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Mahen stands in rage listening to Pratibha’s reply that Kaashi blessed her not to be successful ever. He says he will question her today what her problem is, is it wrong to take care of one’s parents. Pratibha stops him and says Kaashi thinks according to her generation. She tells Mahen there is a generation gap between them and her, they can’t change her thought and believes today and forcing her in any way would neither be good for her not for the family. Mahen holds Pratibha’s hands and says when he questions himself what he achieved in life, the reply comes Pratibha! He says they react before thinking about the consequences nowadays.
Pratibha wakes kids up who were asleep in the lounge. She prepares for their breakfast, then wakes the kids up again. Anmol says he won’t sleep here

from tomorrow, Pratibha says he must sleep at their room. The kids wait their grandpa outside the washroom, Pratibha sends the children to use hers and Sanjeev’s washroom. Anmol says their brushes are in the washroom, Pratibha sends them to get the new brushes from drawer with Mahen. Papa comes out, Pratibha asks him to be fast forward from now on.
Anmol calls for towel from washroom, Pratibha goes to get the towel while Mahen ironed the clothes. Kaashi comes there and is shocked to watch Mahen ironing the clothes. She asks what he is doing. He says kids were getting late for school, he is helping Pratibha. Kaashi is irked. She says that Pratibha has made him servant at home. Mahen says Peehu and Anmol are his kids too, this doesn’t mean Pratibha isn’t fulfilling his duty. It was his mistake he never shared the responsibilities of his children. Kaashi says Pratibha’s parents came home and he has realized all his mistakes uptil now. She asks Pratibha not to keep doing this all in her home, else she will have to suffer a lot. Sushma hears this and comes to ask Kaashi why is she angry. Kaashi says Mahen only listens to Pratibha as Pratibha has trained him well. Mahen asks Kaashi to stay peaceful, Kaashi says she won’t speak now, only his wife will. She leaves the hall.
Sanjeev was getting ready when there is a knock at the door. Sunidhi stood all wet outside and tells Sanjeev she got wet in rain. Sanjeev looks at her, then tells her to change at once else she will fell ill. Sushma meets Sunidhi and asks when she returned. Sunidhi thinks Pratibha must have told them everything. She tells Sushma she came to meet Bubu, she asks Sushma till when are they staying here. Pratibha sent her out and kept them at home. Sushma says they are here for a few days and leave. Sunidhi asks Bubu about Sanjeev, he tells her papa has left for office. Sunidhi says till when he will avoid his wife.
Pratibha sets the table and asks Peehu to call grandparents as well. Pratibha doesn’t speak a word but notices what chair her papa took. Kaashi comes from behind, Pratibha was about to say it but Kaashi stops her. Papa asks Kaashi to take a seat, Kaashi says since the house was made she sits on this very chair. It seems there are going to be a lot of changes now. Papa leaves the seat for Kaashi and says it was by mistake from him but his daughter isn’t new at home, why she gave her place to him then. Pratibha asks what is she saying, sorry it was her mistake but Papa didn’t know about it. Kaashi says she has to take care of small things. Kaashi says to Sushma if she is wrong, when the trends of home changes it brings bitterness to relations. Peehu diverts the talk asking Kaashi to taste the vegetable. Kaashi tastes it and says it is just the way she has taught Pratibha and complains Pratibha didn’t know about cooking when she came after marriage. She says it would have been better had she learned it before marriage. Papa says before marriage, Pratibha managed all their household even before marriage. Pratibha is a talented girl. Kaashi says she hadn’t needed to teach her anything then. Papa says it is good, Pratibha will now cook for them. Sushma asks Papa to stop it now, he says Kaashi is cursing their daughter in front of them. Kaashi says Pratibha is her daughter in law. Papa and Sushma leave the table. Pratibha tells Kaashi that Papa didn’t know it is her chair, why she gave such stress to Papa as it isn’t good for him. Kaashi asks will she now fight with her for her parents. She tells the kids to finish their food. Pratibha heads to leave, Kaashi stops her and says she had warned her she is going to suffer a lot.

PRECAP: Papa was packing his luggage, Pratibha stops them but Sushma says he is right. Kaashi says she has lost, her parents are leaving at their own will.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kaashi does beads but has such bad thoughts n goes for service prayers but what is she realy learning frm it???? What a bitter woman??????? Unbelievable!!!!!!!! Wake up woman an change for the better u hav a beautiful family so why ar u such a BITTER person Kaashi, ur a Demon itself I can’t understand why those beads ar not burning ur fingers!!!!!

  2. Very nice episode. Feel so sorry for Prathiba.

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