Badi Devrani 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadiji gets angry seeing Bilashi…Daadiji tells Bilashi she dont want any drama..Nikonj tells that Bilashi forced them..Bilashi tells that he dont wanted to come in the party but he came at-least..Daadiji tells that Bad luck means black,,,Bilashi tells that Vibhor’s marriage with Reeti will bring bad luck..Daadiji tells enough now..Daadaji tells Bilashi he dont want more Drama..Reeti comes wearing green dress..Vibhor sees Reeti from balcony and smiles…Sitaram,,Indira and Divya comes..Daadaji,,Daadiji Bilashi stands and welcome..Sitaram is shocked to see Bilashi in black..Daadiji tells Reeti is looking too sweet..Divya tells Antara that she forgot to bring some thing..Indira tells Sitaram that Bilashi wore Black..Sitaram colour doesn’t matter..Bilashi tells that Sitaram will understand now and will play “RAM-LEELA”,,,Divya comes and bumps into a boy..Boy says sorry..Divya tells its okey..Boy tells it doesn’t suit beautiful girl carrying heavy things..Divya tells she Reeti’s sister and he??Boy tells Sarla bua comes and tells there from Vibhor’s side and this works doesn’t match them..Vibhor sees Reeti and smiles…Manisha pulls Vibhor and tells to stand near Reeti..Vibhor stands Near Reeti…
Payal tells Reeti to stand near Vibhor she wanted to click a picture..Reeti sneeze,,Reeti tells sorry to Vibhor as she is allergic to Perfume..Sarla bua introduces his brother-in-law Abhi to Ghansham and Prabha…Indira tells Prabha that she is very happy to known that Vibhor accepted Reeti and thanks for sending Vibhor for Dance rehersels..Prabha is quiet..Indira asks what happened??Prabha tells she have some work and goes…Prayrit asks Divya in which Year Divya is???Divya tells to guess..Prayrit tells in first year..Prayrit tells that Divya likes earings.Divya tells enough now..Divya goes..Vibhor sits near Reeti..Nikonj sees..Sitaram puts tilak to Vibhor and Reeti..Manbhar smiles..Vibhor gift a gold chain to Vibhor…Sitaram also gives 1crore,,,Manbhari gets happy and tells she have not seen anyone giving onecrore..What they will give in Marriage…Manbhari tells its just a trailor Movie is still there..Sarla bua tells that she will Find a match for brother-in- law Prayrit who gives five crore..Nikonj tells One crore..Kajal asks is Nikonj is feeling that his marriage was breaked with Reeti..Nikonj asks If Kajal is mad?? Daadiji tells to takes Reeti to take blessings from God…Reeti sees Bilashi picking the chain of Vibhor and throwing..

Precap::Bilashi tells everyone that Sitaram gave emty box..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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