Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD saying to Suhasini that the jeep in which they are travelling is his ancient family jeep. He says my Dada ji have a problem with modern technology and infact with every modern thing. Suhasini says doesn’t he uses car. LD says no. He says he is a very conservative man and doesn’t compromise about rules. He thinks Suhasini and Radha is not understanding his hint. Suhasini says your Dada ji is a very interesting man. Radha understands that he is indirectly asking her to change her jeans. LD looks at her and then again starts praising Dada ji. He says we have to reach home fast. Radha asks him to give her a chance to speak. LD asks her to sit carefully.Just then his car stops on the way. He says he will check it. Radha teases him. Suhasini asks her to stop it.

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LD opens the car’s dashboard and gets his face turn black. Suhasini and Radha laugh on him. LD gets confused and looks at himself in the mirror. He laughs and says it happens sometimes. Big things do happen in small cities and wipes his face with Suhasini’s handkerchief. He puts some water in the engine and even washes his face. LD sees Radha still laughing. She points him to wash his face properly. She cleans his face while the song Mere Sawalon Ka…………….plays…..

She throws the water on LD. LD gets shocked. She says lets go. LD says I will restart. Radha says it is not a computer. He asks her to drive then. Radha says she can’t take chances and tells Suhasini that they have to push the car. LD says actually….Suhasini and Radha push the jeep. LD says he will call someone. They again push the car. LD thanks her and says sorry for asking her to push the jeep. Suhasini says you are very sweet. Radha thinks he is sweet poison and will give them diabetes.

Shyamali tells Murli Dhar that they shall call home. She calls Sadhna and informs her that Radha came wearing jeans. Sadhna gets shocked and asks her to tell LD to call her. Shyamali says ok. Jayshree thinks something big has happened. LD tells Suhasini that Murli Dhar doesn’t have phone. LD says lets have one tea. Radha refuses while Suhasini agrees. Sadhna gets worried as Radha came wearing jeans. Govind comes and asks what happened. Sadhna says actually. Govind says you have to bear the trouble. Sadhna prays to God for strength.

LD thinks Radha is busy on phone and not talking to him. Radha asks him to see his face in the mirror. LD asks her not to get jealous seeing Mathura’s girls wooing him. Radha asks him to clean his face first. Radha climbs on the stairs and falls on LD. Mere Sawalon Ka song plays, as they have an eye lock……………. LD smiles and thinks he have to woo her. He then thinks what will happen if Dada ji sees Radha in jeans. He imagines himself in Kanha attire and thinks why I am seeing myself in this avatar. He asks who are you. The Kanha LD asks him to do something which will make Radha wear something else. LD asks how? He asks him to talk to her. Suhasini comes to LD and asks him to sit with Radha. She informs him that she ordered tea.

LD thinks what to do and gets an idea. He goes to the tea man and asks him to add more water in one of the tea. Radha is busy talking on phone. LD brings tea and intentionally puts it on Radha’s jeans. Radha understand his idea and says she won’t change her jeans. LD says whatever you are thinking is right. Dada ji doesn’t like girls wearing jeans and he won’t approve. Radha says we are two different worlds. She tells that last time when she dressed up as bride was her life’s biggest mistake. She recalls their marriage and says that day’s images still haunts her.

LD says Maa said that you will decide whether we are equal to you. He says no need to change, I like you the way you are. He then wipes the stain on her jeans. They sit in the jeeb and heads for home. She waits for Radha and LD to come. Dada ji asks the servant to give him water. A song plays again while Radha looks angrily. Jayshree comes and talks to Dada ji. Dada ji asks her what she is doing? Jayshree gets scared and scolds her for waiting for Radha. She goes to bring tea for him. Dada ji also eagerly waits for Radha. Jayshree gives him tea. She goes to see Radha as they come home.

Radha and Suhasini come home. Everyone get shocked seeing Radha wearing jeans. Dada ji closes his eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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