Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 42) season 2

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Thank u dears…..for ur commands… And i inform u all my marriage date is feb 16, 2017. i know u all cant come..but i need ur wishes and prayers only…. soon i will be back with new ff..till that i hope u all wont forget me…..sry for this short update…

Episode 42:
Somu gets angry bcz yuvraj did not come to talk with her.. . she gets up from swing nd goes ..
Somu comes with one rod, and start beating the swing… suhani and yuvraj wakup hearing sound.. suh slightly wakup from sleep… he make her sleep and he came out from his room.. he locks his room from out side…
He rushes to the place where sound came, he sees somu beats the swing.. he hold the rod, stopping her from beat further… he pushes her…

“how dare u to do this? Its not ur property to broke…”-I said
“if u come on time it wont happened yuvraj.. its just one small incident, to understand which extend I can go….so don’t try to ignore me..its not good for suhani… if u want suhani and child with u always, u must hear me…….otherwise lik tat swing ur family also broken.. ” She crossed her arms and shows her highest anger reaction in her face…
Yuvraj bend before the broken swing..he gets anger wen she talk about suhani and child.. he gets up and give one tight slap to her saying”if u again talk anything about suhani and my child tats not good for u.. I warn u again stay away from me and suhani…” somu left from there.. yuvi taken the broken chain of swing and recalls how he gift this suhani…

Fb shows……………………………
Yuv closes suhani eyes and took her to terrace…
Suh- yuv wat happened to u, aaj kal tum kuch sada bhi surprise diya muje(day by day u give more surprise to me!)
Yuv- haan, I wish to give surprise to u every min, because u give me such a big surprise which I have my life time….. compare to tat its nothing suhani…!! Y u don’t lik my surprise ha? (he digs her shoulder with his….) he took her to near his surprise place….

Suh- nahi ! nahi! I lik surprise….but kya hi na… if u daily give surprise lik this…, I may addict to the habit of surprise…… jaise rags bhabi and menka bhabi…. (she smile and takes his hand from her eyes…..)
Yuv- oh god suhani, don’t take their name now…. I know my suhani she dont have habit of demanding gift from me… but she have the habit of stole !!!!!!
Suh- stole…wat.. yuvraj,,u call me theif???? wat I stole from u….
Yuv(pov)- I cups her face and gets close to her, I touches her nose with mine , saying ”my love, my heart… u stole tat only na……” suhani hugs him and broke the hug and looking around….

“yuvraj where s my surprise.. nothing here…”she widens her eyes to me… her eyes longing for my surprise… i walk towards her, saying “u want surprise right, ur surpriseeee issssss……….” I drag my wors with out completing, each and every word I took step forward towards her, she got nervous –“yuvrajjj, wat u r doing… anyone can come…..move back…” –she said blushing…..
She move backwards and got struck in swing, she was about to fall and hold the swing chain , she was at the rage of fear of falling….…. I smiled seeing her… she gets up and about to scold me for not holding her….. then she realized , and turns back … yes tat was my gift,,, glass swing…

She opens her eyes more big than normal, I just crossed my arms and seeing her, she was busy with rounding the swing….she was behaving lik kid,.at the time… “yuvraj, u bought this ? its really beautiful…shall I sit…” she said….
“haan suhani its for u, only for u….sit…na”- I make her sit in swing…and I slowly pushes the swing, she was holding the two side chain and smiles….

.”yuvraj, u know now I feel lik a bird, see now am flying….”-she said with full excitement…. I stop pushing and hold the swing before me, she looks at me and rest her head in my chest…. I hug her from back in standing posture…

She hold my hand and makes me to sit near her, she hugs me and says”I love u yuvraj , thank u for coming in my life..u r my life…I live my life for u…..only”
I touch her face with mine, “no suhani, u live ur life not only for me, but for our child….tooo… u r the strength of me and my child.. if u r with me I can do anything….

Just I need u , I love u suhani aur kuch nahi….now its time to make a memorable moment in swing shall v continue…then only v can tel this moment to our child.”- I said with naughty tone… she noded with smile and they hug each other in swing…. fb ends…
Yuvraj was cries badly ,recalls the moment …… he gets up and corrects the chain of the swing…. Suddenly he felt one hand on his shoulder, he gets shocked and thinks, tat may b suhani, he hides his tears and turns to see who s tat!!

He gets shocked seeing dadi…!! Dadi puts her hand on yuvraj shoulder, dadi- wat happened yuvraj.. but he ignore her and went… dadi – now its al over, soumya crossed her all limits.. now she start torturing my grandson.,also, I wont let it continue…. Dadi walks to soumya room..

Somu corrects her bedsheet and ready to sleep.. dadi opens room door forcly, somu turns to dadi..
Dadi- soumya, oh u ready to sleep….. ok sleep today itself, afterall nxt day u wont get luxury life lik here..
Somu-oh s dadi, come in, wen u came back form sugagi, ?

Dadi- u lier, don’t act before me, u told ur mom died…bcz of me.. but now I got to know tat ur mom n coma only she not died .. u hiddenly take care of her,, u hide this from all and u cheat me.. here after I wont let u here.. if I let u u spoil my grandson life also… if I tel this to suhani , she make u get out this house..
Somu- dadi,,dadi, chil, I know u came to know truth about my mom, yes I lied…my mom died… but truth s also bcz of u my mom is lik tat… and suhani wont trust u,if I tel her am not know tat my mom s alive, then wat u do.. and wat right u give suhani in this house, u did not announce her as ur bahu infront of all..til now.. no one know yuvraj got married… only our inside our home only she s yuvraj wife…. so don’t do drama now, go and prepare for tomorw function… in tat function u make me ur company model… and my goons were came to tat function and do wat I said to them….

Dadi- I know I don’t lik suhani , and don’t want child from her.. but tats my grandsons happy, then I accept .. becz of u I cant announce yuvraj and suhani mrg till now… I wont let u do anything against my grandson…

Somu- ok u see…now I feel sleepy, u too go and sleep don’t spoil ur health by thinking about me.. gud night dadi…. Nd aftr u get out pls close the door na…..
Saying this somu goes to sleep, dadi gets insult and walk to her room……

Precap: function starts…. Suhani and yuvraj came to function join hands… dadi gives her interview to all..yuvraj gives somu to the agreement paper , all clicks somu and yuvraj pic…. one reporter- so mrs.chandrakala birla..this model stay in ur house and did modeling classes, and now became ur company model… so u have idea to make her ur bahu also am I right..! somu smiles…. Dadi and yuvraj gets shocked..

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  1. yuvi’s surprise was tooooo awesome.
    wonderfull episode..
    excited to knw suhani’s reaction when she knw about saumya’s true colour..

  2. Avanikamdar

    Its amazing as always…

  3. woww.. superb epi.i love every line of this epi nd some lines r form show when yuvraj came to know abt suhani is pregnant nd they r dancing on terrace (suprising scene).it really very sweet and cute epi.
    wish u happy married life in advance sister nd i pray for ur happyness.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yes sri, tats y I put montage pic from show
      thn u can feel now also…. tat scene.

  4. Superb… Loved it… I guess suhani know about devil soumya

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      no somi.
      I wont make suhani to know truth now. bcz if I wrote season 3, thn tat truth s main plot…so this season suhani don’t know the truth…

      1. K… As ur wish…. N good wishes for ur mrg…. Pls don’t update if u r busy… Ff r timepass… But u enjoy this days…. After mrg u’ll b busy… So if u r free then only update

  5. and humari good wishes humesha aake sath hai di..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u anshi sharma….! tysm
      I wil b back soon..nd I really miss u all…in tat break…

  6. Ayesha Siddika

    I was a silent reader of ur ff.I am not good at commenting but l really feel to do. I read ur “Yeh pyaar aur kuch nahi” it was superb and this ff is also beautiful. I love the way of ur narrating.It would have better if we could see it in ssel. Keep updating and rocking.★Wishing u a very happy married life★.stay blessed.come back with another new ff.Sorry for the long comment.Actually it is my first comment on ur ff.So…

  7. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow…thank u thank u thank u sooooo much ayesha… it’s not a long… wat ever u cmnd I read… thank u fr wishing me.. nd one more big thanks for mention my old ff name here…. really it means a lot to me….

  8. di, it jus awesome!!! luvd the surprise of yuvraj.. u r really superb.. Best wishes for ur marriage.. n hope u get a lovng n caring hubby… take care…

  9. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks abi dear….. tysm..ur wishes are means lot to me

    bcz of this forum I got new frnds.. lik u, somi, radha, bhargavi, napsha, aqsxxh, anshi, Sarita ……nd more nd more…thanks to u all make my days happy ….

  10. Aqsxxh

    best wishes for your married life di xx amazing episodee xxx
    You totally rocked

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks aqsxxh di….

  11. sarita sharma

    amazing epi.yuvaani scéně was nice terrace waale scéně ko read karke ssel m yuvaani scéně ki yaad aa gai.i m again said best wishes for your marriage.subha aapki marriage ho rhi h nhi to m ye kahti tussi na jao.ofcourse ham aapko nhi bhulege bcs aapne hame bhut acchi yaade di h.maine bhut saare yuvaani fans se baat ki h but kuch aise h jinse baat karna mujhe accha lagta h like u bhargavi somi napsaj. m day 1 se ssel dekh rhi hu lekin in 2 months m mujhe bhut acche frend mil gaye.bhut long comment ho gaya.last subha yuvraaj ka new look kaisa laga.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u thank u so much.. Sarita… I send u req in fb… accept karo.. sahil ka yeh new look achi hi..but phele wala HDBB KI Tara hot nahi Hi…

  12. superb epi.nice yuvaani scéně specially terrace waala scéně .old ssel ki yaad dila wishes for your marriage.i will wait for u until u return

  13. A.Tejaswi

    Wish u a happy married life di.The episode was too gud

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks tejaswi….

  14. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u ssel fans… I wil b back soon

  15. Wow wow was wonderful di nd the terrace surprise of yuvraj was awesome nd wish u a happy married life di hope u get a loving nd caring husband like our yuvraj:-)

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      wow pinky tum..thank u so much dear…

  16. Nice episode di…
    Have a happy married life

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