Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD hearing Radha and Jhanvi’s conversation. Radha changes the topic. LD asks Jhanvi not to worry. Chameli asks Neha to clean the house fast, and tells that everyone likes cleanliness in the house. Sadhna comes and tells Neha will clean the house. Jayshree taunts Neha. Sadhna supports Neha and calls Jayshree lazy. Neha thinks she will take Sadhna in her stride. Jayshree receives gifts and a letter from Pratap. Banwari asks who sent this. Jayshree makes excuses. She then call Pratap and tells she will talk to her family seeing the opportunity. Dada ji hears her and thinks she might be talking to Radha’s chacha. Chameli gives tea to Murli. Murli asks her about Shyamali. Chameli says she will see. Murli dislikes the tea made by Neha. Chameli taunts Neha. Murli tells it is good and drinks tea.

Sadhna comes to Dada ji’s room. Dada ji tells that he heard Jayshree talking to Pratap and opines that he is none other than Radha’s chacha. Sadhna asks why she is talking to Radha’s chacha. Dada ji says we have to find out? My heart is saying something is wrong and I am doubtful. Sadhna tells that Jayshree got tensed when someone sent gifts for Jhanvi’s alliance. Dada ji says he will talk to Jayshree. Sadhna says no, we have to wait till she takes us to Pratap. Jayshree thinks what to do as Pratap is pestering her for the alliance, and Banwari has started doubting her. Sadhna comes to her room and asks for list. Jayshree asks her to take list from Shyamali. Sadhna asks her to give old list. Jayshree goes to get the lift. Sadhna thinks to check her phone. Jayshree comes and gives her lift. Sadhna spills tea on her saree. Jayshree comes back. Sadhna returns her phone and thinks who is that pratap. Radha talks to her designer and asks her to do complete make over.

Murli tells Neha that very soon you will adjust in the house, and get accustomed to house work. Neha is surprised. Shyamali comes in a very modern look in a beautiful saree. Murli and Neha are stunned. Murli asks where are you going? Shyamali says she is going to meet her relative and will come late. Murli says how can you go alone? Shyamali asks her not to show right on her, and asks Neha not to cook food for her. Murli thinks how can Shyamali go like this. Radha appreciates LD’s idea and calls him tiger. LD shows the footage. Radha calls him Dilip Kumar of Mathura and asks him not to show footage.

Jhanvi collides with Abhishek. She pushes him and leaves. Banwari tells Sadhna that Jayshree wants to fix Jhanvi’s marriage as soon as possible. Sadhna tries to enquire about the groom’s family. Jayshree tells them that she will return the gifts to the groom’s family. Sadhna asks her to send it through driver. Jayshree says she will go and warns the agency not to send bad alliances. LD eats the sweets and praises the cook who made it. Radha recalls the past happening in a flashback. LD asks her to eat it as no one is seeing. Radha eats the sweets fast. LD says you gave cooking duty to Neha to teach her a lesson, but it is going to be tough for us to eat.

LD tells Radha that Murli can’t digest the fact that Shyamali didn’t return till now, and says he got worried. Radha asks how do you know? LD says I also got worried for you, when you didn’t turn up.

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