Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD telling Dada ji that he is sure that Radha will pass in his every test. Sadhna touches Dada ji’s feet and apologizes if her words hurt him. Dada ji goes to his room. Jayshree thinks she got a chance to take revenge, God has heard her prayers. Radha is standing in the theatre. Director applauds her for the performance. Isha praises her performance and says I just hope Director selects you. Radha thinks I am sorry Mamma, I hope everything gets well. Isha asks her to cheer up. Radha smiles a little and hugs her.

Sadhna comes to her room and tries to talk to Govind. He goes without talking to her. LD’s brother is seen sitting silently. Jayshree looks at him. Shyamali says she will bring another tea for him. He says he doesn’t need. Shyamali says I understands your tension. This happens in home. Jayshree comes to him and asks him to drink tea to make mind cool. He says he was leaving for shop. Jayshree blames LD for the ongoing tension. He asks what? Jayshree says Sadhna bhabhi gave birth to sons who are opposite to each other. She praises him and says LD is opposite to him. He says everyone is not same. Jayshree says correct. She says Sadhna bhabhi broke her maun vrat for LD which she kept 20 years ago. She didn’t speak for you. She tries to provoke him against Sadhna. He gets thinking and leaves.

Murari comes, Jayshree gets shocked seeing him. Murari scolds her for igniting fire in the house. She says she was just steaming her hands in the fire. Murari says you don’t have any work other than this. Jayshree thinks you are right.

Radha waits for Isha and thinks she might have seen pani puri stall or something. She thinks to inform her mother and thinks she will inform face to face. She sees a man pulling the cart and gets touched to see him work. She thinks it is very unfair as he is working in this age. She rushes to him and pushes the cart. Two men who were sitting there laugh on Radha. Other girls come to help him too. The old man wishes her to get good husband. Radha asks him to pray for his dream to come true. He blesses her.

LD tells Sadhna that Radha will create a scene in his dream, if she gets to know about the test. Sadhna says we have done a big thing by convincing Dada ji. Kanha will convince Suhasini and Radha now. He says I sent friends request to her on facebook and she blocked me. Sadhna asks him to be friends with Radha when she comes home. LD says but why she will come here. Sadhna prays to God and tells LD that she will not inform Suhasini and Radha about Dadaji’s condition.

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LD says it means you will lie with them. Sadhna says no, we will just hide it. Suhasini will not agree. We don’t want to pressurize her. LD asks what will happen when they come here. Sadhna says we will see. We will make Radha past all the tests. She asks him to call Radha.

Radha comes home with Isha and tries speaking to her mum. Suhasini goes inside without talking to her. She greets Sudhakar and says I will tell you everything. She gets LD’s call. She starts fighting with him. LD says you are waiting for my call. Radha calls him full mad. LD asks why you didn’t accept my friend request. Radha says it is understood that I don’t want to become your friend. Radha calls him sticky LD. LD says I hope you gain 10 kgs wait. Suhasini snatches phone from Radha’s hand and speaks to LD. He gives the phone to Sadhna. Suhasini assures Sadhna that Radha will win everyone’s heart and will come to Mathura. Sadhna asks Suhasini to come along with her for emotional support and guiding her. Radha gets tensed. LD asks Sadhna to tell her to email her email id. Suhasini tells her to forward her email id. Radha refuses and asks Sudhakar is she my step mom? Suhasini thanks the God and tells Radha to pack her bags as they are going to Mathura. Everyone get shocked.

LD gets happy and excited and holds his mum in his arms happily. Dadi bua looks at him and smiles. Radha refuses to come to Mathura. Suhasini tells Sudhakar that she will slap Radha and will see how she refuses. Sadhna asks LD about his happiness. She teases LD taking Radha’s name and says you will forget me. LD says no. Sadhna asks did you think what we will do to welcome her. LD says no. She asks him to bring some gift to welcome her. LD agrees and says you are my love guru from now on. He leaves. Sadhna prays for LD’s happiness.

Isha tells Radha that everything will be fine. Sudhakar comes and asks Radha to go downstairs. Suhasini comes. Sudhakar changes the topic and asks Radha to give Isha’s phone to her. Suhasini asks Sudhakar to talk to Radha. He says he will. Suhasini says when?

LD hugs his brother and says Radha is coming here. His brother says I am happy for you. You are lucky that you don’t have to fight for your love alone. Sadhna sees him tensed. Sudhakar asks Radha to start her scooty and hurry up. They comes to Isha’s home. He says Renuka ji will guide us on how to solve the Mathura problem.

Renuka ji tells Radha and Sudhakar that she studied Radha’s case well and asks her to get signatures on the papers. She says divorce is the only solution. Radha looks on shocked

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. MRMR is rocking!!!! This serial is from Rajshri productions!!! The productions which produced hit movies like Maine pyaar kiya and Hum aapke hain koun…! I’m sure they create a magic once again!!!

  2. nice story…..
    first serial i want to seen.

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