Everest 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone preparing for the summit. Arjun stares at Rina and Lisa bumps into him. She sees him staring at Rina and scolds Arjun and Rina. Arjun defends Rina. Lisa argues with Arjun and asks him to apologize. Arjun says you fell, why should I say sorry. Lisa says you don’t have guts to accept your mistake. Abhiyankar comes and asks them to stop it. He sends Lisa to medical tent. Arjun says I was going there, she bumped into me, whats my mistake. Rina looks on. Jagat talks to Abhiyankar and says I m not talking as army officer, but as Anjali’s father, I saw you are leaving tomorrow for Everest summit, I request you don’t take Anjali along. Abhiyankar says I….

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Jagat says you feel I don’t care for her happiness, even if she feels the same, if anything happens to her, everyone will blame me, even myself, try to understand, her marriage is fixed, they are good people, they are waiting for Anjali, and they don’t know that if she fails in this mission, then what will it affect her, I know whats failure, everything changes. He says you think this way Anjali will start her new life, can she be happy in relation which starts with sadness. Abhiyankar says Anjali won’t lose as far as I know. Jagat asks can you guarantee about her safety, send her back, I can’t risk my daughter’s life, send her home. Abhiyankar says I can’t do anything, you talk to her, she will do everything right, I have work and have to go. He ends the call.

Anjali comes to Akash and asks did Rina take your interview. Akash says yes, but you are Arjun are mission stars. She asks about Gaurav and Akash says he would have died to save me, I m sure, I know our friendship. Akash says he also knew this about you. Akash says yes. Anjali says what did he tell you then, if he was here with you. Akash smiles and says he would say drama queen, stop acting and climb Everest’s peak, even I told this to myself. He says he will have to live with his guilt. She says he has to forgive himself. Akash says maybe, but I m not ready to forgive myself now. They hold hands and he thanks her.

Shikha imagines Gaurav. He asks her not to do this with Akash, and does she miss him. She cries and nods yes. He says even I miss you, but I don’t worry, I have trained Akash well and he will do two son’s work, else you know he can sacrifice his life for you. He says we both know this, not everyone, they don’t know whats Akash for you and me, but you know the truth. He holds her hand and says whenever Akash is with you, I m with you, when Akash hugs you, I hug you, till Akash is with you, I m close to you. She touches him and smiles. He says this is the truth, whatever anyone tells him, its all wrong. He says I love you and kisses her hand. He goes away and disappears. She cries.

Rina takes Chand’s interview and he tells about Everest. He says if I m lucky, I will win Everest’s heart again. He says Everest has many lovers, but Everest loves Colonel the most and calls him. Rina thanks Chand. Chand leaves. Rina talks to Siddharth. She says Arjun’s bytes are enough. Arjun says I have time, we can do it if you have time. She says fine and asks whats going on in his mind now, as he is going to climb Everest in 24 hours. He says lots of feelings, when you wait for something for years, I m feeling like I got it. He says I m little scared too, as one of 10 fails and if I fail, I want to say something, thanks for trusting me and loving that Arjun which I was not before. I can’t return the time, but promise if I return alive, I will wait forever that you forgive me. She leaves. Siddharth looks on.

Abhiyankar talks to his team and asks Sam for weather updates. Sam says Ramesh will be happy, as its happening as he wanted. Ramesh says I was impatient and asked Sam can’t we leave early. Ramesh leaves. Lisa asks Abhiyankar to be careful with Arjun, as he can’t be trusted. Ramesh comes to Arjun and is he ready. Arjun says yes, the change is schedule, did you do this. Ramesh says yes. Arjun asks but how. Ramesh says I wrote my name on the serpage.

The team is leaving for summit. Ramesh says mission Everest will continue, just do your job. Colonel says I quiet right now. Chand says I feel the mission has to be cancelled.

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