Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jayshree and Neha snatching house papers from each other hands. The file falls from their hands while they were fighting. Radha comes and sees the file on floor, picks it up and looks shockingly. Neha covers her face immediately. Jayshree is shocked. Radha asks why you have thought that I will keep important papers just like that. She scolds Neha and cuts her salary for stealing the papers. Neha thinks she is Shakuni mama and will play her trick, else her name is not Neha. Radha thinks Jayshree is very greedy and needs to learn a lesson. She comes to her room and sees LD sleeping. She thinks may be I would have relief LD of his pain. She removes his shoes and covers him with blanket. LD coughs, so she makes him drink water. Then make him sleep on her lap. She recalls LD talking to someone(actually her photos) and thinks LD loves someone else. She looks at his phone and checks LD’s diary.

She reads LD’s poetic lines for his lady love and thinks it is for someone else. She cries and thinks she can’t read. LD gets cough again. Radha sleeps on the mat and cries. LD gets up and sees himself under the blanket. Radha cries. LD gets up and goes out to smoke. Radha comes to him. LD asks her to sleep. Radha says you gets worried about me, and asks why you didn’t tell Kabir about me. She takes cigarette from his mouth and asks him to reply. LD is angry. Radha says what do you think that only you can get angry, show tashan and have the cigarette. She takes the cigarette and tries to have it. She couldn’t light the cigarette, LD helps her and lights the cigarette. Radha is shocked and asks won’t you stop me. LD asks who am I to stop you? He leaves. Radha thinks LD has become stranger to her.

Jayshree thinks Radha is stuck in her neck like a bone and worries to get money. She looks at Dada ji with anger and thinks she won’t accept defeat easily. Radha thinks LD doesn’t care about her and thinks why he didn’t tell Kabir about her. She sees Jhanvi coming home late at night and calls her. She asks from where you are coming? Jhanvi asks her to sleep and let her sleep. Radha thinks something is fishy and she has to inform Jayshree.

Jayshree do the puja of the empty bag to get it fill with money. Chameli comes and asks her to wash the clothes. Sadhna comes and says we can’t use the machine. Radha is the new owner and have made some rules. She says only elders can use washing machine. Jayshree says she is young. Shivani comes and asks Jayshree to wash the clothes twice as Radha’s skin is sensitive. She asks Chameli to give juice list to Jayshree. She checks and says she won’t do her work. Neha tries to splash water on Radha’s face. Shyamali stops her. Radha asks her to wash clothes. Neha makes excuses. Radha says you are fired from job. Neha says she will work. Radha asks Jayshree to pack her bags and leave, else she have to work. She tells Sadhna that she is going to attend the function. Sadhna makes her eat sweet. Radha smiles and leaves. Dadi Bua thinks Kanha ji gave fruit for Dada ji’s puja.

Jayshree is cutting vegetables in the kitchen and thinks she is trapped in the hell. Her finger gets cut and she gets an idea looking at the knife. Chameli asks what happened? Jayshree goes holding the knife. Chameli brings behind her. Jayshree goes to Dada ji’s room.

Announcement is made to welcome Kabir Kapoor and Radha Pathak. They pose for the pics. LD looks at them and gets jealous. Kabir thanks the audience and introduces Radha to them. Radha thanks media and the audience. They ask her working experience with Kabir. Radha says he is her God father, inspiration and mentor, and she has learnt so much from him. She says he treated me like a friend. Kabir holds her smilingly and poses for pic. LD fumes and is angry. Radha sees LD and feels uncomfortable.

LD pulls Radha towards him, while Kabir stands in shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So cute LD & radha

  2. radha plz understand tat ld tumse pyaar karthiye

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