Dil Dosti Dance 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon says it is time to move on. Swayam says you are right, musical will be their last performance as partners, after that they will go to their own ways. Deal? Sharon looks at him, takes his hand and promises, deal!
The boys were having food, Nil and Amar says they are coming being cupid and made Swayam and Sharon together. Vicky and Bharat say they are trying to move them apart. Swayam and Sharon come together, and announce that they are setting apart. Sharon says musical is their last performance, after that they will date separate people. Vicky and Bharat make fun of Nil and Bharat.
Simmi gets Nil’s phone, Sara and Hume move to bangle stall. A man stalks Sara, and moves to him. Someone puts hand on her shoulder, she turns to find Rey. The man goes aside. Rey was being extra careful to Sara, Huma and Simmi tease Sara. Sara takes them to fortune teller. Huma makes fun of her, Simmi asks what three things she is allergic to. The lady says she is there for her future prediction. Sara asks about her love life, the lady says she watches a young man, her age, black hair, tan colour. Huma whispers, he has two eyes, a nose. The lady says the boy has a past, Sara thinks about Kriya. The lady says their relation is based on a lie. Simmi asks is it right to hide the truth. The lady says everything is fair in love and war. The light goes off, the lady dismiss the session. Sara asks her about the money, she asks 50 Rupees for Simmi and Huma as well. Huma denies bringing the cash, the lady says she accepts cards as well. The girls come out laughing. Simmi asks them to come here. Sara goes looking for some accessories.
The man comes to Sara, says Hi. Sara goes away from him, and looks at him. He says she looks beautiful, he has been noticing her for a while. Sara says she didn’t notice him at all. He asks to notice him now. She says no, thanks and goes away. He stops her, by taking her hand. Sara heads to slap, but he holds her other hand too. Sara struggles, Rey comes and punches the man on face. They have a fight, the sponsor asks why they fought with him, this happens in shows. Sara thanks Rey, Rey was angry at the guy. Sara asks them to go and get ready. Oberoi smiles.
Sara puts ointment on Rey’s hand, he looks at Sara’s injury and asks why she didn’t took rest. She says after the performance, she has to take rest so please don’ t forbid her from dancing now.

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The boys were ready, girls come out too. Sharon asks if they all know their steps when Rey says they need to do a stunt to impress the sponsor. Swayam and all objects, but he says it is important and asks someone’s help. Sara offers, he denies. Swayam offers, but Sharon says no, he just had an injury, his family will blame him. Sharon steals eyes from Swayam, who looks at her.
Karma offers himself, saying he wants to prove himself. Sharon asks them all to have no mistake. Rey and Karma go inside. The man stalking them, says he will make the stunt perfect. He goes to the proff, and says he is the manager of the team and wants the robe. He cuts it half with the knife.
They all come to perform in market. People gather and enjoy the dance. Karma and Rey come for the stunt. Backstage, Rey asks if Karma is ready for the stunt. Rey goes there, but Karma takes Rey to performance. The man hits Sara, and says sorry. She warns him to send him to police, he tells her what if the robe is broken. Karma was clinmbing the robe that was already half cut. Sara and Huma tell the team, Karma was about to fell down. Rey saves him.

PRECAP: Rey tells Swayam, that he will support Sara. Swayam asks if Kriya know about it, He says not now.

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