya the entire problem is with you, you think yourself to be great without saying anything you want others to understand everything.
Sukanya: Shut up Atharv you can’t keep blabbering whatever is in your head.
Atharv: There is nothing in my head the problem is with your mind.
Shivaay: Wooh guys wait a sec what’s up why are you both fighting.
Anika: Ya till yesterday night you both were so happy, you were dancing like fools as you two got a chance to dance together what happened with in a night that you two have started this cold war.
Sukanya: Nothing mumma let it be.
Atharv: Perfect you have just one answer for everything.
Sukanya: You have all the answers then you only answer.
Shivaay: Will both of you stop it. And tell the matter.
Atharv: Ask your daughter only.
Anika with hope: Sukanya.
Sukanya: Ask your son.
Atharv & Sukanya glare each other and leave from there.

Om: I think so you both should talk to them in person.
ShivIka nod.
Shivaay: Atharv will be on terrace.
Anika: Sukanya at the pool.
Both nod and leave.

Atharv is standing at the end with his face hung showing him being upset as he fought with his sister but for him it was getting difficult day by day to let things happen the way they are happening.
Anika comes there and seeing him upset gets a little idea of his annoyance she walks to him but he is so much pre absorbed that he didn’t feel her presence. Anika keeps her hand on his shoulder, the motherly warmth and affection is clearly visible through her actions. Atharv looks at her and then bowing his head down looks back.

Anika: Okay I won’t ask the reason for your fight but I really want to know the reason behind you being so upset.
Atharv: Nothing.
Anika: Atharv.
He looks up at her.
Anika: Is mistake on my side. I know since the time you have seen me you have many questions in your mind but something is stopping you maybe Sukanya said something. Is it. (Atharv nods.)
Ya now I know it that girl would have asked you to stay quite till we ourselves don’t say anything stating that she doesn’t want to see us tensed. Is it or not. (Anika asks cheerfully. Atharv nods in agreement. Anika smiles at her victory.) Dekha I knew it.
Atharv nods.
Anika: To hell with your sister I will tell you everything on my own how dear she upset my Baccha.
Atharv finally smiles while Anika sighs in relief.
Anika cups Atharv’s face: Beta nothing matter to us more then you both your happiness is all we want.
Atharv: Then why did you leave me. Why didn’t you take me along with you. I missed you alot. I really wanted you to wait for me everyday when I return from school, I wanted you to scold me when I was wrong, I wanted you to scold papa when he use to do something wrong, I wanted you for both of us. Where were you? Why weren’t you with me? Didn’t you love me.

Anika nods in no. After a long wait finally Atharv spoke up everything to her, the wait wasn’t of a day or two but of 14 long years he has missed her by his side every day and night. He has missed her more then anything the time has make him to learn patience and silence all that he hated to be time forced that on him. He wanted to be himself and only his mother can make him do that, he always had a protecting, loving and caring hand of his father on his head but he has missed the loving, soothing warmth of his mother.
Anika holds him by shoulder and escorts him to the stairs and both sit their together.
Anika: Atharv listen to me and listen very carefully I will tell you all that I had told Sukanya. This will help you understand three of us I mean Shivaay, Sukanya and me.
Atharv nods.
Anika: Atharv, I was a common middle lower class girl and your papa a rich man. I had no family, no status, no standard all I had was Sahil my brother not real but he is my life but for your papa standard, status, family, lineage everything always stayed at top-notch. He has his pride in his name, more then Shivaay he was Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

She continues telling him their story before the separation.

Atharv: So sweet papa changed so much.
Anika: Ya he did but our happiness wasn’t for so long.
Atharv: Why? You both loved each other you even did so many rituals of marriage. Then what pulled you two apart.
Anika: I forced him to throw me out of this house but under pressure.
Atharv: What pressure?
Anika: Sorry Atharv I can’t tell that to you.
Atharv: But why?
Anika: Please Atharv.
Atharv remembering Sukanya’s previous out burst towards Pinky says: Is Pinky dadi behind it.
Anika looks shocked at him.
Anika: Why did you take her name?
Atharv: You told it to Suk that Pinky dadi is behind it right.
Anika: No never I never took Pinky aunty’s name for anything. Does Suk blame her.
Atharv: Yes she does. And it is Pinky dadi to separate you.
Anika looking at other direction: No.
Atharv: At least you don’t lie to me.
Anika: Atharv you know we all share a unique relation with each other, whatever Pinky aunty did is with me not with you. She loves you alot. Trust me.
Atharv: How did she pressurise you?
Anika: I can’t tell that.
Atharv: Okay then what happened?
Anika: Then one month after leaving Oberoi mansion I came to know I was expecting Suk and you. I wanted to tell Shivaay about this but something inside me stopped me from going to him and telling him, so I decided once I bring you both in this world then I will tell him about you two but before that only I lost you nurse told me that my baby was undernourished and lacked blood so he died after few hours of birth.
Atharv: Then why didn’t you ever leave hope.
Anika looks shocked at him because of the newly found information: How do you know?
Atharv: Chuck it and answer my question first.
Anika: No way you got to tell me when I am telling you so much even you should tell me.
Atharv quickly says Sukanya’s name as his anxiety was at peak.
Anika: This Sukanya I won’t leave her she told you everything.
Atharv holding her hand and pleading her: Please answer me meet that JJKR later.
Anika: Haain what’s this JJKR?
Atharv making a crying face: Will you answer me or not.
Anika: Okay okay. I didn’t give up because somewhere inside my heart I knew that my baby is alive but at that time I panicked a lot and doctor gave me sedative to sleep when I woke up again Sahil came to me and seeing my mental condition took me to Dehradun with Sukanya. I came back after six months to tell Shivaay and search you but to my bad luck Shivaay wasn’t here and as far as you were concerned I tried my best but then Sukanya needed me so I had to leave but the guilt inside me killed me every day since then I use to come to Mumbai hiding from everyone to search you but to my fate you were in the most safest hands with your dad. The day when I saw you here that pain and guilt all of a sudden came to an end my heart pounced and I felt an urge to hug you so I did and then Shivaay told me that my friend Chanda handed you to him stating you to be our son, my happiness knew no bounds I felt so happy all the pain just disappeared seeing you.
Anika kept speaking in her trances and Atharv who was seeing her noticed the change of expressions on her face from sadness, to irritation, to urge and finally a smile depicting all her love. He immediately hugged Anika.

Atharv: I missed you alot please don’t leave me ever again.

Anika who was taken a back with his action smiles plainly and cares his hair.

Anika: Never I will never leave you Atharv you are my life.
Atharv: Pinki promise.
Anika smiles with tears in her eyes: Pinki promise.
After a while both leave the hug.
Atharv: Btw everybody is right papa and you are billu and billi only.
Anika frowns and placing her hands on her waist says: Oh really.
Atharv nods with a smile and begins to run to save himself from his mother’s rant, while Anika chases him.
Anika: I won’t leave you Atharv.
Atharv: Try catching me first.
Anika: Oh so you thin that you can make me loose.
Atharv nods as both look in each others eyes smiling whole heartedly from the two opposite sides of the swing.
Anika: Your papa could never win from me then who are you.
Atharv making a thinking face with a broad smile: His son and more intelligent then him.
Anika: Aacha ji.
Atharv nods while the duo continue the chase game but at the end Anika catches him and both land on the swing with Atharv in Anika’s lap resting his head, while Anika cares his hair and kisses his forehead.

Shivaay & Sukanya.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi di Thank you for your comment I will try to give you all the asked scenes soon but as far as najayaz track is concerned I have to write it I have no option that is because I have given a complete build up to that part of the story and Mahi’s entry is in next part so sorry for that but I can promise u there will be no negativity through that track rather it will be different from your expectations and only for 1 episode or so. I am really sorry for this.
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  13. U made us wait for so long but it was worth it.. amazing episode. Atharv/Anika part was so emotional..I’d love to see more bonding between them. Eagerly waiting for the next update

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